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  • If you're new (and didn't save a tutorial), the cursor will be on the tutorial. “New” could mean:
    • no games yet
    • no games yet or only tutorials so far
    • never reached D:3
    • etc.
  • Also, I think “instructions” is misnamed. Makes me think of instructions for how to handle the current page rather than the game as a whole. I'm not entirely sure how many people actually browse the manual from in-game, but that's what it's actually about, right? So I'd out and call it, “Dungeon Crawl Manual” or “Guidebook and FAQ”, and replace the help line with “Help files and licence”. — jpeg 2010-03-09 09:26
  • Note that in the future, we also a choice Options in the list.
  • The Arena needs some way to specify input date (factions, terrain, other parameters). The UP team does not have to deal with this; for a start, these can be randomly assigned (I will come up with something).
  • The list of saves should use ”…” at the bottom if there are too many to fit the screen. With 24 lines and the above example, 6 saves could be shown; for 7 and more, only the top 5 would be shown, the 6th line used to indicate ”…”. If you scroll in the saves, there should be ”…” at the top and at the bottom, if needed. One could come up with more elaborate handling of saves, but I think that suffices.

jpeg 2010-03-08 14:07: We'll need to deal with truncating character descriptions, possibly by first truncating the species/background abbreviations (first background, and if that's not enough also species), then abbreviating game (Cr, Spr, Tut), and finally truncating character name. Consider the following reasonable example that, albeit with a very short name, already extends past the screen limits:

Saved games:    Bongo, a level 13 Kobold Summoner of Sif Muna [Crawl]
                Django, a level 6 Troll Hunter of Fedhas Madas [Sprint]
                x, a level 2 Mountain Dwarf Earth Elementalist of The Shining One [Sprint] 

Good point. Another version is to only use [name][level][species][version] for the main screen (not showing background and god), and to list [background][god][place][runes] in the last line. — dpeg 2010-03-08 14:33
That's a good point. No reason not to use the last line for save games, as well. I'd love a mention of the current place (D:7, Abyss, Zig:12) and maybe also current afflictions (Sick, Starving, Rot), i.e. not Fly/Lev/Tele. Something like the story-like, “This is where we last left our hero.” :)
Also, I would like to keep the immediately visible designation of wizard mode (WIZ) in the main screen, but that's not likely to come up often, so can be appended if it fits. I agree that listing the background is not really necessary (though it tends to be more important in the early game, esp. the tutorial), but if we can fit it, the god should be listed. In my opinion, the best solution is to keep the current full description whereever it is possible and only drop background and god as necessary.

Improved Layout

The current ordering of choices in the main menu is a bit unintuitive. It seems to me that it would be better to divide it into three sections: one for regular game modes, one for player assistance, and one for things that don't fit into the first two categories. My mockup of it can be found here. — Nobody 2010-09-13 02:23

High scores

There should be an entry to view the high score table. As of now, the only way to see them is to start a game and quit it. There are high score tables for each type of game, so we could either:

  • Have a high score entry in the welcome screen, which brings a second menu where you select the game type (normal, tutorial, sprint,…)
  • The high score entry directly shows you the normal game high scores, and then there are keys to switch game type
  • First select the game type, and in the character selection screen, add a key to bring the high scores.

galehar 2010-09-13 10:44

It would be nice to be able to see your own scores rather than just the top of the scoreboard (when playing via ssh). Additionally a historic record of your scores would be useful both online and offline and could be used to present some stats on the starting screen (personal high score, average score, favoured race/class etc)

slutbag 2011-07-13 25:55

Character Name Clarification

I'm sure it must be painfully obvious to most people, but I think the method of changing the character name could be made more obvious. It currently says that you can change it, but it doesn't mention how. I only figured it out accidentally. Could there be a cursor for the name line, or maybe clearer instructions that you can just type to change the name?

EDIT: Okay, upon reexamining the main menu, I see that it says you can type your name. My problem was that I was trying to move the cursor onto the name box without success. –Qwazzerman 2011-06-26 7:52

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