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GUI/Interface Improvement

Proposer:BountyHunterSAx 2013-02-20 16:13

While the ? / C menu technically can be used to describe a given card, it's not exactly an obvious place and it's tedious to have to type each card name out. It would be better if identified decks followed something more like the book GUI. Currently it lists each possible card in the deck. It should label each 'possible' card with a letter and then you can hit that letter to pull up the card description. Or even a patchwork solution to display the description of the ID'd card at the top of the deck would be nice.

General Feedback

Proposer: mattlistener 2012-03-27 15:14

When drawing a card from an Ornate or Legendary deck, there is only a chance for a power level 1 or 2 effect, not a certainty. It would be natural for unspoilery players to assume that a given card drawn from a fancier deck would always be more powerful. Adding a line of text feedback would help clarify what has just happened.

Card power level matches deck fanciness: no change.

Card was drawn from Deck of Oddities or Deck of Punishment: no change.

Power level 0 card drawn from Ornate or Legendary deck: “This card looks plain.”

Power level 1 card drawn from Legendary deck: “This card looks merely ornate.”

Experienced players may also have reasons to want to know what power level they have just drawn. EG whether to try to gain extra XP while the Sage buff is active (bonus XP dependent on power level), or as an indicator (over many occurrences) to judge whether their Evocations is high enough for their liking.

Existing Decks

Nothing yet.

Existing Cards

Ideas and thoughts about specific cards.


Tomb could contain other types of walls depending on power (translucent or slimy (should remember that slimy walls damage monsters too though)).


The trowel card needs a redesign. It's unclear how many of what portals it should create, where it should work, etc., and bugs keep coming in.


Hired mercenaries should change their equipments and gain experience like the orcs of beogh worshippers do.

New Deck Proposals

Deck of Temporary Mutations

Proposer: ToBeFree 2011-06-05 16:33

A deck that contains cards which give the player some temporary mutations Each card gives a mutation like “berserk”, “see invisible”, “blink”, “spit poison” etc., but these mutations are only temporary: If you use them, you lose them.

For example, if a player draws the “temporary berserk mutation” card from the deck, he will randomly go berserk while fighting. If this happens (if he goes berserk), he loses the mutation (another idea would be to decrease the mutation level by one).

The deck could also give bad temoprary mutations like “blurry vision”.

Use-it-and-lose-it won't meaningfully work for some mutations, like SInv. But I like the idea. Perhaps the mechanic could be that cards add one to three levels to a given mutation (depending on evocations/piety), which then wear away one level at a time (as you suggest), say 5 turns per level. This means you can't draw all the cards upon finding the deck to gain instant access to all the (ability-granting) mutations whenever you deem it necessary to use them; cards are supposed to be a bit chaotic, after all. — rriegs 2011-06-07 17:00
Okay, that sounds good. :) I will add a list of ideas for the cards of the deck. — ToBeFree 2011-06-08 19:24

Card Ideas

(feel free to add your own ideas or to edit the existing ideas! :) )

Good mutations
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “antennae” mutation (level 3 = SInv). Problem: This mutation is useless at level 2 or 1. We would have to add different levels of SInv for this to work (e.g. level 3 = SInv in whole LOS ; level 2 = SInv in 2/3 LOS ; level 1 = SInv in 1/3 LOS).
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “berserk” mutation (I think that this is a good mutation. What's so bad about berserking?).
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “spit poison” mutation.
  • More ideas? Ideas for cool card names? :D
Bad mutations

(I would suggest to use the “use it and lose it” instead of “5 turns = lose one level” for bad mutations. Or to greatly increase the number of turns needed to lose one level. Bad mutations have to be bad and it would be boring if you could rest 15 turns to cancel the “bad” effect.):

  • [NAME]: Gives you the “blurry vision” mutation.
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “screaming” mutation.
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “deteriorating body” mutation (this is really bad!).
  • [NAME]: Gives you the “fast metabolism” mutation.
  • More ideas? Ideas for cool card names? :D

New Card Proposals


The Card of Insight would be in either the Deck of Dungeons or Wonders. It grants the player automatic Indentification ability as if they have read a Scroll of ID or worship Ashenzari and have all slots cursed. They will automatically identify anything they view, up till either a number of turns pass or a number of items have been identified, scaled by the power of the deck / evocations.

Not that good an idea. It would lead to building piles of unchecked gear, then dropping everything else and scumming for this card. Kind of like the Detect Curse scroll (especially in Orc), for which there seems to be consensus for removal. — KiloByte 2012-02-23 21:12
That would be why one of the suggestions I made would be to expire after X number of items were identified. — XuaXua 2012-02-25 20:19


Power 0: Creates rain clouds around you, with a 33% chance per square within a radius of 2.
Power 1: Creates more rain clouds around you, with a 33% chance per square within a radius of 3. Also, a 10% chance of generating a sky beast.
Power 2: Creates even more rain clouds around you, with a 66% chance per square within a radius of 3. Also, a 50% chance of generating a sky beast.

The Swimmer

Power 0: 66% chance of getting a “Sea Legs” status, which negates any movement and attack penalties from standing in shallow water, and 33% of getting a “Swim” status, which lets you swim as if you were a Merfolk or Octopode all along. Merfolk and Octopodes get no benefit from the first two levels of this card.
Power 1: “Swim” status.
Power 2: “Swim” status, along with a small speed boost when in shallow or deep water.

nicolae 2012-03-16 05:01=


Swaps your relative % of HP and % of MP; for example, if you're at 33% of your max health, and 75% of your max magic, after drawing Dualism, you'll be set to 75% of your max health and 33% of your max magic, instead. If you have 0 MP, then your health is set to 1% instead of 0%, and if your max MP is 0 then nothing happens.


Part of your health is converted into satiation, with each HP lost giving you satiation equal to 1% of what you'd get from a meat ration; e.g., normal characters get 50 food/HP, carnivore 3 characters get 65 food/HP, and Spriggans lose all that HP for no gain whatsoever. Ghouls will get 10 food/HP, as if from 1% of a rotten chunk. Vampires at Satiated get 20 food/HP, at Full get 35/food HP, and Alive get 50/food HP. Mummies get no satiation but also lose no health. You will lose up to a maximum of 15% of your max HP, but will stop losing HP if you would go above Engorged or below 5% of max HP.


When drawn, shuffles the deck it was drawn from.


When drawn, you will get either the “Heavy” status or the “Light” status, with a 50/50 chance. The Heavy status adds 100 aum to your current carrying load, while the Light status adds a negative 100 aum to your load. Either lasts for 1d40 + 30 turns. The statuses are not cumulative (you can't be under the effect of double Heavy or double Light), but if you get one and already have the other, the two will cancel out immediately and you end up with neither.


Increases your max HP and max MP by 20% temporarily, though it doesn't give you any additional HP or MP.


You are asked if you would like to memorize a randomly-chosen spell. If you say yes, you learn the spell with 100% success. The spell level is based on the card's power level – 3 or less for power level 0, 6 or less for power level 1, 9 or less for power level 2 – and you will never be offered a spell that takes up more slots than you have available. There are no other restrictions on the chosen spell; there is no guarantee that you will have the skills, ability, or divine permission to even use it. A Deep Dwarf following a good god with 0.0 in both Charms and Necromancy might still be offered Regeneration, though if you are offered a spell you inherently can't use (as opposed to one your god merely doesn't like), you are told instead “You could have learned Regeneration/Blade Hands/etc., but it's useless to you…” and the card has no effect.

This is a cool idea, very Decky/Nemelexy. Should at least guarantee picking a spell you don't already know. Even with that addition, it seems that the chances of a beneficial outcome would be pretty rare (a spell the player doesn't have a book for that they want to use). Could it be biased in favor of a higher-level spell within the allowed range, scaling with power (not power level)? mattlistener 2012-03-27 15:32


For 10 + 1d20 turns, you are utterly hidden from the face of your god – all the gods, in fact. You can't gain piety, and you lose any access to divine abilities or passive bonuses, so Fedhasites should try not to draw this card near any oklobs and Beoghites should not draw cards while water-walking. On the upside, you also can't lose piety, receive no penalty or excommunication for violating a conduct, can suffer no wrath, and Xom and Wrath cards have zero effect. If you renounce your god during this time, your god will not notice and will not invoke their wrath until Apostasy wears off. You can't join a religion during Apostasy: “You feel that <god> can not hear your prayer.” The godless are told “You feel like the meaning of life/existence has become harder to grasp” and demigods are told “You feel separated from your ancestry.” Gods do not punish you for drawing Apostasy, even if you do it intentionally. You get no warning when Apostasy is about to expire; after all, a true devotee would follow their god's precepts even when their god is not watching, so violate those conducts with care.


“You draw a card… It is Warpwright. No, wait, it is the Mimic!” When drawn, the card becomes a deck of <whatever> mimic, which bites your hand and then falls to the floor next to you. When using a scroll of identify on the top card, Peek at Two, Draw Three, or Stack Five, the Mimic card may instead be listed as any other card which could be part of that deck. However, Nemelex followers get a (Piety/200) chance that the card will be correctly identified as the Mimic whenever those abilities are used. Once a card is ID'ed as the Mimic by Nemelex's grace, it remains ID'ed until dealt or otherwise lost, but if Nemelex fails to ID it at the first opportunity, it will remain hidden until dealt.


Gain 10, 15, or 25 piety, based on increasing card power. The godless get nothing.

nicolae 2012-03-18 14:17


Addition to the Deck of Destruction, which could use a point-blank AOE effect. Allies beware.

Power level 0: Explosion of sparks around you (like electrocution brand on a target in water, though probably lower damage).

Power level 1: Equal chances Fireball, Freezing Cloud, Poisonous Cloud – all centered at your location.

Power level 2: Equal chances Fire Storm, Ice Storm, or short duration Tornado – all centered at your location.

To keep the player-risk balance in the current DoD these effects should not self-harm. Perhaps by granting a few turns of the relevant r+++, just enough to run out of the cloud at normal speed (which still leaves some risk).

mattlistener 2012-03-27 16:13


Potentially fits the deck of Dungeons. Useful for bringing annoying ranged dudes into melee. Also bringing nasty melee dudes into melee. Affects allies and enemies alike (but not immobile things like statues and plants). Won't drown anything.

Power 0: Pulls visible monsters 1-2 steps towards you.
Power 1: Pulls visible monsters 2-4 steps towards you.
Power 2: Casts recall. Pulls visible monsters 2-4 steps towards you.

nht 2012-08-20 16:20

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