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Existing Scrolls Feedback

Enchantment Scrolls

From my tavern post:

I've been thinking that it might be interesting to merge all three enchant weapon scrolls into one. Basically, remove EW I and EW II, make EW III show up earlier but overall rarer than all current EW scrolls taken together. Then allow the player to choose a weapon (or stack of missiles) from the inventory and include the scroll in the identify/recharging/enchant armour handling. I don't want to include several weapon scrolls because that would mean that burning any “item modification” scroll on weapons would become a no-brainer.

I'm still hazy on the details, i.e. whether the new enchant weapon scroll should just have a chance for an additional +dam enchantment, or both +acc and +dam, and if the latter whether they should be separate and independent chances.

Currently, accuracy scrolls are rather worthless and mostly get used to enchant missiles (where it affects the +dam property instead as ammo doesn't have an accuracy enchantment). I don't actually know just how common the weapon enchantment scrolls are in the average non-extended game, but seeing how the new scrolls would be more effective, reducing the total number should be okay.

The other issue I want to address is the hassle of having to wield missiles to enchant them, which is unintuitive to new players. If a fighter is only interested in enchanting their wielded weapon, having a prompt instead is a bit of a regression, but if enchantment scrolls are overall rarer but stronger, this will not be necessary that often, and getting missiles tied in would be worth it, I think. — jpeg 2011-04-13 21:37

I am not quite sure on the matter, but it's good to think about it. There clearly is confusion about the I, II and III at times. I like the point that the suggested interface would treat missile enchantment on an equal basis.
Some other comments: EW I is also preferably spent on missiles because it reduces mulching. (Different topic: perhaps missile enchantment should only deal with mulching rate, leaving damage/accuracy boosts to the launcher? But what then about javelins and large rocks?)
It is true that the accuracy enchantment is rather pointless. There are two ways out: make it meaningful, or reduce to just one enchantment.
A player suggested on the forum that, following the lead of EA scrolls, EW could work all the time. That's not possible as is, because (a) all weapons can be enchanted equally, and (b) there are too many scrolls around. Just a remind that there is this call for symmetry. — dpeg 2011-04-14 00:08
Removing separate accuracy/damage enchantments and halving scroll supply seems to be tempting. I'd simplify things a good deal. — kilobyte 2011-04-14 02:15

Scroll Inventory should include Floor contents

Much like when Memorizing Spells from books in inventory and on the floor, it would be nice to consider the items on the current floor square for certain scrolls (ID, Recharging, Enchant Armor, Detect Curse.

Scroll of Identification / Recharging / Enchant Armor

When one of these Scrolls, the inventory list should include qualified items (unidentified/wands/armor) both carried and on current floor square.

Scroll of Detect Curse

When using a Scroll of Detect Curse, cursed items on current floor square should also be flagged. No change is requested regarding Scroll of Remove Curse.

New Scroll Proposals

Scroll of Inversion

Would take whatever rings you had equipped, and turn them into their antithesis (or whatever's closest). For example, a -2 ring of dexterity becomes a +2 ring of dexterity. A ring of hunger becomes a ring of sustenance, a ring of teleport control becomes a ring of teleportation, etc. This wouldn't necessarily be a good ←→ bad transition, either. For instance, a ring of slaying +2 +3 becomes a ring of slaying +3 +2. A ring of see invisible becomes a ring of invisibility, and a ring of fire becomes a ring of ice. Rings with no suitable opposite like levitation are either unaffected or turn into a ring unavailable by any other means (levitation turns into a ring that increases item burden?).

Obviously, this would be a fairly rare scroll, but I think it would be fun, since it's intrinsically neither good, nor bad. If you use it carefully, it can turn a worse than useless ring into something extremely useful. If you use it recklessly, it can be disastrous.

List of Inversions

  • +Dexterity ⇔ -Dexterity
  • +Strength ⇔ -Strength
  • +Intelligence ⇔ -Intelligence
  • +Evasion ⇔ -Evasion
  • Fire ⇔ Ice
  • Protection from fire ⇔ Protection from cold
  • Hunger ⇔ Sustenance
  • Invisibility ⇔ See invisible
  • Teleport control ⇔ Teleportation
  • Slaying A B ⇔ Slaying B A
  • +Protection ⇔ -Protection

Possible Additional Rings

  • Levitation ⇔ Burdening (raises item burden)
  • Poison Resistance ⇔ Poison Touch (gives poison brand while wearing ring)
  • Poison Resistance ⇔ Poison Susceptibility
  • Possibly do one of these for protection from cold/fire instead of treating them as opposites?
  • Regeneration ⇔ Deterioration
  • Regeneration ⇔ +MP Regen
  • Sustain Abilities ⇔ Double stat loss
  • Wizardry ⇔ Melee accuracy
  • Wizardry ⇔ Worse spell success
  • Ring of Life Protection ⇔ Vampiric Touch (gives vampiricism brand)
  • Ring of Life Protection ⇔ Susceptibility to draining

killhour 2011-07-16 08:59

Scroll of Abjuration

This scroll casts a high-powered abjuration on every summon in sight, including friendly summons. It should be rare enough that players would have to decide carefully whether or not they should use it or save it for later.

tiber 2011-09-27 18:36

Scroll of Armour Ego

Similar to a Scroll of Brand Weapon, adds/replaces a random ego on carried armour of player's choice. Same rarity as Brand Weapon. Would code it up myself but not sure where in the source to start working.

ArcaneNH 2016-01-15 12:31

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