Postmortem Enhancements

Name dcss:brainstorm:interface: postmortem
Summary When the character dies, provide an option to continue in wizard mode in order to wrap up loose ends.
Added by hpp3
Added on 2012-02-15 02:54

After the character dies, there is a rudimentary identification of all items in the character's inventory. This serves to provide the player with information after the fact and closure, but this often does not go far enough. Often, I would like more interaction with the world after I die. Mere identification is not enough in these cases:

  • I run past a nice looking weapon while being chased by enemies, only to die before having a chance to examine the item.
  • I am curious about the weapon that my killer was using, or what armor he was wearing.
  • I found an artifact/rare item, but didn't have a means of identify. It wasn't directly useful, so I left it in a stash, and then I died.

A simple solution is to allow the user to enter wizard mode after character death. The original game is terminated and the score is saved. The user then sees a prompt asking whether or not s/he wishes to continue in wizard mode, which is not scored. Flavour: Ghost is not ready to leave this world, lingers after death tying up loose ends.

All of this information is already available in the morgue. — KiloByte 2012-02-15 03:00
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