Status light colors

Name Make Status Light colors depending on the type of effect
Summary Have the status light use color to indicate the type of effect (i.e. magic, physical etc.), and what can cure it.
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Actually, some indication of the types of things that cancellation will cancel would be nice, and that got me thinking, maybe the colors of the status lights should be unified so that the color indicates the *type* of status, blue for magical effects (Which can be cancelled) red for physical effects (which can be cured) white for permanent effects. Perhaps cyan for god-induced effects (Which can neither be cancelled nor cured) and green for “Other” (Like transmutations)?

Some Spoileryness avoided

Right now, other than through trial and error, it's really impossible to know which status's will be cured by what.

Categorizing Status effects gives players predictable rules

Giving people something they can expect 'Oh that's a blue effect, That's “magic” and can cured with cancellation and resisted with magic resistance', 'Oh red is a “physical” effect it can be cured with a potion of curing' gives us a cleaner and more predictable interface.

Some things use status light colors to convey information already

But it's inconsistent, Some effects get darker when they are starting to wear off, some don't. Some change colors to indicate “severity” (I.e. Poison and contamination) I don't think that's a huge sacrifice.

I'd rather see duration/severity indicated in a consistent way anyway (Say by a series of +'s on the end of the status light or something)


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