Ignite Poison

Ignite poison is a pretty fun spell but at level 6 fire/tmut it's very hard to cast, as these schools have very little synergy (other than evaporate, and dragon form which is even higher level and harder to cast). It has fun synergy with spells like Olgreb's toxic radiance (poison everything in sight and then deal extra damage to them with ignite poison) and poisonous cloud (create clouds of flames - but note that ice elementalists can cast freezing cloud at level 6, instead of having to combine a level 5 and a level 6 spell to do so) but doing this requires a very large number of spell slots, and while fun is ultimately quite inefficient.

The spell has the additional downside of destroying *all* potions of poison and degeneration in the player's inventory when cast (and leaving the player stood in a cloud of flame). Considering that these potions are vital ammunition for transmuters casting evaporate, this makes the spell even less attractive for the one class that is likely to get it castable.

I propose lowering the spell's level to 5, and either removing or significantly reducing its effect on the player's potions. Perhaps it could work similarly to Ozocubu's refrigeration, which sometimes shatters carried potions but not always (and the effect is reduced by conservation). This way transmuters could cast it without destroying all of their ammunition at once, but it would still have a downside and the chance to leave them standing in a cloud of flame. — marvinpa 2010-09-28 16:55

Fire/tmut should change - anyone that can cast the spell with these skills has no reason to, outside of a hive/snake novelty. Fire/poison/tmut or just poison/tmut would be better, with spell levels changed appropriately, as would fire/poison (with current item destruction). A spell that seemingly exists to give poison casters a non-poison attack shouldn't require respectable proficiency in two unrelated schools (fire/tmut), never mind two schools that are more attractive than poison to begin with and otherwise generally useless for a focused poison caster (barring sticky flame, but sticky flame).

Getting rid of instant potion destruction so the spell could be used by actual transmuters would be nice in itself, of course. — og17 2010-09-28 17:36

Ignite Blood

dolphin 2011-01-20 17:52

Another possibility might be to change Ignite Poison to Ignite Blood. I was thinking this should transmute the blood stains in the dungeon into puffs of flame, possibly with increasing damage as the radius of the stain increases. Corpses and fountains of blood could be changed into flame clouds. If a bleeding mechanic is implemented on a widespread basis, monsters or players with “bleeding wounds” could get sticky flamed. I don't know if the Poison school should still be part of the spell if Ignite Blood is implemented, but Poison might be exchanged with Necromancy if keeping it a three-school spell is important.

So basically you're proposing a completely different spell. — eronarn 2011-03-28 00:01

Ignite Clouds

I was going to call this “Cleansing Flame”, but it's already taken. “Purifier” could work.

Ignite Clouds would be a good spell for fire-focused mages. People who wear two rings of Fire (or a staff), or cast Ring of Flames may actually prefer to be standing in a cloud of fire than a cloud of miasma, mutagenic cloud, or poison. There is a problem, though - it's hard to justify burning clouds of mist or smoke, or translocational energy. But this way the spell would have much wider use.

Either way, I think that

  1. Ignite Poison is too narrow
  2. A spell clearing clouds would be new and interesting.

For a cloud-clearing spell Air is an obvious choice. I'm posting it here because it's an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone and Air hardly needs more protective spells. — b0rsuk 2011-07-06 08:27

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