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Summary Discussion of enhancements related to dumping and the content of character dumps.
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Added by vimpulse
Added on 2014-09-24 23:10

Show shopping lists in .txt files

Character dump ”.txt” files should include the contents of the shopping list. Including morgue ”.txt” files, so that you can find out what that 3000-gp artifact crystal plate armour was. But not ”.lst” files: people don't tend to look at those.

Show the URL of the dump file

When playing WebTiles, if you press the '#' key, WebTiles shows you the URL of the dump file. But, when playing via dgamelaunch, this is not so. Please show the dump file URL in dgamelaunch too.

Dumps should include screenshots of the entire screen, including the status area

Dumps should include a screenshot of the entire screen, including the status area. In console mode, this is easy. Though, in tiles mode, perhaps Crawl would need to save a graphical screenshot instead of being able to save a text-based screenshot.

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