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-====== Caps Lock Indicator ====== +====== @!PAGE@ ====== 
-^ Name| Caps Lock Indicator +^ Name| @NS@: @PAGE@ 
-^ Summary| Add an indicator to the screen displaying whether caps lock is active or not.| +^ Summary| Please give a brief overview of the @NS@ content. That is: tell us what you want to change, or add. Put your reasons for wanting it in the main body, not here! Keep it short and sweet.| 
-^ Added by| [[user:Utis]] | +^ Further information|You might want to link to other relevant Wiki pages, SF FRs, or Mantis items - [[wiki:start|see here for how!]] You can add as many rows of further information as you need.| 
-^ Added on| 2011-08-16 |+^ Added by| [[user:@USER@]] | 
 +^ Added on| @DATE@ |
-This indicator could be as simple as a single character in a corner of a screenIn the early phase of dungeon exploration, it is slightly safer to explore with Shift-<direction> rather than with "o". Visual feedback on whether caps-lock is active or not would make using caps-lock intentionally less annoying and thus early Shift-<direction> exploration much more convenient.+Fill in the main body hereYou can change the title aboveYou can use subheadings below if you need them (hit preview to see them in action!):
->You're already got one of these on your keyboard, if your keyboard is anything at all like the standard.  --- //[[user:ZChris13]] 2011-08-18 02:57//+===== Point A ===== 
 +This can make it easier to read 
 +==== Item 1 ==== 
 +Which is very helpful 
 +==== Item 2 ==== 
 +For conveying your thoughts 
 +==== Item 3 ==== 
 +To busy developers 
 +===== Point B ===== 
 +But it's unnecessary for short feedback posts
->>I checked it under X and I see what you mean. That little light does nothing on the Linux console, which is not crawl's fault. Still, I have to admit that this makes it a somewhat exotic scenario for a convenience that would be minor to begin with. --- //[[user:Utis]] 2011-08-18// 
->>> Er what, the Caps Lock light not working?  Are you sure you're looking at the right place?  That's a pretty basic function... 
->>>> Linux console! A tty, that is. Yes, I'm certain. I don't know the details, but the keyboard has to rely on feedback from its terminal, otherwise one couldn't remap that key. Keyboard issues are somewhat different on the console; I have no idea whether it is even possible for user level programs to check whether caps lock is activated. (Either way, it would be nice to have an indicator at the place where I'm looking: the display. Still, as I said: only a minor convenience.) --- //[[user:Utis]]// 
->>>>> ... holy crap, indeed!  Same for me -- CapsLock light doesn't work but NumLock and ScrollLock ones do.  Both on an USB and a PS2 keyboard.  An interesting regression... --- //[[user:KiloByte]] 2011-08-19 21:27// 
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