Miscellaneous Magical Items

Name dcss:brainstorm:item:misc
Summary Miscellaneous items overhaul & tweaks.
Further informationEvocations Skill
Added by dpeg
Added on 2010-01-08 21:56

Many (most) miscellaneous items should have two types of uses, one permanent (as now), and one single-use (disposing the item). This has a number of good consequences:

  1. Using the one-off effect of miscellaneous items turns them into expensive consumables. Expensive, because they are generally heavy and don't stack.
  2. Hence, there are choices of what to carry (in addition of when to use).
  3. This would be another boost to a (not yet existing) Evocations playing style, because a character with high Evocations skill will be more likely to have good use for these items (with both permanent or one-off use).
  4. Flavourful and large-scale effects (which are too big/powerful for scrolls) can go nicely to miscellaneous items.
  5. And there is the inherent dilemma that a good item is gone if you invoke the one-off effect.

In order for the id game to be somewhat interesting (at the moment it is flavour only), we could have a variety of each item. For example, not one nondescript stone but smooth, jagged, heavy, crimson stones.

The chances for items of the same appearance need to be identical.

Interface: to invoke the permanent effect, wield and press v. To use the one-off effect, wield and use the ability menu.

Two additional options for miscellaneous items:

  • Some of them might have effects already when carried. (Have to be very careful not introduce interface pain in this way.)
  • Using their one-off effect need not necessarily consume them. Instead there might be a chance depending on Evocations that the item survives. (wensleydale)


All stones are heavy. Some of them very heavy.

Stone of Earth
P: Earth elementals (needs modification).
1: Teleport anchor (your next teleport will approximately land there).

Additional suggestions for name: Earthstone, Stone Heart, Heart of Stone. (blue_anna)

Stone of Oppressed Magic
c: Increases MR (depending on Evoc), reduces spellcasting abilities (always), prevents paralyse (always).  
1: Greatly reduces (Evoc) all LOS monsters' MR, cancels all magical enchantments from player (slow, haste etc.).
[Name]'s Boulder
P: Can be thrown; damage like a +3 large rock. Fired with %%f%% from quiver as usual. Can mulch.
1: Can be turned into a rolling boulder, success with Evoc. (By wielding and then firing.)

Rolling builders will also make good custom traps!

Stone of Burden
c: when carried, it prevents levitation, flight, swiftness, and haste
P: slightly slows movement speed of all quick (faster than humans) enemies in sight, more for fliers 
1: For a duration, no one in LOS can initiate teleport or move away. Everyone but the player is slowed. Fliers fall down.
P: Casts LRD (has a chance to destroy item, which makes sense thematically and prevents free infinite LRD spam).
1: Casts shatter (in this case, the stone explodes in the user's hands, destroying it and causing the user moderate damage).


Crystal Ball of Energy
P: Channeling energy as now (perhaps modified).
1: Old potion of magic (adds permanent MaxMP). Many will try and suffer, given their lack in Evocations.
Crystal Ball of Clairvoyance
P: Telepathy-like detect monsters (duration).
1: It tells you the next mutation to be removed or gained.

I'd say that the range of monster detection be limited (something like double the size of LOS?) and the detection should have a cooldown before you can use it again (say, 100 turns?). Also, “telepathy-like” means that worms, zombies, jellies and other mindless creatures would remain undetected? – Zicher

Crystal Ball of Fixation

The current version is very bad. But it can be fixed:

w: Wielded, it prevents teleportation. (Warning if you invoke teleporation with a known Fixation ball wielded.)
1: Paralyse all beings in LOS (including the player) for a short duration. Ending is random; Evoc helps the player to end earlier.
P: As above, only for a long duration. Also greatly increases duration of any clouds in LOS; same for tidal water.
Crystal Ball of Seeing
P: As now.
1: Forget spell (whether chosen depends on Evoc)

> This one is not so good, I think. Perhaps something with scrying? — dpeg 2011-03-16 23:13

Crystal Ball of Fire


c: prevents casting Ice magic school spells when carried
P: fireball (centered on player), or like Immolation
1: throw-aim beam: explodes in a fire cloud (like from evaporate of a potion of berserker rage)


Disc of Storms
P: As now (with modifications).
1: Tornado! For Evokers.
Black Disc
P: Can be thrown and does pain damage (as a weapon of Pain).
1: Creates a stationary, slowly decaying circle of torment resistence.
Blind Mirror
P: If dropped, all intelligent monsters will pick it up and waste a turn looking into it. (Producing speech.)
1: Break the mirror to identify 1+d(Evoc) random (unidentified) items in inventory.
Disk of Dimensions
P: Blink
1: Malign Gateway


Lantern of Shadows
P: Spawns shadows, as now.
1: Very small LOS. Creates a stationary, slowly decaying circle of silence.
Lamp of Fire
P: as now (efreet).
1: Attracts fire resistant monsters, repels all other monsters.
Fiery Lamp
P: Red halo, burns monsters inside it (small damage, also to player, reduces EV/Stealth). 
1: Creates huge cloud of heavy smoke.
Glowing crystal
P: Makes walls transparent
1: Makes you invisible with long duration
Rainbow Lantern
P: Starts the halo and than switches to the next color.
All effect except violet don't affect invisible creatures.
Duration and size of halo based on evo.
The halo is only active when the lantern is wielded and only that time counts against duration.
Can't be evoked while another another halo is active.
* red - Red halo like fiery lamp
* orange - Lowered fire resistance in halo
* yellow - Corona on everyone in the halo
* green - Toxic Radiance halo
* blue - Blue halo like red halo with ice damage
* indigo - Lowered ice resistance in halo
* violet - A violet halo that negates invisibility
1:Trigger all effects,except violet, at once

Corona already negates invisibility. — MyOtheHedgeFox 2012-04-01 19:13


Fan of Air
P: Air elementals, as now (needs anti-abuse modification).
1: Flight for a long duration (say about 1000 turns).
Card Fan
P: Random drawing of minor cards (good on the average; choice depends on Evoc).
1: Choose one out of five cards.
War Fan (tessen)
P: Weapon, does damage based on Evocations. Can be thrown.
1: Damages all adjacent monsters, the more, the better damage (hostile or not).
Large Fan

By lemuel from 2723640:

P: All clouds are pushed away from the player's square to an adjacent empty square (also empty of monsters). 
(Perhaps with a chance of cloud dispersal.)
1: Remove all clouds in sight.  

New categories


Player attacks unarmed while wielding a fist

Just to clarify how I envisioned the Brass Fist, it's a semi-mechanical but also magically-powered /gadget/ that delivers a physical punch for you when evoked - so it wasn't intended to be worn on the glove slot. Whilst that could be an interesting possibility, it would restrict the items somewhat (and prevent their use by any character without a glove shot). I'm not sure if that's what you were intending, but usage of the word should be clarified since “unarmed” has such specific meaning in Crawl mechanics, and I didn't want this device to be linked to unarmed in any way. It could take other stats into account (e.g. strength, size) to determine how big an impact it can deliver without sending you bowling over backwards also! (Maybe there should be a chance of you going backwards a square or two, in reaction to the force…) Anyway I like the ideas you've added and I'll comment on them individually — mumra 2011-09-27 16:33
I just meant that they should do more than clumsly bashed with,when you attack while wielding them,it don't need to be based on unarmed,but i think basing the damage on evo would be overpowered
The idea was it's an item you use, not something you wear. So you don't melee with it; you evoke it. Why would damage based on evo be overpowered? — mumra 2011-09-27 22:09
Brass Fist
P: A magically-powered pneumatic fist. Evoke to knock back adjacent enemies (perhaps 2 range) - will push enemies back up to six squares based on evo.  --- //[[user:mumra]] 2011-09-27 11:20//
1: Pushes every enemy in sight double the squares of P away
Perhaps instead could have a “self-destruct” mode where the gadget explodes (after a timeout?), firing red-hot metal splinters in all directions, killing or damaging most stuff in LOS (just to be a bit more varied from the P ability). — mumra 2011-09-27 16:33
Ghost Fist
P: Unarmed attack with smite targeting if invoked,range based on evo
1: Gain invisibility and passwall for a moderate duration
I think the fist items could be more varied than just unarmed-style attacks. Ghost fist is a nice theme, though (I'd call it “Ghostly Hand” instead of fist, it would look like a skeletal hand but with an incorporeal haze around it.)
A way to change this a bit would be remote constriction, or other effects like fear, MP drain (maybe a randomised selection of these). I love the invis/passwall effect, very thematic! — mumra 2011-09-27 16:52
Vampire Fist
P: Gain nutrition from unarmed attacks,amount and duration based on evo.
1: Turn into a bat.Duration based on evo


Bags have a carry and 1 use effect and are heavy

Stone bag
c: Functions as unlimited supply of stones for throwing
1: Throws a big boulder(even if you are too small to normally throw them) and turns it into a dust bag with a chance to keep it based on evo
Some method by which a player can throw a boulder is surely a must once my boulder code goes in! Rather than an unlimited supply of stones, there should be a small chance for it to run out; making it a good idea to use the boulder ability sooner or later (otherwise you'd just keep sandblasting forever). Maybe a couple of warning messages like “The bag looks about half empty”, “There are only a few stones left”, etc. — mumra 2011-09-27 16:33
I see no problem with the throwing,you activate the ability.The target interfaces open and you throw the boulder
I didn't say there was a problem with throwing. I'm saying that once the boulder code goes in (which I've written) then it would be great for it to be available for the player to use, e.g. through a suggestion like yours. Actually I don't know if you realised but there's already a “boulder throwing” item in the first section of this page as well. — mumra 2011-09-27 22:09
Dust Bag
c: Creates in random intervals a dustcloud, that blocks LOS, in the field the player just left duration and chance based on evo
1: Fills the whole screen with dust clouds
I'm not so keep on random effects while carried, there should always be a decision. So it could be evoked to create a dust cloud, limited charges; this is functionally similar to multiple scrolls of fog, but the clouds should be smaller. The single-use ability could be somewhat better, e.g. creates so much dust that it temporarily blinds creatures caught in it. — mumra 2011-09-27 17:15
A dust cloud could be useful or a hinderance based on the situation,that makes a meaningful decision if you wan to carry it or not.
Salt bag
c: Decay of chunks is slowed based on evo
1: Turns a number of chunks based on evo into meat rations
Again, not keen on the passive power. Instead, salt could have an limited number of charges of the '1' ability, and a single-use ability which instantly kills slugs? — mumra 2011-09-27 17:15
I think that they only have a carry effect and not a evoke effect differentiates the bag items from the other misc. items
The purely mechanical problem is, this is what's called a “no-brainer”. Carrying the item has only a good effect, it doesn't take up any slots, you don't even have to have a valid slot (e.g. no hands), it will work in every form; so it's something every player would carry if they found one, and therefore doesn't actually introduce any choices to the game. The 1-off ability isn't even good enough to be an interesting decision, if you have slowly-decaying chunks then you will never need permafood. Note how some of the earlier examples had negative carry effects, because this provides a tradeoff with the good evokable effect, and makes for an interesting decision as to whether you want the item or not. — mumra 2011-10-04 11:28
What do you think about making the carry effects something more neutral like c: Decay of chunks is slowed based on evo,but their nutrition is reduced over time?
Bag of Sand

This is no ordinary sand - it was dropped by a careless dream god. (mumra)

v: Sends monsters to sleep by throwing sand in their eyes (2 tile range).
1: Throwing all the sand in the air, all monsters in LOS enter a "waking sleep" where they experience strange and terrifying nightmares.

> Alternate carry effect: c: Random monster in LOS goes to sleep,chance based on evo

Having a passive effect depend on Evocations seems a little strange. The literal meaning of Evoke is that you have to perform an action to do it … — mumra 2011-10-04 11:43
Bag of Spiders

This is an idea I added a while ago on Spider's Nest (mumra)

A small bag woven from strands of fine gossamer. Something appears to be moving inside.

v: Summon a small number of spiders (with a chance of being friendly; power of summons and chance of friendliness scales with Evocations. Also makes webs on squares around you.
1: Create a large swarm of spiders, or have long-lasting spider form

> Alternate carry effect: c: Functions as a unlimited supply of throwing nets,strength of the net is based on evo

Can I just ask, what is the difference between “Thing that you evoke to throw nets” and “Thing that gives you unlimited nets … which you can then throw”? My point is that either way you have to perform an action to throw the net - so why not just have an evokable bag in the first place, rather than introducing a new mechanism.
Anyway, since we already have webs in trunk (and they function very similarly to nets) it would make more sense to have the bag be able to throw webs. This could replace the spider summoning altogether, making the item more distinct. — mumra 2011-10-04 11:36
I think the unlimited supply makes it clearer that you still need your throwing skills and putting the bag in the quiver and throwing allows you to still wear a weapon


Flags have a wielded and a 1 use effect and usualy affect monster and allies and not the player

w: EV of all allies raised based on evo
1: Summons friendly animated weapons in LOS,number based on evo
Eternal eye
w: All allies have see invisible 
1: Massive damage to all invisible creatures in LOS
Face of the Abyss
w: Monsters have a chance to start fleeing based on evo.
1: Banishes monsters.Number based on evo.
War Banner
w: Increases damage of allies,based on evo.
1: Allies gain berserk status.
Shadow Shroud
w: All allies are invisible.
1: Turns all allies for a medium duration into shadows
Yredelemnul Skull
w:Raises allies and monster that die in LOS as zombies,with a chance based on evo
1:Returns undead and dead in LOS back to life.


The 1 use of bottles is usually a summon and it is used to collect something

Water bottle
P: Creates swallow water around the point chosen by the evoker,the point must be empty to be targeted.
Number of tiles based on evo.
Evoking it on a fountains fills it.
Evoking while full creates a deep water tile on the chosen square in addition to its usual effect.
1: Summons friendly/neutral water elementals.Number and friendliness based on evo.
The number of elementals is doubled when it is full.
Swallowing bottle
P: Sucks a monster into the bottle.Every use has a chance of breaking the bottle and triggering the 1 effect,
based on evo/hd of monsters already in the bottle + hd of the monster you tried to catch
1: Releases all trapped monsters.They are still hostile and give no XP.
Triggering that effect yourself will not destroy the bottle.
Bottle of souls
c: Gains a little bit of weight with every monster you kill and traps its soul
P: You can only evoke it when it has souls in it.
Evoke it on the altar of your god gets you piety based on the HD of monsters in the bottle.
Evoking it somewhere else works as a scroll of fear effect,
on monsters that are of the same type as the monster souls in the bottle.
Invoking it resets it.
1:Summons a friendly player ghost,the deep of death of the ghost depends on evo, and HD in the bottle.
Golden bottle
c: Carrying removes gold from autopickup
P: Evoking it on gold.Adds that gold to the bottle.
   Evoking it somewhere else gets a random permanent item or several random consumable items.
   The value of the item is between -30% and + 30% of the gold in the bottle.Which value you get,is based on evo
   Evoking it resets it.
1: Get the gold in the bottle + a percentage based on evo
Vulcano bottle
c: Chance that a scroll catches fire,when the bottle is full
P: Evoking it next lava,while it is empty removes the lave and makes it full
   Evoking it next to water while it is full removes the water tile and makes it empty
   Evoking it on any other square while full, cast conjure flames and has a chance to set it to empty
1: Can only be activate when full.Fills every empty square with conjure flames and every monster in LOS with: 
* Low evo or fire: throw flame 
* Middel evo or fire: sticky flames
* High evo or fire: bolt of magma

Of Xom

Using them amuses Xom when he is your god,using them causes sometimes additional Xom effects

Mysterious Potion of Xom
Q: A Random potion effect
P: Evoking it turns another random item in your inventory in a mysterious potion of Xom
1: Random Evaporate effect
Fabulous (Random item) of Xom
U: After every use it turns into a random other fabulous ... of Xom.
Weapons transform at the first attack with it.
Armors and shields with the first hit on you.
Rings and amulets transform after being useful the first time
It isn't destroyed when it is used as a consumable.
if it turns into a potion or scroll it is alway unidentified
If it turns into food it will always be a fabulous chunk of Xom 
and can be mutagenic,poisonous or normal,with random Nutrition even negative one.  
P: Turns it into another fabulous ... of Xom 
1: Makes the item permanent  
The magical egg of Xom
c: Food in inventory has a chance of disappearing
P: Invoking can cause one of several random  effects
The egg screams - Scroll of fear effect
The egg glows - Corona on everyone in LOS
The eggs stinks -Mephtic cloud centered on player
The egg sings - Mesmerize effect on all monsters in LOS
The egg laughs - Summon butterfly
The egg cries - Swallow water starts to spread from player location
The egg hatches - Triggers 1
The egg rolls away - It blinks to somewhere in LOS
The egg breaths fire - Fireball in random direction
The egg sleeps - Nothing 
The egg burps - Push back on all monsters in LOS
The egg changes color - Change of picture/glyph color
The egg fades away - Teleport
The egg throws itself at the enemy - Attacks with stone strength and chaos brand a random enemy  
1: The egg hatches into a random allied  monster with chaos brand attack,
it stays with you for a long time,it has a chance to transform into another monster and 
has a small chance to lay another magical egg of Xom before leaving.If you trigger the hatching manualy
it has a chance to be hostile or neutral.
The Portable Hole of Xom
c: Sometimes something(with no or little mechanic effect) comes out of the hole
A beautiful Butterfly flies out of the Portable Hole of Xom -A single butterfly appears
A eye stalk peeks through the hole,looks around and retreats again.- No effect
You hear strange music coming from hole - Noise slightly increased for some turns
Someone throws his garbage through the hole -  One useless item appears at player position
P: Allows to pass through 1 wall tile
1: Creates a shaft


The use of horns cause lots of noise and their one use usually affects the whole level

Horn of Fedhas
P: Creates a random fruit
1: Creates lots of tree that are placed where the block no path 
Horn of Water
P: Creates a potion of water(95%) or another potion(5%)
1: Turns the floor of the level to swallow water
Horn of Rats
P: Summons 2-5 hostile rats
1: Turns every monster on the level into rats for a short duration

More one-off ideas

  • Incense: boost to piety.
  • Bear trap. (But be aware of the trap planting idea.)
  • Some tool. A one-off use for something could be door creation (size of gate depends on Evoc).
  • Moth Dust: Creates a cloud; affected monsters go berserk if they can. Other uses of the cloud type:
    • Moth of Wrath could be able to flee and leave a trail of it behind. Or it could emit such a cloud upon death.
    • Trog-summoned allies could appear in a short lived poof of this smoke. This would explain the fact that it is berserk, possibly make the player berserk, and might make enemies nearby berserk too.
    • Unique demon who emits such a cloud and/or Pan lord ability.
  • Something of transferring weapon skills - on use weapon skill of choice gets zeroed, and 40%-70% of exp invested there goes to other weapon skill of choice. (alternatively, you choose one to benefit, and all others get zeroed, maybe apart from UC?) This could make changing weapon type later in game a (costly) possibility, instead of something that is simply not done. By — qui 2010-02-13 15:35
  • Tiny quarrels. Remove or make rarer the para/sleep/slow needles and add these effects as common to tiny quarrels. By — codrus 2010-04-17
  • Casket of Fate: a small ebony casket look-alike that, when evoked, summons 3 similicrums. each one has a 1/6 chance of being permenantly friendly, 1/6 chance of being temporarily friendly, and 2/3 chance of being hostile. — blue_anna 2010-08-17 21:31
  • Something with a bad passive effect and a great one-use effect could be fun. Naturally players would end up just stashing it until they find a place worth using it and drag it over there, so the bad effect has to be bad enough to be a tradeoff even when carried straight from a stash to a vault. Bad effects could be along the lines of summoning hostile monsters (bad even when safe), while good effects would be more like confusing every monster in sight (big bomb-like effects encourage the player to drag it to branch ends and other hard to reach spots). — squashmonster 2011-04-10 12:29

Keg of powder

  • Described as a tiny (“pint” – medieval/US name for ~0.5l) container that has impressive magical wards against accidental detonation. For a good reason, since its effect is a high-power Firestorm. Only single use, of course.
  • When activated, you have 5.0 turns to get rid of it. Throwing being the usual recommended way, although Portal Projectile can be better. Unlike 3 turn delay I considered, 5 allows you to drop it and run away on foot, too. — kilobyte 2011-03-24 20:41

Charging Rod

  • Yes, obviously a temporary name: better names are suggested, please. Intended as a replacement for the Rod of Striking (due to 0.10 trunk no longer allowing artificers to start with it), inspired in part by the (currently in beta-testing) game Ziggurat. Of course, it doesn't have to be a rod.
  • Each evocation uses up a small about of mana (originally from the mp pool of the item being a rod itself, but regular mp works too) to charge up an ‘a’bility and status; the degree to which it is charged is similar to the differing status display colours/@ descriptors used for Confusing Touch and magical contamination. The charge falls down levels over time, said rate increasing with each subsequent charge level and decreasing by evocations skill; it also increases natural hunger accumulation rate for each level of charge (ideally preventing people from charging up when safe to fire it off at whatever monsters they find, sentiments echoed in previous ideas).
    • Naturally, each charge level increases the power (and possibly the accuracy?) of the blast; a hypothetical way to distinguish the item even at low power is for the projectile to gain 1 furthered square of effect whenever it hit an enemy, possibly.
    • With a single evocation, using the ‘a’bility fires off a projectile akin to Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, if it was based off of evocations rather then the usual spell modifiers, and with a range of 5 squares (not counting successful hit lengthening).
    • At the second level, the projectile upgrades to a range of 6 squares and acts as a bolt. This immeadiately distinguishes the item on use as an irresistible bolt without much hungering attached to it, which is quite powerful, but even with high evocations it takes a minimum of three turns to prepare and fire off.
    • At the third level, the blast bounces off of walls (possibly with no distance penalty?), reaches full los range, amd counts an enemy if hit as 1 tile traveled rather then 2 (as if a lightning bolt rather then a bolt of fire or cold), now becoming a powerful beyond-los conjuration.
    • The fourth level could be much harder to obtain then the previous two, but could increase the power of the projectile for every enemy hit.
    • At the fifth level, every target hit has a fireball-esque-splash, becoming a sort of high-level nuke for evokers. Note that the splash stacking with the previous property might make it overpowered in enemy-rich scenarios, already the ideal use for the item considering the range extension properties…
  • Additional ideas for the item:
    • The charge immeadiately vanishes if you fire off any given “destructive” spell (i.e. any non-summoning-spell that Vehumet gives a wizardry bonus for) or evoke a destructive effect, but acts as a tiny enhancer (possibly 0.25?) for each level of charge stored.
    • If it stays a rod, to possibly balance the “irresistable mass conjuration” aspect, perhaps it could be weak in general, but become stronger and attuned to a given magical aspect if one casts a brand spell while weilding it (possibly only the affixable brands?)
    • Randomized effects for the projectile (such as knock-back, or a single turn paralysis effect like stabbing with maces) could be a good way to not make every charge level about hitting more targets. although that is the main idea of the item.
  • Just a random idea thrown out here. — claws 2011-09-14 04:33
  • On consideration of a comment about micromanagement, distinct levels of charge have been thrown out for a general charging mechanic and many details revised. The item could have great and unique use in branch ends, large group assaults, and vaults, and with the recent 0.10 trunk abjuration nerf would be a neat way to deal with popcorn summons by becoming stronger with each summon hit. — claws 2011-09-14 14:53

More ideas for permanent use

  • Stonemail: is already a Xom effect (slower speed).
  • Hat of Summoning: you can pull small animals out of it. Could replace the box of beasts.
  • Vase of clouds: when evoked, the vase emits a cloud around the evoker (including the evoker's tile) of random type, including Mephitic, Poison, Freezing, Flaming, Steam, Fog, etc. The radius of the cloud depends on Evoc (between 3×3 and LOS).
  • Something of Fear: Evoking that item depletes all MP and d(Evoc)+MP is spent to determine the chance that all hostile monsters in sight run away, check against their HD (so even magic immune monsters can be affected). This has two uses: The primary one is a tactical option for archers who want distance but don't care so much about MP. The other one is as an emergency tool — it could be useful, for example, in the Abyss.
    • To fill in the missing degree of flavour: maybe it could be a ceremonial tribal mask?

I like the concept. This is secretly a Str buff, because having heavy consumables makes carrying capacity more important! “Use now and lose this infinitely accessible effect” is a cool tension, and very different from the normal “use now and lose the opportunity to use later.”

The general opacity of Evocations-centric items becomes a problem here. Infinite-use evocations items can be tested to see what they do; if I don't know if I have enough Evoc to use the stone of earth elementals effectively, I can use it a bunch and see what happens. But if I want to know my chances at pulling off the Ball of Energy potion of magic trick, I'm not going to be able to find out without losing my crystal ball (or consulting a spoiler, which realistically will be what I would do). As such, I think most items' one-use effects should be beneficial even with low (3+) evocations. And an Evoc skill which is enough to use the infinite-use option effectively should be enough to use the one-use option effectively.

The efreet lamp already is a one-use item. If you want to make it fit this framework, you'll need an infinite-use effect, not another one-use one. (Extend LOS to 8 would be fun, but I think the default map size doesn't allow that.)

I still think the elemental-summoning items are boring, but that is really an unrelated issue. — nrook 2010-01-08 20:38

I agree with this. A simple way to solve the spoiler issue is by using the Crystal Ball of Fixation idea in more places. I.e. have the one-off power be a greatly exaggerated version of the regular power. Otherwise, there is still something we could do: good descriptions of the one-off power, perhaps with a power indication (e.g. a ###### bar in the description). And the one-off use should always work, but the power may be low (so that players can always imagine what it would be like at high power, rather than seeing nothing happens).
On summons: sorear has a general proposal to cap summons; this would automatically leash all the current abuses (Stone of Elementals, for example) and would be better than individual approaches. — dpeg 2010-01-08 21:56


Regarding the one-time use concept, can intelligent monsters wield these items, and if so, can they accidentally (on purpose) blow the one-time use against the player? — XuaXua 2011-06-07 18:17

Having another look through this page, I'm not so keen on the 1-use idea as I was when I first saw it. It adds extra interface complexity to items that are already a little fiddly to use, and it's very hard to communicate this to the player. This page also demonstrates that it's very hard to come up with a 1-use effect that's really interesting and useful for every single item. It seems simpler to just take some of the best of those and turn them into separate single-use items (or at least items with a high chance of mulching on use). Additionally, we already rods which are evokable items with a choice of effects and I think it's be better to copy this model if we added more types of multi-effect item (and details like “this will destroy the item” can be communicated next to specific options on the details screen) - this means players don't have to learn a new interface at least. — mumra 2013-04-14 12:46

Fixing items in the current system

Item overhaul will take a while. However, these items are considered very poor right now, so I think we should address them in the current system. — minmay 2011-03-24 19:27

Tome of Destruction

  • Currently: casts powerful conjurations for “free,” but not much good against actual threats because it fails 33% of the time regardless of Evocations skill, and failures have harmful effects.
  • Suggested change: Remove failure and its negative effects, but make casting a spell from the Tome cost MP like casting it normally would. Also, make Trog hate it like other books, both for balance and flavour reasons.
  • Result: Becomes more attractive to characters without access to lots of magic, but not Troggies. Spell power is strongly tied to Evocations, 5 + Evoc + 5d(Evoc/3), so it won't be brokenly overpowered if you happen to get it in the early game, nor will it be much good in the late game without investing in Evocations.
  • Could also tie the spells cast to Evocations skill more tightly, so at Evocations 0 you'd rarely get better than Throw Flame.
  • Alternate Suggestion (donblas) : Make tome have internal number of charges (pages).
    • Each use can fail harmlessly, low cost fail effect (like fog/noise), a higher cost fail effect (int loss/confuse like crystal ball) or cast random spell on list. Each fail burns a page, each success burns a page possibly, based on evocation. Also make Trog hate it, as above.
    • Make higher evocation skill reduce fail effect rate.
    • Keep current spell power/choice selection scheme. Higher evocation = better chance of success and longer use, but no terrible backlash that prevents use.
  • This item is currently (0.15) classified as a book. However, it functions like an evocable item and not like a spell book. For consistency I propose to change the category to 'Miscellaneous'. A new tile that destinguishes the tome from spell books would also be appropriate. — 4Hooves2Appendages 2014-11-30 14:00

Box of beasts

  • Currently: summons animals, up to crocodiles and hell hounds. It could potentially be powerful in the early game, if it weren't for the fact that most early characters don't have a good way to deal with hostile hell hounds, and also for the fact that you're almost never going to see one in the early game. Later on, the stuff it summons is utter trash.
  • Suggested change: Tie the strength of summons to Evocations. 0 Evocations gives bats and rats. 5 often gives water moccasins and ice beasts. 10 often gives hell hounds and crocodiles. At 20, you should be able to get anacondas.
  • Result: You can't get something ridiculous like a D:4 hell hound, friendly or hostile, and it actually has some use in the late game if you have high Evocations.
  • Could also increase the chance of one showing up on the first few dungeon levels. (I smell a vault.)

> I recently tried changing it, but scrapped my changes due to troubles with coming up with a reasonable formula. My idea was to base it on both Evocations and on dungeon depth (akin to Shadow Creatures). With up to hydras on D:27 with 13 skill and potentially foo dragons with 27 (mostly theoretical). — kilobyte 2011-03-24 20:37

Quad damage

  • Already implemented, as of 0.8 even with a tile.
  • Let's enable generation of it in normal games (although extremely rarely). — kilobyte 2011-03-24 20:49
  • What is a quad damage? — XuaXua 2011-04-13 18:58
    • It does what it says on the tin: all damage you do is multiplied by 4. Also, it gives you a blue glow and changes sound effects. — kilobyte 2011-04-14 02:58
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