Necromancy Spells (Bulk)

Control Undead

(Reduced to level 5 in trunk)

I would like to see this removed and replaced with the old Kiku invocation that allowed you to enslave a single permanent undead. This spell just isn't useful otherwise, the only place I've even seen it suggested to be used is Tomb, but enslaving the guardian mummies/undead summons does nothing, they block your dispels and cause the big mummies to summon more and more. It's not a good way to approach them. — st 2010-12-15 19:38

Death Channel

(Reduced to level 8 in trunk)

This still seems a bit weak, especially in comparison to Haunt, which is great for summoning without requiring killing living things (and directly, too) or the tedium of permanent ally herding. I propose the following:

  • Channeling death applies to all deaths in LOS, regardless of cause (if I understand correctly, the status quo requires the player to directly kill monsters to generate spectrals for them).
  • Spawned spectrals are temporary, making Death Channel more of a passive spectral shadow creatures, rather than a ghost army harvesting tool.
  • Lower level (I'm thinking something around 6) and perhaps put it in Unlife rather than the Necronomicon; move Excruciating Wounds to Death, where it fits better, too.

mrmistermonkey 2010-12-13 06:06

Yes, it's a shame that Haunt basically obsoletes all of the reanimation necro spells, even if haunt wasn't as strong as these spells it would still be superior due to not having the annoyance of transporting your slow hordes across levels and needing to find recall. — st 2010-12-15 19:54

Actually Death Channel is a pretty good augmentation for just about any Necromancer or Summoner. Even though the Undead Spectral Warriors (copyright DCSS, 20XX) are temporary, and may be too stupid to follow the player to different levels… ANYTHING that dies in the player's vicinity becomes a spectral warrior! Well, at least anything killed by the player OR their minions. Death Channel is really the only offensive Necromancy spell I trust against groups of hard enemies (like entering the bottom level of the Vault, surrounded by 20 Vault Guards!) Tornado and Shatter are better for all-out death and destruction, but are also top Level 9 spells in totally different Magic Schools. A lot of powerful summons plus Death Channel makes it possible to turn the tide against the occassional super-mob of powerful enemies. Death Channel is good as it is: the ability to convert not just your kills but also your minions' is great for emergencies, and Spectral Warriors are better than zombies. It's balanced by the fact that the Spectral Warriors are temporary (as I mentioned) and will likely disappear before you encounter the next super-mob, AND one or more enemies must be killed *before* the player gets any benefit. This last point of having no immediate benefit (unlike Tornado or Shatter) justifies the 1-point decrease in Death Channel's level to 8. — andy 2011-12-13 20:31

Symbol of Torment

Doesn't need to exist as a spell. It's never learnt, the Kiku invocation is enough. — st 2010-12-15 19:45


Could be reflavoured as Nec/Tmut and renamed “Cigotuvi's Regeneration”. — st 2010-12-15 20:09

Sublimation of Blood

In current code it takes power into account for sublimating own body, but power is disregarded if using a flesh chunk. Why such assymetry? — doublep 2010-11-21 21:13

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