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Summary Crawl has too many options and a lot of them are too technical. Let's try to simplify that. The goal is to have sane defaults, smart behaviour and meet everyone's needs.
Added by galehar
Added on 2010-12-23 23:37

.rc file

* Add an abilities_slot similar to the spell_slot which allows us to set key bindings for abilities like we can will spells.

Please add an option which forbid player to open door while autoexploring.Because sometimes “As you open the door, it creaks loudly!”

Please add an option which stop when a summoned ally disappears while autoexploring.


There is 4 options to define the layout: view_max_width, view_max_height, msg_min_height and msg_max_height. If you have a big window and don't set those options, you end up with tiny areas separated by big empty spaces. I already fixed that in tiles, but it's much more complicated than necessary:

view_max_height: In tiles, this value is used to set when space starts to be affected to the message area instead of the viewport. When the message area reaches msg_max_height, the remaining space goes to the viewport.

I propose the following behaviour:

  • Gives viewport and message area their mimimun size (17 cells for viewport and 6 lines for message).
    • if the player has set the msg_height option, then increase the message area up to msg_height (or available space).
    • else, first increase the viewport to 19 (LOS+1), then the message area to a sane default (9).
      • Napkin suggested that the message area need more space in tiles because it shows descriptions, but I find most descriptions to fit in 9 lines.
  • Now, use all the remaining space for the viewport.

We don't need any option for the viewport horizontal size. The stat area is static, so we just use all the remaining space. — galehar 2010-12-23 23:37


Replace show_inventory_weights by an in-game toggle command (maybe ctrl+w), to be used within inventory, pickup and drop lists. State is saved during games. It defaults to on when at or near burdened.

That would be quite a regression. An obscure command no one knows about to reveal important information that new players need the most. The likes of us know by heart that wands weight 10, decks 5, GDAs 110 but even us can't list the weight of any obscure item. How heavy is a great spiked club?
What about just having the weights always on? Having them hide or appear out of apparently random would be even worse. — KiloByte 2010-12-24 10:56
I don't think so. For a (very) new player, the weights just don't matter. The difference between looking at an inventory without N additional numbers and with is considerable, so I'd like to spare them that. On the other hand, the proposal is to show weights automatically when it does matter : near or at burdened. This way players will see the weights as soon as it matters, but not before.
The command need not be obscure, as we now have a pickup/drop help ('d_' or 'g_').
How is a manual toggle better than a one-time setting? Deaths often come in rapid succession, and needing to flick a switch at the start of every game over and over would add to the frustration. — OG17 2010-12-28 06:15
I also think weights are important. It's quite inconvenient that weights are currently not shown in the i)nventory menu in Tiles, unless you do a right-click on items. — Napkin 2010-12-29 23:16
Weights are important. I've pushed some changes which made weights matter more. The question is if weights should be shown all the time, by default. And here I think no. So we might just leave this option. However, I feel it'd be better if weights are shown automatically when it matters. Of course, we could have this (plus the toggle) and keep the option. It should still be an improvement. — dpeg 2010-12-30 00:52

Removing options from Crawl: dpeg's ideas

I have started several attempts to clean up options. Here are my proposals — dpeg 2010-12-24 00:39

  • easy_butcher Gone.
  • ood_interesting, rare_interesting, note_hp_percent — we should just come up with good defaults and leave it at that.
  • drop_mode is not used much, I'd reckon. Also, we have a toggle already (@ when dropping). The state could be saved during games.
  • default_autopickup, as above. How many players are using the non-default? There is the Ctrl-A toggle, after all.
  • drop_filter, is this really used? It suffers from the fact that the list is static. For most purposes, dropping with regular expressions seems better.
  • colour_map Gone.
  • auto_list
  • dump_kill_places, dump_item_origins, dump_item_origin_price: Sane defaults and kill the options.
  • verbose_monster_pane Gone.
  • easy_quit_item_prompts, this might be the most controversial one of my list. — I use this (set to false). It's important to page through my inventory or pickup menu without leaving it. Especially often I press cursor-down to make sure I'm at the end of the inventory. Napkin 2010-12-29 23:09 – I'm with Napking — KiloByte 2010-12-29 23:32

Removing options from Crawl: jpeg's ideas

I also want a list! Aside from the above, other candidates might be…

  • pickup_dropped Gone.
  • pickup_thrown
  • default_target (with default_unshifted_dirs working as if default_target was false)
  • show_beam Gone (keeping the internal toggle).
  • list_rotten Gone.
  • classic_hud Gone.
  • menu_colour_prefix_class Gone.
  • tile_show_minihealthbar
  • tile_show_minimagicbar
  • classic_item_colours Gone.

I'm aware that some of these are probably extremely contentious, but I'm mostly trying to fish for those options that are not.

I only play with the defaults, so all those can go (from my personal point of view). But I'd think that at least some of those options are in serious use. (classic_foo does not count as serious use, however :) — dpeg 2010-12-30 01:00

Removing options from Crawl: kilobyte's ideas

  • stash_filter Gone.
  • detected_monster_colour – redundant with mon_glyph sensed monster : ultraviolet ☼
  • detected_item_colour – redundant with feature item_detected : infrared ∆
  • remembered_monster_colour
  • assign_item_slot
  • travel_avoid_terrain
I support all of them. For detected monsters/items, we should provide example lines. — dpeg 2010-12-30 00:57


dump_message_count now defaults to 7. Please increase that default to 30. This is so that offline players who died to a hydra or a large set of monsters will be able to see exactly how they died by looking at the dump. — vimpulse 2011-02-27 21:00

Show_inventory_weights should enable icons without requiring tile_menu_icons to be set

In Tiles, show_inventory_weights doesn't work unless you turn tile_menu_icons on. For as long as this remains so, it would be more intuitive if enabling show_inventory_weights would automatically disable menu icons on the inventory, pickup, and drop menus, instead of requiring the user to realize they must set tile_menu_icons. :) — vimpulse 2011-02-27 21:00

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