Various barding ideas.

Universal Barding

New item, “Barding” to replace Centaur Barding and Naga Barding.

As is, the two species that use Barding are punished in that they have to find a rare and extremely specific item in order to gain the benefits of having a “full” set of equipment. This is obvious needed, to balance the species, but is currently implemented in a frustrating way. Is there any reason why barding items need to be species specific? Centaur and Naga barding could both be replaced with a general Barding item, which could be equipped by centaur, naga, and any future species that require this sort of specific armor.


  • Game Balance would be mostly unaffected.
  • Barding characters wouldn't be frustrated by finding the “wrong” barding.
  • Non-Barding characters wouldn't find useless items as often (one barding item for the RNG to spawn instead of two)
  • Future-proofing for new species that require barding.


  • Slight suspension of disbelief issue (for people who refuse to believe that Horse armor could fit on a snake and vice versa)
    • With the difference in shape between horses and snakes, I'd say this is anything but “slight”. — kilobyte 2011-06-23 21:21
      • Hardly more than the same robe being wearable by trolls and spriggans. — doublep 2011-06-24 23:12
      • How different would barding for the two species be, really? You've got what boils down to a chain mail blanket that you drape over the back, and then you strap it down so it doesn't slide off. To the best of my knowledge nobody has ever tried barding a snake in real life, and slapping on some horse barding isn't going to be much worse than the naga barding tile, which would immediately slide down the moment the naga moved. Suspension of disbelief is already pretty well shot either way, starting from the moment we have snakes putting on armor. — koboldlord 2011-06-25 02:27
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