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Name dcss:brainstorm:magic: new hexes
Summary New Hex ideas. The school is considered underpowered after the Enchantment split, especially useful high-end Hexes are necessary. Appeal to wide range of playing styles is good.
Further information Enchantments School Reform (Hexes and Charms)
Added by evktalo
Added on 2011-01-26 15:45

For the Ench split, we lack high-end spells for Hexes that remain usable in the late game when any actual threat will resist all hostile enchantments you can throw at them. While having a school that's strong early and useless late has a precedent (Poison), I don't think this is a good idea.

dpeg 2011-11-05 01:01: In my opinion, there is enough content on this page to start collecting spells for further evaluation, design and finally implementation.

drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54: There are many ideas here that are nice, but I don't think this will solve the fundamental issues, which I think are three-fold: 1) High and very-high level of hexes don't actually do much for you. 2) Hexes rapidly become useless in the extended end game. 3) With the exception of confusing touch (which you don't get), hexes aren't actually that good early on, either. Priority order for new spells: Weakness (“Misfortune”), Obscurement (””), Mislead (“Illusory Decoy”), Path of Sorrow (””), Counterspell, Anti-magic Cloud, Prismatic Orb (””), Voodoo Doll (needs a new name), Leash. Confusion should be 2nd level, and the existing spell Slow should be buffed to have a 3×3 area.

Tukima's Dance Party

Adding this page b/c spell has been added to trunk. Spell currently animates all weapons in sight. Several issues remain:

  • Should spell animate GSCs/GCs for races that cannot wield them?
  • Spell should have a better description than “I'm afraid only weapons are invited to this party.” E.g.,
    • “This spell plays a haunting, ancient melody, inviting any weapon in view to dance on your behalf.”
  • If anyone wants wants to suggest a better name, or vouch for the current one (I'm not so sure about it), that would be appreciated.
  • Should spell animate weapons in your inventory or in monster inventories? Mass disarming is quite weak for a level 9 spell but would still be a perk.

Minced 2011-02-07

Alternative names (I think the current one is a little off): Tukima's Ballet of Blades, Tukima's Symphony of Steel, Tukima's Concert of Chaos, Tukuma's Dance Troupe. — jeffqyzt 2011-02-11 22:32
The spell is still in the game, only deactivated, if I understand correctly. It seems problematic as a player spell, but giving it a unique (Terpsichore) is good. Since the spell relies on items, I suggest to only place Terpsichore in dedicated vaults. There could also be a wizlab for the unique/spell. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:01

Illusory decoy

Level 5 Hex.

The name is goofy – does someone have a better variant?

“Phantasmal Doppelganger”? “Illusionary Twin”? “Mislead”? “Mirror Self”? Just plain old “Decoy”? — jeffqyzt 2010-12-20

The spell creates an illusion of the player that tries to lead monsters away. Upon casting, you select a direction, the illusion is created and every monster on the level who is currently tracking you has a 50% chance to target the decoy instead.

The decoy has these priorities, weighted in order:

  1. go away from you
  2. follow the direction you've chosen
  3. go away from hostiles, especially avoiding direct contact

Any damage makes the illusion obvious and thus destroyed. It is not merely visual, though, so smell, heat sense, hearing and what not are not enough to tell it apart. When hit, it tries to simulate absorbing the blow on its armour, but this can really work only for glancing blows – feeling your sword arm hitting something is not realistic if you see the sword going right through the alleged enemy. Effectively, the illusion has 0 AC but EV being your EV + your AC – as better armour gives it far more leeway in faking absorbing blows.

The illusion uses your movement/flying mode, your speed and visible enchantments.

I'm not sure about the spell's level. I'd want it to be higher but it's hard to come up with improvements that keep the theme.

While I see the need to have high level hexes and this sounds like an interesting spell, it just doesn't sound like a hex to me–at most a summoning/hex, more like a plain summoning. As lame as it sounds, the solution is probably just to make a few high-level hexes which can work despite enchantment resistance–either a spell that only has its duration cut if it's resisted or a spell that's unresistable and lowers enchantment resistance. — brickman 2010-11-07 06:43
How exactly does it summon anything? Or are you going to say that LCS should be Summ because it temporarily summons a sharp rod of crystal? — kilobyte 2010-11-07 11:45
It creates an image that effectively acts like a creature with a unusual new AI rather than an AI that tells it to kill stuff, with the goal of drawing off opponents' attention. This image is for all intents and purposes a creature with 1 HP, 0 AC and good EV but no attacks; certainly that's how the game would keep track of it. In fact, it's sufficiently not-different-enough from normal summoning spells that I'd have a hard time justifying making it level 5 unless it somehow cheats by altering monster AI to target it over all other opponents.— brickman 2010-11-07 17:27
Just because in-game this spell would work by creating a monster with those stats doesn't mean it has to be a summoning spell - flavour-wise, it's not calling anything into existence, just misleading the monsters near you into thinking something is there. I don't see how it's anything like existing summoning spells (which all exist to directly kill things in various ways). — marvinpa 2010-11-07 17:44
An alternate version of this concept that fits better thematically in the school could be something like “Dread”. Smite-target a monster to cause it to see the object of its greatest fear. For each turn the illusion exists, the target has a chance to run away in fear. Even if they resist the fear effect, they're still likely to try to attack the illusion instead of you and are considered permanently distracted as long as it exists. It could have actual health (if the illusion can simulate being injured) or could just have high evasion or whatever. Other monsters ignore it if possible. Or it could just affect everything instead of being single-target depending on how strong you want it to be (it wouldn't last very long if a whole room's worth of monsters was beating on it, though). — sjohara 2011-01-26 21:16

If it also made all monsters unaware of you it would be quite a lot more powerful. How about a fake controlled blink with. Transloc coloured smoke? — nubinia 2010-11-07 18:35

I like that idea I'll build on it for a second. There are two things this spell needs to do: Be significantly better than repeated castings of summon butterflies or sticks to snakes (this would accomplish that, since beam or smiting effects won't reach you either), and be useful for stabbers. Stabbers are the main if not only group who'd invest enough in hexes that we need to worry about what they do in late-game when haste and invisibility are no longer in their school. Thus we make the spell work as such: You use smite-targeting to declare a fake controlled-blink destination, and then choose a direction including 5/. for the image to move in. AI acts as if you are standing there and your space is empty. If they try to move into your space, or if you're hit by chance in a way that produces blood or would break invisibility, the illusion is broken. You can reliably invisistab (it's guaranteed like a sleepstab but does invisistab damage), but every time you attack there's a sizable chance that the spell is broken (depending on intelligence of the monster you stabbed and anyone else within two spaces, though not zero even for mindless creatures); it's guaranteed if you kill something or use a wand or any spell with a beam or projectile or summoning effect. This spell works even on creatures who see or sense invisible. — brickman 2010-11-07 19:56
How about making this spell change a *monster's* appearance into yours, or switch your appearance with a monster's - in effect, making a monster into your illusory decoy? That way the spell has a HUGE advantage over summon butterflies: the monster you've designated as a punching bag will get hurt by other monsters. Monsters who actually believe the deception could show up as “mislead.” — Minced
+1 to that. “Mislead” is the best name for the spell as well. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Possess Demon (Summ/Hex)

Not strictly summoning as instead of creating a new ally, it would allow you to take complete control over one. You'd see through the demon's eyes, the HUD would show its hp/mp, all commands are executed by the body you control instead of your own. Your own body could either:

  • lie unconscious; any damage cancels the spell — evktalo 2011-01-26 15:45
  • disappear for the duration
Do not support. Demons are never possessed. In classical demonology they are bound to servitude by magical ritual (the demon risks danger to himself if he breaks these rites but he can break them easily if the conjurer is particularly weak or ignorant of the rites involved). — studiomk 2010-07-24 21:27
I agree that this doesn't seem the right way around for a demon specific spell. However, some kind of “possession” (or “magic jar”, if you're old-school DnD) spell (against targets in general, not just demons) would be an interesting hex. I think that the “body lies unconscious” option would be a better side-effect for balance, instead of just disappearing. Would probably need to limit the effect to a single level, “you cannot travel any farther from your body without suffering lethal psychic trauma”. — jeffqyzt 2011-01-28 15:04
A general “Possess” spell sounds better than just “Possess Demon”, although the notion of it working on demons is important (for endgame applicability). The possess mechanic would be new and shiny. I imagine it'd make a nice signature spell for a dedicated Hexer. — evktalo 2011-01-30 17:25
Since there is nice synergy between Hexes and stabbing, perhaps the first attack made by a possessed monster could be a guaranteed distraction stab, as the others won't yet know that the monster isn't on their side anymore. — dtsund 2011-01-30 18:54
I am unsure about the spell. It'd surely be a pain to code, other proposals are way easier. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:01

Mass Distraction

Bad name. Anyway, the idea is that the spell distracts all the monsters in view. How effective this is depends on player's Stealth. I guess this would be pretty much a stabber spell once again, and not sure if it's a very good idea even then. But here it is. :P — evktalo 2011-01-26 15:45

The spell can be named “Obscurement” and it's a good idea. It's not just for stabbers, it's also useful for running away from things. Requires cross-training in stealth but that is okay (even desirable.) — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54


A very simple lowish-level spell (2-3, maybe) which applies a small negative slaying bonus to the target, like an inverse Corona. Magic resistance is ignored, or maybe only reduces the effect instead of preventing it entirely. Basically just a modest-but-reliable combat booster that still works on things immune to the real disables. Kind of boring, but it's the sort of thing the school could really use. A higher-level version could apply the effect to everything in sight. — sjohara 2011-01-26 21:53

Isn't the -damage element essentially equivalent to an AC boost in melee vs a single monster? I think this spell needs to be usable vs multiple monsters to be valuable. An affixable misfortune *brand* that gives the monsters it hits -acc, -dam would be much more powerful. — Minced
Misfortune brand wouldn't get used because, presumably, it wouldn't apply to branded weapons. So that's no good. The name of this spell should be “Weakness”. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Voodoo Doll/Grim Effigy

An inert effigy of the targeted creature appears in a random tile adjacent to the caster. The effigy has health equal to the target's current health at the time of casting, but greatly reduced AC and zeroed EV. The original target takes 1/2 a point of damage for each point of damage dealt to the effigy (the target needs to remain in your line of sight for the damage to be transferred). No MR checks anywhere, since you're still spending turns attacking and you can't kill anything with this spell alone. This would have a lot of fun uses: turn a melee attack into a ranged attack, do half-damage stabs from a distance without risking waking the victim up on approach, work around frustratingly high AC or EV, double-dip with beam attacks, etc. I'm not sure what should happen if you block off a corridor with this spell. — sjohara 2011-01-26 21:53

That sounds very fun, but potentially overpowered. I would highly recommend capping the effigy's health dependent on spell power, and most definitely limiting it to one effigy at a time (I hopefully don't need to explain why multiples could be overpowered). I could still see it working game-breakingly well with certain conjurations, especially sticky flame, bolt of innacuracy and certain beams. — brickman 2011-01-27 02:12
I like that spell a lot. Here is how I would try to keep it sane:
Casting the spell always works (no MR check — there is spell success check, of course). It creates an item (doll of “monster”).
There can only be one doll at a time. You have to see the monster for the spell to work (Ashenzari's wall sight will do.)
The doll can be killed and if it dies, so does that monster it represents. The doll can be picked up.
The doll can only be attacked with wielded needles but that will only do damage if you see the corresponding monster. Each attack uses up a needle. Each attack causes damage to the monster which will scream loudly in return.
After five (say) needle attacks, the doll dies. Regardless of that, the doll disappears after a certain duration.
A dollified monster tries to destroy the doll (it has pathetic HP, AC, EV).

Analysis: Disregarding Ashenzari for a moment, the spell can be used to reliably dispatch certain monsters (it should be possible to make dolls from demons, say, but not from orbs of fire). Ranged attackers are harder to kill. You might have to pick up the doll and place it such that you shield it from ranged attacks.
With Ashenzari, the spell is even stronger. Note that using the spell at least wakes up everyone in the vicinity but the player can still dollify monster after monster. One solution would be that the player's position is known once the first target screams in pain (the victim feels the location of the player). Also Scrying could be made more expensive.
Another way to balance is by using up more needles: “You frantically stick [number] needles into the doll!”
+1 to this. It desperately needs a new name, however. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Orb of Distraction

Conj/hex 6

“This spell conjures a mesmerizing ball of sparkling light. The weak-willed flock to the ball like moths to a flame — and meet a similar fate when the ball soon explodes.” — Minced

While this is not something we were looking for (non-conj), I absolutely *love* this idea! — kilobyte 2011-02-08 20:41
Also, for visual flavor, the ball could cast disco lights on the floor over its (small, I envision) effective radius (possibly revealing invisible creatures). — Minced 2011-02-08
This seems like a more fleshed out version of the “Mass Distraction” above. This one has a catchier name. :-P — jeffqyzt 2011-02-11
I like it. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11
So do I, but I think “Prismatic Orb” is a better name. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Pull Monsters

Translocation/Hexes 3

Blinks all hostile monsters in sight towards the caster. MR check may be fitting thematically, but I think it's unnecessary balance-wise. This spell could hardly be used as an escape tool. The spell would have a variety of uses. Neutralizing centaurs, pulling monsters into the middle of your summons, handling blinkers, and in some situations stopping fleeing monsters. Power could affect the movement distance (not spell range) - monsters are moved 1, 2, 3 squares.

Create intriguing spells and creative players will find uses for them. — b0rsuk 2011-02-10 10:06

As for being a poor escape spell, pulling monsters close and then blinking away seems like it could be effective. I don't see “too useful” as a drawback. Maybe spell power could determine how many monsters it affects, if it seems too much of a sure thing to create monster-free zones the other way.
Sounds good. I propose a version just below. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11


Hex 2

No MR check. For a duration, puts the targeted monster on a leash (print “leashed” in the monster list). Can only leash one monster. Each turn the monster is leashed, make a check of player strength versus monster mass (or size). If succesful, pull the monster one (or perhaps more) step towards the player, if pulling is possible (use standard targeting path character-monster). — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11

Easy to cast but most useful for nonstandard casters.

+1 — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Reveal to All (monster spell)

In Powder, Floating Eyes and especially Kobold Assasins have the dreadful Track spell. They make every single monster on the map know where you are, invisibility or not. And because enchantments can't be randomly resisted in Powder, this causes challenging situations. Overall I think it's a very nice harmful enchantment idea that's nowhere as harsh as paralysis or confusion. — b0rsuk 2011-02-19 14:31

I like it. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11

“Sentinel's Mark” implemented! Attracts all waking monsters on the level to your location regardless of other circumstances. Has proven an effective part of the tactical game. — 2013-07-23


A high-level (6-to-9) Hex spell with several possible versions:

1. When cast on an enemy, allows the caster to choose one of 3 miscast effects to inflict on the target (like Nemelex's “Draw 3” ability draws three *random* cards and allows the player to choose one.) 2. Casting on a target surrounds that target with traps or creates traps at a location of the player's choosing (this would be a low-to-mid-level spell with no XP gain from removing the traps.) 3. A random god enacts penance on the target. This could be really cool… 4. All enemies in sight have the Chaos brand effect applied to them. Healing, berserk, displacement, banishment, sleep, paralysis, and various types of damage (fire, ice, poison, warping). — andy 2011-04-26 21:18

Need moar cacodemons :p — kilobyte 2011-04-26 21:47
I don't like this one. Too generic, in my opinion. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11


A mid-to-high level spell which, when cast, reduces line of sight by about 2 squares and causes ALL creatures, including the player, to suffer a noticeable accuracy reduction for all attacks and relevant spells (not subject to MR). Casting the spell again before the effect has naturally worn off cancels it for no cost after a small, random number of turns. Good for repositioning yourself or covering your escape (especially against ranged attackers), and potentially a good defensive buff for straight up combat if you're confident that you have a way to deal with the to-hit penalty yourself (like extremely high bonuses, pre-applied poison, or spells that don't miss). Applies a stealth penalty (partially because the effect is unnatural like Silence, and partially to keep it from overlapping with Invisibility in function), though monsters could be considered distracted for stabbing purposes if that behavior would be considered desirable (I'm not sure if the Hexes school should be more or less stabbing-focused than it already is). Eyeless creatures or those you'd expect to be able to see in the dark (maybe undead, preferably not all demons) could be immune to the accuracy penalty for thematic reasons. There may be a risk of the spell being overpowered in the hands of a player Vampire or Mummy if undead are immune, though…maybe the penalty could just be halved for undead instead of negated completely? — sjohara 2011-05-08 21:42

A spell by that name already exists. Hex 7, decreases LOS by 2, without other effects you name. That spell seems to be not used by anyone, buffing it could be nice. — kilobyte 2011-05-09 00:42
It's not surprising that nobody uses it since the vast majority of characters would have absolutely no use for anything else in the spell school — I don't think that'll remain a problem if other Hexes are added/tweaked to have at least somewhat broader appeal. However, having used it plenty, I'd say right now it's incredibly broken, allowing you to fill almost your entire LOS with a Tornado (or hit things out of your LOS entirely if you have Nightstalker!), or to fire Ice Storm and other conjurations out of LOS. I did hear someone mention that they tried to use it for stabbing (reduced LOS sounds perfect in theory for letting you get an easier approach for stabs, especially since stabbing is pretty much the only thing anyone trains Hexes for currently) but that the casting noise of the spell itself woke up the intended targets, so perhaps that'd be something to consider tweaking. — marvinpa 2011-05-09 00:56

Vodoo Ward

A fairly high-level spell which applies a buff to the player for a decent duration. Whenever the player is attacked by any means, there is a chance dependent on your Hex skill that the ward will attempt to inflict a random hex against the aggressor (slow, confusion, paralysis, sleep, etc., perhaps weighted depending on the relative levels of the player and monster) as though the player had cast the matching spell. It still won't effect heavily resistant enemies very often, but since it works without costing you additional turns in combat, it's okay if it only goes off occasionally. If the effect is strong or lasts a long time, it could optionally deduct a couple of points of mana whenever an enemy is successfully hexed (but not when an attempt fails due to MR). There seems to be a push for self-buff spells that aren't Charms, and something like this could help get around the whole “it's not worth wasting a turn trying to hex an enemy with high MR” problem without sidestepping the MR mechanic completely. — sjohara 2011-05-08 21:42

There is a school that is all about wards and self-improvements, its name is “Charms”. — kilobyte 2011-05-09 00:42
Agree with Kilobyte. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11

Clutching Corpses

Hex/Necromancy, for casters who want something to do with all those dead things lying around but without branching out into Necromancy. When cast, all corpses nearby will become like traps for a short time, grabbing at any creature that walks across them, holding them and slowing their progress, with the corpse finally disintegrating once the monster frees itself. — nicolae 2011-06-28 02:20

I second this Clutching Corpses idea. I miss Bone Shards (am I the only one?), and this idea would nicely do several things: 1. More sick uses for corpses. 2. More options for Hexes. 3. Something with a lot more *strategic* potential: I (for one) really like using Project Noise to lure/herd enemies into kill zones, and using corpses (which rot) as a temporary means of slowing (and hopefully damaging) enemies would be a much appreciated addition.

andy 2011-06-28 20:20

I like this idea a lot. It was mentioned on IRC that we should make sure the spell is differentiated enough from Corpse Rot (in gameplay, not just in flavour). — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11
You know, it's funny, out of all the Hexes I suggested on this page, this one was the one I felt most unsure about. Crazy world, huh? Anyway, some thoughts regarding differentiation: 1. Have it so it also works on skeletons, which would be less efficient as traps but still usable, unlike with Corpse Rot. This means you'd be able to get chunks off a corpse and still use the remains to clog up a door. It would also provide more uses for skeletons. 2. How does monster AI deal with visible clouds of miasma? Corpse traps could take enemies by surprise, since they won't think anything's up until dead hands and entrails wrap around their legs. 3. It would still affect undead creatures, though I assume flying creatures would be unaffected, which means a caster with levitation could easily avoid their own traps, while your miasma clouds are harder to get past unless you're undead. 4. Stabbing bonuses to trapped monsters. Also, perhaps corpse traps could inflict status ailments caused by that monster's non-weapon melee attacks (scorpion corpse traps can poison, necrophage corpse traps can cause rotting, etc.) 5. Do clouds of miasma made with Corpse Rot persist for longer if there are multiple corpses on the tile? Perhaps corpse traps would be more durable/effective if there are more corpses on the tile, as victims have to deal with more flailing bits of rotten flesh. — nicolae 2011-11-05 05:27

Vanity of Vanities

The victim will hear a whispered suggestion telling them that they deserve to rule the dungeons/Hell/Pandemonium/Wherever, and to destroy anyone standing in their way. If successful, the victim will attack the strongest monster in sight in a jealous rage (possibly going berzerk if they can), until the effect wears off or until dead. It will only work on creatures intelligent enough to feel envy, and could work better on demons, seeing as they're creatures of vice. The whisper is an actual sound, so it wouldn't be resisted by MR (or, at least, not totally), though it would be negated if the victim is standing in Silence. — nicolae 2011-06-28 02:20

Arcane Attractor

I read a suggestion in the trunk commit list that Arcane Marksmen might get a Hex-themed book, which inspired this ranged combat utility spell. At first I thought it was too similar to Corona and didn't post it, but later decided it might serve as a higher-level upgrade for Corona. The target of this spell becomes a temporary “magnet” for projectiles and missiles. Missiles fired directly at the attractor will get a bonus to hit, and possibly to damage, as the arrow is pulled magically towards its intended target. The target will also attract missiles passing through an adjacent square (perhaps it could be surrounded by an aura to indicate this visually), causing the attractor to absorb arrows fired past it by other monsters. It would even pull arrows around corners or out of LOS – if you can still see and fire into the attraction aura of a fleeing monster, you can still hit your target, even if you can't see the monster itself. — nicolae 2011-07-01 02:04

An interesting idea, especially for monsters to cast it on the player. One question: what would it do to projectiles and missiles cast/shot by person enchanted with this spell? Is it strong enough to pull them back? — kilobyte 2011-07-01 11:42
I thought of a few ideas in that regard but I wasn't sure which option would work best. Having no effect at all on the victim's own projectiles wouldn't really fit the flavor of it. On the other hand, the spell as I wrote it already gives an accuracy bonus, lets you hit some monsters out of sight and around obstructions, and essentially turns the target into a 3×3 missile barrier, and I wasn't sure if making the target unable to fire missiles either would be Too Much Stuff. Maybe it would simply be a penalty for the victim's ranged attacks? Perhaps it does less damage, as the spell effect pulls back on the projectile so it hits with less force. — nicolae 2011-07-02 02:39
Or it could be a penalty to range — andorxor 2011-10-25 09:05
Now that this page is getting more attention, here's another version I've had in my head for a while, with mechanics tweaked to be slightly more consistent, and also some implementation details:
New name: “Lorentz's Strange Attractor” Level 3-5 Hexes or Hexes/Air. Creates a visible bluish-purple aura extending one square from the victim, persisting for ~10 turns, visible even when the victim is not. Will attract all projectiles that enter the aura with a 50%-95% chance, depending on spell power, and redirect them towards the victim, even around corners or out of LoS range. The aura provides no to-hit or damage bonuses, though bonuses from spells or missile/launcher enchantment still apply, even if the missile is redirected. (Assume a Corona glow lights up the aura, too, so you can still get a to-hit bonus from Corona even if the monster itself is out of view.)
If the projectile wouldn't need to be redirected to hit the target (if the target is in the projectile's default path, in other words), projectiles that miss, or penetrating projectiles that hit, will be pulled back around for a second attempt to hit the target. A projectile will only be redirected once: a redirected projectile that misses will not be pulled back for a second try, nor will a direct projectile that misses twice be pulled back for a third try.
Passing through multiple squares of the aura does not increase the chance for attraction. Unlike Deflect Missiles, it does not affect lightning bolts, magic darts, or dragon breath, only physical objects (unless the spell needs a buff at some point). Large rocks and items thrown/fired by the attractor in the center of the aura have their attraction chance cut in half, cumulatively (so a large rock thrown by an attracting ogre with a full-power aura would curve back to hit the ogre 95% * 50% * 50% = 23.75% of the time). If two auras overlap, a projectile fired into the overlap will be attracted by a random aura. If there is a monster standing in a square overlapped by aura, projectiles fired into that square will hit the monster first, though they have the usual chance to be redirected to the attractor if they miss the monster.
Per Kilobyte's suggestion, can be cast on the player by monsters too. Repel/Deflect Missiles do not counteract it per se (the aura will still be there), but redirected missiles will be subject to Repel/Deflect Missiles like any other projectile. — nicolae 2011-11-11 23:56


Level 2-3 Hexes, or Hexes/Charms. (Other names I thought of: “Incognito”, “Forgettable Face”, “Memory Loss”, “Inconspicious”, “Short-Term Amnesia”) When cast, you become anonymous for 5-10 turns. Any monster who sees you while you're anonymous will forget about you as soon as you leave their LOS. Instead of following you, they go back to wandering/patrolling/sleeping/whatever. They'll go back to hunting you if you do anything to get their attention again, though, like walking back into LOS or making a noise. Also, they won't forget you if anonymity ends while they can still see you. Monsters with high intelligence or high MR, and monsters you attacked a lot during anonymity, have a chance to remember you for about 1-10 turns after you leave LOS, but will still forget you if they don't see you again by then. On the downside, this also applies to allies and friendlies – if they see you while you're anonymous, they'll also forget who you are if you leave LOS, meaning they may be hostile when they see you again. Divinely-granted allies might not forget you, depending on the whims of your patron deity, but Pikel's freed slaves or that ogre you enslaved with a wand will think you're just another adventurer to beat down.

I intended this as a spell for those times when you're out of escape options and you just can't seem to get away from the pursuing hordes long enough to take a regen break, though there's probably a bunch of other uses. If Anonymity-spam is a concern, casting it too many times in succession could maybe cause some memory- or intelligence-related side effects, like forgetting the spell temporarily, confusion from forgetting who you are, or temporary Int loss.

nicolae 2011-08-11 08:07

I don't think we want more than one “forget me” spell. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Trick Shot

Level 2 Hexes or Hexes/Charms. By enchanting their missiles with this spell, users of ranged weapons can ricochet their shots off walls to pull off incredible feats of sharpshooting. I just can't stop thinking of Hexes ideas, so here's another spell for Arcane Marksmen. Uses a similar interface to Portal Projectile (select target, uses quivered weapon.) The projectile that is launched will bounce off walls in the same way a bolt of lightning would. It will stop after 3 bounces, when it hits a monster and does damage, or when it gets too far away from the caster (say, ten squares or so away). Larger projectiles, such as spears and axes, bounce twice. Large rocks bounce once. — nicolae 2011-10-22 18:04

Tukima's Tuning

Level 4 Hexes. Attunes a weapon to a particular creature so that it always finds a weak point in the monster's defenses. On a hit it reduces the effective AC of the target depending on the spell power (about 15 AC at max power). Against non-attuned monsters there should be either a large to-hit penalty or an effective increase in AC. Once attuned, the spell lasts a long time (similar duration to Tukima's Dance), even if the target's been killed, so it's not possible to use it on every opponent.

This spell could give short blade users an option against high-AC foes. It's also possible for the tuning to work on all creatures of a particular type (e.g. skeletal warriors or elephants) to help deal with packs, but that might be too strong.

Cursed Steps

For a short duration the caster leaves a trail behind him that slows and damages who ever steps on it.

+1, but it needs a new name. “Path of Sorrow”? — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54


Level 2-3 Hexes/Poison. Inflicts Sick status on a target that isn't immune. Nice for runners so you can deal with them later, and synergizes with poison. Could also help with hydrae and trolls. — jwb 2011-11-04 15:25

Is sick actually different from poison, for monsters? Should probably be Hexes/Necromancy. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Curse of Golubria

Level 3-4 Hexes/Translocation. The victim will blink a lot, randomly. Useful for ranged builds and for escaping, useless for stabbers. Spellpower could increase blink frequency in addition to the effect's duration. — jwb 2011-11-04 15:25

I like it. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11
I like this too but I don't know that people would actually use it very much. Random blinking sounds good until the ogre lands on top of you and kills you, while with swiftness you are guaranteed to be able to get away. Players are risk averse by nature. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54


Level 3-4 Hexes. Makes the victim berserk, and force it to always attack whatever is closest that can be attacked. Increased chance of passing out afterwards with high spellpower, but no increase in berserk duration. — jwb 2011-11-04 15:25

I like the idea but I don't think that level 4 will do it justice. The spell is much stronger, in my opinion. — dpeg 2011-11-05 01:11
Does high MR not stop it? How does moth of wrath currently work? — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Directional Anchor

Level 3 Hexes/Translocations, for the hex-based Arcane Marksmen. After-smite-targetting a monster, allows selection of the direction in which to anchor the monster, and easier to cast if it pulls a monster closer to you rather then pushing them further away (by making HD checks instead of mr checks(: then pushes the monster away a few squares based on spellpower and size and makes the monster forcefully make an HD check to move opposite (or generally opposite) of the direction pushed in. — claws 2011-11-04 22:42

Warp Missiles

Level 5 Hexes/Translocations, also for Arcane Marksmen. Effects a selected grasped stack of missiles (ignores brand) and only that stack until the spell's duration times out, leaving around 20% to 10% “warped” (temporarily useless until the spell runs out) alongside a small chance of 5% to 1% of the stack outright breaking in your hands, reduces damage dealt by said missiles, and adds a 1.5x modifier to mulching rate. In exchange for all of this missiles will penetrate (based on an HD check), disperse (based on an MR check), and return (based on how many targets are hit), scaling with spellpower. Doesn't completely step on any of the brands because of the checks and extra mulching and is thus still distinct for those ranged schools, but works for chaotically moving around enemies, and allows all ranged the benefit of all three brands (not running out of ammo while firing, hitting multiple monsters at once, moving away monsters). — claws 2011-11-04 22:42


Level 6-7 Hexes. Gives a status effect of ambient magic waiting for a catalyst: one can then cast a single-targeted hex on theirself to infuse their body with it, resulting in a: all melee and ranged hits casting that spell on hit and b:reducing mr on hit by a fraction of damage dealt, but gives side-effects of the hex itself every 10-20 turns (i.e. chance to be confused with confusion, small not-item-destroying fire damage for Inner Flame, backlighting-self for Corona). — claws 2011-11-04 22:42

This seems very confusing to me; I don't think people would be able to figure out in order to use it. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Dimensional Anchor

Hexes/Tloc. Prevents the target from teleporting. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

+1, something to prevent targets from teleporting and blinking is a Hexes request I've seen frequently. — nicolae 2011-11-11 00:11

Expel Energy

Hexes/Transmutation. Cures the caster of magic contamination at an accelerated rate, but the caster trails mutagenic clouds as she moves (so had better not stay in place!). Also gives the caster a very bright glow, and makes noise. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54


Level 5 Hexes. Creates an uncharged rune in an unoccupied space (including occupied by clouds, and the rune prevents clouds from wafting into a space but isn't moved by Tornado.) This uncharged rune “captures” the first spell that passes through it, and becomes a charged rune. Whenever anyone passes over a charged rune, it discharges whatever spell it held. This will be a significant bitch to code, so it may only catch certain beams and specifically hexes. So, basically, this lets you set magical traps, or you can use it to try to intercept spells being flung at you. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54


Level 7 Hexes. Every monster in LOS gets the effect of being hit with an anti-magic weapon; the strength/duration of the anti-magic effect should depend on spell power vs. hit dice, but the spell is not “resistable” as such (since they get a roll to see if anti-magic does anything at all.) — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

Anti-Magic Cloud

Level 8 Hexes/Air. Fills spaces with anti-magic clouds, which inflict anti-magic hits on anything that moves through them. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 05:54

I like the idea of an anti-magic Hex, though I'm not sure whether I like Counterspell or Anti-Magic Cloud more. — nicolae 2011-11-10 07:42

Slow Revision

Multiple proposals which may be mathematically identical (but I'm tired.) Either Slow affects some random total # of MR worth of targets (depending of course on power), or it arcs from target to target like chain lightning, losing power each time it arcs. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 07:23

Summon Entity

Hexes/Summon. Like enslave, but when the target is near death, the posessing entity leaves the target and jumps to a new host (enslaving it.) Is Demonic. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 07:23

Drink Fear

Hexes/Necro. Frightened enemies in LOS are hit with a nasty dose of life drain. — drpraetor 2011-11-10 07:23


Causes all status effects on target creature,including Plaque,to spread to all monsters next to the target,for a duration.

Mass Insanity

Enemies in LOS who don't resist stop discerning between friend and foe. — evktalo 2011-11-13 00:41

I don't like this one, it is too similar to mass confusion. — drpraetor 2011-11-13 07:24

Mass Enslavement

What it says on the tin. This and the above spell would be easy to implement, and, I think, useful for late game. They'd also be a lot blander than many spells on this page (and admittedly, close to Mass Confusion), but the actual results in the game would be interesting. — evktalo 2011-11-13 00:41

This one is more interesting, but we could make it unique by having it summon a bunch of entities (see Summon Entity, above.) So you check against MR for everything in sight, and anything that fails is [b]posessed[/b], meaning when it does the posessing entity tries to hop, instead of merely enslaving everything in sight. This would be more different from enslave and also more different than mass confusion. Spell could be called “Summon Entities” (?)? — drpraetor 2011-11-13 07:24

Metabolic Englaciation (mass slow)

The old spell recently being removed (it was the mass version of Ensorcelled Hibernation, never used because in this case the single target spell is prefereable), we can reuse the name for the following spell:

Ice/Hex 6 Slows all not cold resistant monsters in LOS. Works on all monsters but check power against HD to determine duration (for each monster individually). — dpeg 2011-11-13 01:51

I like these last three mass spells, especially the new Metabolic Englaciation. — nicolae 2011-11-13 03:55
+1 on the new Met. Englac., definitely. — drpraetor 2011-11-13 07:24
I like it too, had a shot at implementing it: duration is based on power, reduced by target HD (possibly to zero), and doubled if the monster is cold-blooded. Feedback on the numbers would be appreciated, if anyone gets a chance to try it out. — marvinpa 2011-11-15 22:43

Dead Air

Hex/Air 5. Lasts a few turns. Does two things - one, it eradicates all clouds in LOS, and blocks new clouds for the (short) duration. Two, it causes damage to anything that isn't Asphyxiation immune (that's a thing, right?), but that damage takes several turns to arrive. Anything that clears out first doesn't take the damage. Not sure if caster/player should take the damage or not. It might also prevent winged things from flying, but I don't think the code keeps track of what flies via wings and what flies . Also, that would lead to a probably-broken ability to drop flyers into the water/lava. — drpraetor 2011-11-13 07:24


Level 2-4 Hexes or Hexes/Summoning. This bizarre spell is partly inspired by a fairy tale in which a terrible child is cursed to have toads and snakes fall from her mouth when she talks. When the target attempts to speak (cast a spell, invoke a prayer, shout for attention, taunt the player, etc.), they won't make a sound, as if silenced. Instead, some sort of vermin – cockroaches, worms, frogs, rats, snakes, etc. – will be briefly summoned next to them, as if their words had been transformed into some pest. The vermin will be allied with the player, though they will vanish when the monster they came from dies. (Could be used against the player by some monster, or perhaps as a severe Hexes miscast.) — nicolae 2014-10-12 21:02

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