New Xom Effect Ideas

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  • If an idea is implemented or rejected, please strike through rather than deleting it and add a comment saying which of the two is the case.
  • If you want to support some particular idea, please make a signed comment at the end of the relevant section (e.g. at the end of Items). Once there is some feedback, we may highlight particularly interesting ideas. Some of the ideas here might also make interesting mutations; please add ideas for these together with the other comments. I, dpeg, have taken the liberty to highlight a few highlights. This is subjective, feel free to discuss in the comments.

TODO: The listed lists make commenting easy (“I like x and y but dislike z”) but reordering ideas impossible without disrupting said comments. Commenting on each idea individually wouldn't have that problem but will quickly make things difficult to read.

General comments

Most content from 2002067, see also 1828010, 2532348, 2690955. There is also 2836619 but I didn't use any of that.

Xom is much more interesting since we got zooko's patch for 0.5 and zelgadis applied many more changes. However, there are many ideas how to improve the god further. Xom is about randomness, but there are still general principles for Xom effects:

  • Weirdness and fun. Playing with the environment is generally weird (think of the moving staircases).
  • Strategically relevant is okay (think vitrification).
  • “Good” effects can sometimes have negative side effects, and vice versa (though more rarely).
  • Xom used to be defined by the mutations, i.e. the list of dozens mutations obtained late in the game was the reason why players went with the god. This is no longer the case! Now, Xom is mostly about effects relevant to the character's situation (using tension) and less about strategical effects (i.e. gifts of items or monsters and also mutations).
  • Flavour only is okay, but shouldn't be intrusive (this is why the trailing smoke has to be harmless, not affecting autotravel; the acidrobin is fun, but already edgy).
  • In general, visual effects (on the main map) are more interesting than message-based effects.
  • Be careful about avoiding grind: if weapons are potentially hostile, this could lead players to collect weapons and dump in closets. I think that restricting such effects to interesting situations (tension) should work in many cases.
  • Avoid overly silly ones (no politics, no ##crawl, no change of player name). Avoid game breaking ones (changing species, or god).

Writing a patch

If you're interested in writing a patch, please check out the comments below the suggestions before deciding which ideas to implement. If you want to be on the safe side only implement suggestions that have been approved by one of the developers.

The formula for picking Xom effects is somewhat convoluted and one day should be replaced by something more manageable. There are five basic factors that influence the likelihood of a given event:

  1. mood, whether Xom is in a good (piety > 100) or bad mood (piety < 100), the former favouring positive events, the latter negative ones
  2. interest, whether Xom is bored or not (it's an integer counting down to 0); if bored, Xom will only act out against you
  3. sever, the distance of Xom's current mood (ranging from 0 to 200) to the balanced state (100)
  4. tension, an estimation of the danger level of the monsters within line of sight weighted against player health and allies
  5. experience level, some (negative) effects have an xl threshold

In addition, many events have certain conditions that must be met for the event to make sense, e.g. some events require that one of the monsters in los wield a weapon, others only happen if there are certain dungeon features in sight, or if you haven't explored the level. Rather than try to calculate the odds of a certain event taking place (good luck!) you should use the wizmode command ”& Ctrl-X” to get Xom effect statistics for a given situation (including, but not limited to the above five factors). If you run these tests for characters not worshipping Xom, the game will assume Xom to be bored and only negative effects take place.

When deciding on the probability for new effects to be added into xom_is_good() and xom_is_bad(), respectively, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Any effect boosting the player's combat abilities should only happen if there are monsters around (tension > 0).
  • The above does not apply if the effect involves a visual effect that could be considered cool even if just travelling (transformations, ring of flame).
  • Any effect that is mostly “annoying” without any real danger (fumble to drop weapon, confusion) should be restricted to mid- or high-tension situations so as to have a gameplay effect.
  • Effects that only happen under certain rare conditions should be more common than those that, once chosen, will always take place.
  • Effects that influence the game for a long time (banishment, losing equipment) should be really rare.
  • Likewise for permanent good effects (god gifts!)

If you are interested in coding something Xom-related and/or have any questions, contact jpeg.

Xom effects

Features, clouds, levels

  1. Create multi-coloured cloud of smoke around player, breaking LOS (tension).
  2. Turn granite statues into hostiles one, or vice versa.
  3. Disintegrate Beogh idols, player takes the blame.
  4. Create an altar to Xom in LOS (“playground”). Rare: create four Xom altars next to the player (always on floor only). Really rare (about 1 in 100 Xom wins): make all floor in LOS into Xom altars.
    • The former is new in 0.6; I've tried the latter but it looks really stupid and more orderly than chaotic. — jpeg 2010-01-23 22:51
  5. Turn existing stair into 'spiral staircase', leading to somewhere else.
  6. Changing features I: opening/closing doors, changing fountain type, spilling water/blood from fountains. Destroying non-living statues.
    • Fountains and doors have been implemented. I didn't deem destroying granite statues interesting enough. Animating them would be, but is also very harsh and requires more thinking. (Maybe do it temporarily?) — jpeg 2010-01-23 22:56
  7. Changing features II: recolour walls/floor, either randomly or to another (branch) theme; flood rooms with shallow water; add fog generators.
  8. Trail of harmless smoke (does not affect autotravel, zero tension).
  9. Labyrinths: much better chance for dungeon effects as vitrification, lab changes, floor/wall recolouring.
  10. Acid trip (a la acidrobin), tension only, short duration, really rare.
  11. Chaos clouds: Chaos spawns leave behind chaos clouds (upon death or disappearing). Specifics for the clouds: high spread rate, random colouring. All beings inside a chaos cloud suffer a random wand effect (20%) or a weird chaos effect (5%), e.g. cloning, polymorph or turn into random destructive beam firing in a random direction (10%) or turns into an altar of Xom (1%) or turns into a floor of a random colour (5%). (So 59% chance of nothing happens, which might be still too low.)
  12. Whenever Xom throws you into the Abyss then there should be a (piety+100)/1000 chance that after a more() he says “Just kidding” and puts you back where you started.
    • New in 0.6, though I used a different formula and speech. — jpeg 2010-01-23 22:56
  13. Noise upon entering a level for the first time. “Boo!”
  14. Announced stealth boost upon entering a level for the first time.
  15. Beams: Make beams bounce when they normally wouldn't (friendly and hostile beams). Sometimes change the flavor of the bounced beam (i.e., turn from lightning to draining after bouncing off the wall). Sometimes treat any beam as if it was additionally disintegration, i.e. destroy one tile of rock wall.
  16. Any successful hit (of any sort) on the player will (or has a chance to) create a very short-lived cloud which does not break LOS. Amount should be relative to damage taken. Colour is random, but fixed once the effect is applied to the player. (Could also be a mutation.)
  17. Abyss exit portals should sometimes move (both away from and towards the player), just like stairs can under tension.
  18. Creates several teleport traps around the player. Copy the effect of Warpwright card several times.
  19. When tension is high, Xom screams and casts evaporate (water potion) on the player “just to blow off steam”.
  20. When player sees a portal Xom creates another portal (Trowel card, power 2) so that you have to choose one or rush in one to catch the other before it closes. (With the 0.12 portal limit, would the permently sacrifice a portal?) — Nivim 2013-08-15 07:58
  21. Xom will Vitrify opaque walls, but why wont he Opacify vitreous walls? “Colour spreads through the walls like ink through water.” “Oh, you (don't need to|really shouldn't) see that.”


  • I like 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17. No real dislikes, although 2, 5, 10 could be problematic. — dpeg 2009-12-07 06:36
  • Seconding on 1, 6, 7, 8, 14, and 17 (tension not required). For 9, I think somewhat more likely is good, but still fairly rare (wouldn't want to see it happen every 2nd or 3rd labyrinth). 12 seems good, but it should be really rare, not a ~1/5 chance as proposed; I think for best effect you do go to the abyss, but then he says just kidding and warps you back after you take 1-2 steps. I like one aspect of 15 - beams could rarely destroy a wall segment if their range would've been long enough to keep going into the wall; medium-high tension only to prevent abuse. I think 5 could work okay too – it would sort of work like a shaft; say you go up a stairway and then are instead take to a different down stairway 0-3 levels away (0 is fine since there are 2 other stair choices) - this could cross branches and go to unexplored floors, and would be a neutral low tension act. 13 could instead apply to sneaking up (within 3 spaces?) on sleeping/wandering monster, and would be a medium+ tension bad act (I don't really like it for entering a level). I dislike 4, 10 and 11; the others are so-so. — twinge 2010-01-23 21:13


  1. Provide living items (bread rations fighting you etc.) Unlike mimics, the object should not disappear upon death. There are several sources for fighting items: Gifts. Items you were about to pick up. Random items from your inventory. Addition: (good Xom effect) A mimic you just fought turns into that item upon death.
  2. Take a stack of meat chunks from the player's pack and turn it back into the monster it came from, fully equipped. If it's a good act the monster is friendly, if a bad act hostile.
  3. When you use a wand of random effects, add (good act) or subtract (bad act) a random amount of charges.
  4. Xom comments on loss of items: when you hear the jelly slurp or see someone fall into water/lava: Oh, what a pity!, That sure would have been useful!, Yummy, yummy artefact!, Um, did you want to keep this?, <player name>, something's eating all your valuables!.
  5. Animate dragon armours, troll hides, animal skins.
  6. For items on the ground, add useless items of the same type. (No message)
  7. Animate all weapons in sight (tension only): either all neutral, or half allied and half hostile.
  8. Turns a mundane item in inventory into an artefact, called “Xom's dagger” etc.
  9. Animate harmless items in inventory (e.g. food rations, spellbooks) into new monsters “animated item”, so they trail after you as you move.
  10. Xom shouts, “Out of the sack, Cudgel!” If the player has a mace/flail or quarterstaff in inventory, animate said weapon (friendly if good act, requiring tension; hostile if bad), else fails.
  11. Weapon shuffle: if there are several humanoid enemies in view, Xom makes them randomly exchange weapons. That nice great sword of slicing ? In centaur's hands. You take the bow. Gnoll gets the sling, imp the halberd. A less deadly and more sane version of Tukima's Dance. There are several points of caution, though: (1) if summoned creatures get “real” weapons, they drop them on unsummon. (2) the humanoid should be able to equip the weapon. Take shields into account (or swap them as well). No holy weapons for undead. No giant spiked club for spriggan.
    • This is in, and causes no end of problems. Extra bonus for having this trigger near a salamander, a merfolk if you're non-Mf/Op or a flyer near lava (although in the two latter cases it's possible to lure them over land). — KiloByte 2012-05-05 19:26
  12. Create a high quality item surrounded by translucent rock.
  13. If the player is starving create a royal jelly surrounded by translucent rock.
    • This is called an “annoyance gift”, and has been recently removed. — KiloByte 2012-05-05 19:26
    • A possible alternative would be that he creates a mutagenic chunk — Andorxor 2013-08-16 10:30
      • Mutagenic chunks do not grant nutrition. The closest you could get is granting a bad/mutation potion, perhaps a stack, weighted towards unIDed.
  14. Change the color and bonuses of the weapon just like in the mace of variability.
  15. Make “Xom showers you with gifts” actually mean Xom showers you with gifts. Ideally with at least two monsters around, this would hit a bunch of random squares in LOS with less-than-normal gifts, damaging creatures like the item was thrown (hard). Alternate messages; “Xom showers everyone with gifts!”, “Xom breaks open a massive chest!”, “Xom unloads a cart of junk.”, “You momentarily see a brightly colored likeness of a(n) (animal shape) appear overhead, then it bursts!”.


  • I really like 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. — dpeg 2009-12-07 06:36
  • I would like Xom giving you more gifts, but like the first point here. He could say something like “Fight for your weapon.” — noxn 2010-01-23 18:39
  • I like 1 (all parts - and like the idea of some - probably better on average - gifts being given in a 'fight for it' fashion;), 2 (but I'd rather it be unequipped; maybe also start injured if you had less than say 1/2 their average chunks available; wouldn't happen when very hungry or worse unless bored/penance), 7 (both options of neutral or half&half should be possible), and 9. I'm not sure what is actually meant by 6. We should avoid any options that encourage you to pointlessly carry around extra weapons you normally wouldn't. — twinge 2010-01-23 21:13
  • The last part of 1 sounds overpowered and farmable; mimics turn into a new item every time you let them teleport away, and some of those items are very good. — Brickman 2011-02-08 16:37


  1. Upon killing a monster, immediately send in another one of the same type.
  2. Allies: Make an ally (permanently) hostile (bad act). Make a hostile monster (permanently) peaceful (good act). Can use all of friendly, enslaves, neutral and strictly neutral for the latter.
  3. Mini xom ghost: Xom brings in another one of his “toys”, a Xom-worshiping adventurer, to fight the player. The adventurer is well equipped (good armour and weapon, potions, scrolls and wand) and the player can get that equipment upon the adventurer's defeat.
  4. Turn monsters into their skeleton/zombie versions, and vice versa (if several monsters of the same type around, do all of them at once).
  5. Have an adjacent monster not follow stairs.
  6. Xom adds magical contamination to a monster (a hostile monster as a good act, a friendly monster as a bad act). This adds an enchantment which has the same effect as backlight/Corona while active (due to it glowing with magical contamination), and when it times out causes an explosion of magical energy like when the player is glowing with magical contamination, polymorphing the monster afterwards if it survives similar to the player mutating after the magical explosion). When the player sees this Xom act happen s/he has a short amount of time to try to get away from the monster so as to be out of range of the ensuing explosion.
  7. Summon a bunch of boring beetles around you, then give a fear effect (low tension).
  8. Turn a fleeing monster into a boring beetle.
  9. Xom can turn food into monster, and monster to food.
  10. Snakes to sticks. Done — cryptic 2010-01-27 17:30
  11. Raise all corpses (tension only), permanently confused.
  12. Summon allied uniques (tension only).
  13. Upgrade all monsters in sight, including player and allies. For monsters, use better monster of the same genus.
  14. “Xom has organized a playdate!” (good act, requires tension). Summons a friendly (or charmed) monster of the same type as your species. If the player is transformed at the time, the monster type depends on the transformation. Has no effect on e.g. untransformed Halflings or Kenku.
  15. Mushroom/fungus rings out of nowhere.
  16. “Xom plants a tree.” (bad act, no tension). Places an oklob plant or a bush or a tree feature etc. at the edge of your vision.
  17. Xom holds a tea party: A sanctuary-like effect like Zin's is cast centered on the player. No player or monster can leave this sanctuary. Monster and noisy weapon speech is tripled in frequency, selected from the friendy dialogues. Everybody gains nutrition. Sanctuary wears off in five turns and everyone returns to killing each other. (High tension, lots of monsters in LOS.)
  18. “Xom has organized a party!” A conga line of every monster on the level comes into view.
  19. “You look lonely mortal” A friendly banana mimic apears next to you.
  20. “I have choosen a suitable partner for you” Depending on your level a friendly centaur / dwarf / elf / demospawn / draconian / etc apears next to you. If possible use the same script that Beogh uses and give the monster a name.


  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 17, 18 are really good, in my opinion. — dpeg 2009-12-07 06:36
  • I like 4, 5, 6 (I wouldn't make the explosion affect the player much if at all though), 7, 8, 10, and 17. Snakes to sticks should only happen if there are at least 2 snakes on screen - rarely, as a bad act, those new sticks could be hostile dancing weapons. Otherwise random arrows, clubs, quaertstaff, spear, etc. - maybe even have brands possible (but not randarts?) — twinge 2010-01-23 21:13


  1. Xom comes more into play when mutations are added/removed by other sources than him:
    • The shining eye gazes at you!You grow a small pair of horns.What a graceless touch! BEGONE!The power of Xom touches you!Your horns recede.
    • Or if you drink a potion of Cure Mutation and it tries to take away one of the changes Xom made: Your horns recede.What, not good enough?!You grow a small pair of horns.Xom finds this hilarious.Your horns grow further.
    • So, he'd emphasize that you're his plaything a bit more. But of course,neither should be guaranteed, and they should probably work to the reverse side occasionally, like: The shining eye gazes at you!You grow a small pair of horns.A true master at work!The power of Xom touches you!Your horns grow further.
  2. Wearing an amulet of resist mutation causes Xom to grow bored quicker (you.gift_timeout decays quicker).
  3. A mutation being cured or successfully resisted makes Xom more bored (but not a mutation being un-mutated).
  4. If a mutation was successfully resisted Xom can force it to go through. Also: If a mutation was successfully resisted Xom can force it through and add a second one.
  5. “Protects” you from getting the mutation resistance mutation, or “cures” you of it if you had it before converting. For extra annoyance, allow the player to get the mutation and its gain message, then immediately undo it.
  6. Wearing/wielding an artefact which is known to emit mutanagenic energy slows down or stops the rate at which Xom grows bored.
  7. If a monster successfully mutates the player there's a chance of Xom rewarding it, via healing/hasting/etc.
  8. If a monster's mutation attempt fails there's a chance that Xom will hurt it in a fit of pique.


  • All of them (1–8) seem okay. — dpeg 2009-12-07 06:36
  • All except #3 seem fine; Xom is no longer so focused on mutations, and resisting them shouldn't automatically make him less interested.


  1. Apply all effects to former toys (this is already done, I guess — I just never abandoned Xom).
  2. Xom titles should sometimes be completely random, a la Shimmering shrew or Unfastened diamond.
  3. Taunting a random god (ideally as a theme, so several times, potentially over some time).
  4. Life saving: resurrect someone killed to full health (also for allies and the player).
  5. Xom teaches you a random spell (good act, zero tension). Said spell should be stored to be removed at a later point. Depends on the player having free spell slots.
  6. Xom should be allowed to call in favours from Nemelex too. Random card, from all decks (including punishment). Better make it tension only, since most cards work best then (and in any case, are most interesting then!) And if it is the Xom card… Xom should laugh, and draw two more cards.


  • 1–4 for me, — dpeg 2009-12-07 06:36
  • 2 is fine with me, but we'll need someone to provide loads of random titles. (These only refer to the religion screen, right?) — jpeg 2010-01-05 10:05
    • I'd do that, of course. If you give me a xomtitles.txt file which contains following three examples of the types, I'll go crazy at them.
      1. [adjective] [noun]
      2. [single phrase]
      3. [noun] of [noun]
  • 2 is good, and I could provide some data for it (heck, I already have a random sentence generator I've made :P). 3 I don't really like - Xom IS a member of the Temple, and despite his random nature I see him as having enough respect for the other Gods (or even just wanting to keep his Temple status) not to randomly taunt them. I'm pretty indifferent to the rest. — twinge 2010-01-23 21:13

Pending implementation

I was planning the following additions, but never got around to them:

  1. drain magic (division by 2 or reduce by random amount), bad act, requires tension
  2. curse swap (remove some curses from equipped items and add up to the same amount of new ones in replacement), good act, no tension
  3. animate strongest weapon in inventory rather than only wielded one, in case the player doesn't wield anything or an inapplicable item. This should fix the common workaround of players switching to unarmed when travelling.

jpeg 2011-09-24 12:24

Good! But see Items.1 and related ideas. If Xom would animate more than weapons, that would also take care of the workaround. Plus, Xomites would have to fight bananas etc. — dpeg 2010-01-05 09:26
The animation of items is on my agenda as well, but they'd be purely flavourful, trailing after the player and attacking monsters but doing very little damage. The point is that bread rations cannot remotely do as much damage as a measly dagger, which is why I prefer that the strongest weapon would be picked. (Alternatively, we could use a random one but that would invite the player to carry lots of junk weapons.) — jpeg 2010-01-05 10:07
But under sorear's new system daggers are already much weaker than big weapons, causing players to load up on daggers? When it comes to animated items, I'd like both modes: (a) animate item to be friendly and strictly neutral (zero tension, it will follow when (auto)walking and can jump back into inventory) and (b) animate item to be hostile (tension). — dpeg 2010-01-05 22:38
What new system?
Currently, the animate weapon effect can be easily circumvented (and this is propagated on the forums) by travelling unarmed or wielding a weak weapon (say, a negatively enchanted dagger). Someone who doesn't do this is punished twice: the hostile weapon is nastier *and* they temporarily lose their best weapon, which means the workaround becomes optimal, which in turn is harsher on newbies who don't think of doing so. Animating a food ration instead of summoning hostile demons (the current alternative) if the player isn't wielding a weapon isn't an improvement, either. Convinced yet? (Let's take this to email if not.)
Yes, animated non-weapons could be both friendly and hostile, depending on mood, but in both cases I think this effect is more for the fun and randomness of doing so and that they shouldn't be dealing a lot of damage. — jpeg 2010-01-06 13:12
The new dancing weapons!
Have to agree when you say that bread ration can never be a match to a dancing weapon. But it's sad – the bread ration could be berserk :) — dpeg 2010-01-06 22:25

New ideas

Pseudo miscast/message-only effect

  • “An eye appears in the water/on a nearby wall/tree), then disappears again.” (also wink/stare)
  • “The tree(s) is/are creaking ominously.”
  • “The fountain's water floats upward as a ball, then falls back down with a splash.”
  • “The statue winks at you.”
  • “Something pokes you in the back.”
  • “Your hair stands on end!”
  • “A shiver runs across your spine.”
  • “Briefly, your feet appear to be stuck to the (ground).”
  • “You feel like someone is twisting/pinching your nose.”
  • “You feel like someone is pulling your (left/right) ear.”
  • “You hear laughter in the wind.”
  • “Briefly, you are surrounded by/engulfed in colourful sparks.”
  • “For a disconcerting moment, your left and right hands swap places.”
  • “For a moment, your shadow shifts into the form of a (hydra/elephant/rabbit/gargoyle).”
  • “For a moment, your hands appear translucent.”
  • “You smell burning hair.”
  • “You hear a shrill giggle/wild cackle.”
  • “Your shoe laces become undone/are tied together, then return to their normal state.” (if wearing boots)
  • “You hear someone blowing a raspberry.”
  • “Someone knocks/you hear a knock on the (nearby) door.”
  • “You briefly start sinking into the ground, then the ground steadies again.”
  • “For a moment, a/the tree appears to be beckoning to you.”
  • “For a moment, something wriggles under your (hat).”
  • “Your (gloves) briefly contract.”
  • “You hear someone shouting, “YES!””
  • “You hear someone shouting, “NO!””
  • “You feel a sudden urge to clap your hands.”
  • “You twirl on the spot.”
  • “You hear someone clapping/whooping/cheering/singing.”
  • “A sudden itching makes you sneeze.”
  • “Your ears itch.”
  • “You feel like some someone is patting your head/clapping your shoulder.”
  • “You feel your brain beign smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick” (a tributte to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


  1. Scrolls of Random Uselessness could have more effect under Xom - possibly simply forcing a Xom act when read, sometimes. (The act would be like normally triggered, and thus relevant to the current tension/piety.)
    • This sounds great as long as we ward against using it to acquire chaos weapons. — brendan 2010-06-22 23:40
  2. Xom could use your wands randomly on nearby targets(high tension) 'Let me give you a hand' etc. Hasting/Healing would apply to allies (or you) if good act, enemies if bad act - won't heal something unhurt or haste something already hasted. Digging could dig away from monsters (if on one side) to make a theoretical escape route. As always, would not directly kill you, and even as a bad act should be very rare to blast you with something nasty. Heavily weighted towards wand of random effects, if present. Will never use the last charge of a wand unless bored/penance.
  3. Very rarely might convert a nearby clean corpse into a meat ration, possibly even silently sometimes. (Low tension, good act)
  4. “Your [unequipped] foo was really a mimic the whole time!” - appears in a spot around you and gets 1 free attack; low tension (unless bored/penance), bad act.
  5. Xom can steal food from a stack in your inventory (low tension, neutral act) to snack on. He would only steal small food items - e.g. sultanas, etc. and you'd probably need at least 2-3 in your inventory. (Possibly could steal bigger items likes rations if bored/penance).
  6. Magnet: All items within LOS+2 spaces are apported towards you (to your square or adjacent ones). In high tension, fairly high chance of damaging any monsters they pass by (maybe an EV check); In low tension, moderate chance of damaging you if they come into your square (again, probably an EV check). There must be at least 3 items to pull towards you to activate. {This would be rare enough and not enough of a downside to consider closeting items.}
  7. Xom could provide armor/weapon/missile gifts by putting them in the hands of nearby opponents - more than just chaos brands. These would be a little better than his standard gift on average.
  8. Unequipping items/weapons (at low tension), leaving them on the floor. This should mostly be a bad effect, but potentially capable of affecting cursed items too. Not sure whether it would be tedious to put them all back on, though; nor whether it should be just the one item, or the player's entire list of worn objects.
    • Such an effect only makes sense if it happens at high tension; otherwise it's just annoying on the interface, which is something we're trying to avoid. For example, fighting with your weapon could have a very low chance of Xom making you drop it. Still, I don't like this. — jpeg 2010-01-26 00:11
    • jpeg is right. This would be nothing but annoying. — brendan 2010-06-22 23:40
  9. Xom changes all food items into pizza/bananas
  10. (Random Name) needs that more - Xom borrows your weapons or armor and returns it 100-1000 turns later,with added or loosed +.
  11. This weapon/armor belongs to (Random Name).Please be careful with it,i must return it later - Xom gives you weapon/armor,but takes it 100-1000 turns later back.
  12. Xom goes shopping: Xom takes some of your gold (capped at a given percentage) and buys a random item out of a shop you've already seen. The message mentions the item bought. There's a high chance you'll get the item at some point within the next 5000 or so turns. Of course, the bought item could be completely useless.
  13. Xom gifts you an artefact that is completely identical (down to the name) to one you already have (not necessarily equipped). Could be good effect if this clones a good ring, so rings should be less likely.
  14. Xom's gifted artefacts are more likely to include bad properties, e.g. mutation, hunger, !CAST, *tele, substantial stat reduction (with high reduction more likely than low ones)
  15. “Right next to you, a large rock drops from above.” (tension effect, doing damage)
  16. If you are an orc Xom gives you a club of orc slaying, if you are a draconian Xom gives you a spear of dragon slaying. Neither will have a big effect in the long term (low level weapons) and will make the player feel suicidal tendencies.
  17. Xom turns you into a (item class) magnet. Items of that class that reach the border of your LOS move with you.
  18. Gift: artifact spell book entitled “Xom's Collection of Actually Useful Spells.” It will contain the (up to) 5 spells you've cast most during the course of your game so far.


  1. Flavour only: sometimes change monster shout/speech messages. Examples shout messages:
    • The goblin farts in your general direction.
    • The yak yodels.
    • The rat swivels its eye-stalks in your direction.
    • The orc clucks like a chicken.
    • The vault guard shouts “EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE ALL AD-VEN-TUR-ERS!”
  2. Similarly, sometimes change the monster casting messages:
    • The orc wizard casts a spell. → The orc wizard dances a little jig.
  3. Flavour only: an “act” which gives an adjective-name to a monster.
    • “A bucket of plaid paint appears from nowhere and falls onto the rat.” “The plaid rat bites you.”
  4. Mild amusement from luring monsters into traps.
  5. “Xom slaps you with a trout.”/“A fish lands on you from the above.”/“A ballistic fish smacks into you.”
    • You lose a tiny bit of hp and a harmless fish appears next to you – it will flop around and die if on land (naturally), or live but do nothing if you happen to be in/next to water.
  6. a brief silence effect centered on a spellcasting monster (good effect)
  7. Xom's summon may include an eldritch tentacle
  8. Xom equips a monster with a meat ration (if possible put a curse like effect on the monster so that he cannot drop the meat).
  • Personally, I don't like any of 1-3. 1-2 would require code for little gain, and 3 doesn't work well with tiles. 4 is a good idea, though I'd generalize it to a chance of amusement whenever a monster is hurt by a trap. — jpeg 2010-01-23 23:07
  • >Sure, any trap would probably be a lot easier to implement for similar effect, so that seems fine. — twinge 2010-01-25 23:18


  1. Xom's lifesaving comes in the form of reincarnation, a permanent change of form.
    • Gain full health/MP and a permanent, uncancellable spider/lich/etc. form.
  2. Xom's form alterations in general should not be cancel-able by the player.
  3. Corona on everything in view, including the player.
    • “Shiny things make everything better. Don't you agree?” / “Hurry up and hit each other already!” / “Let your inner ugliness shine through, everyone!”
  4. A buff only occuring with no monsters in view (say, a temporary Str/Int/Dex bonus, invisibility, confusing touch, etc), that expires as soon as a monster comes into view. (Ideally, the fact that it happens as an annoyance shouldn't be obvious.)
    • You feel Xom's courage alight upon your shoulders. / “This is for you. Don't waste it…” / “Up ahead, you'll need this!”
  5. low chance of Xom causing a mislead effect
  6. Xom fully heals you, gives you an agility buff, makes you go berserk and then confuses you.
  7. Xom puts traps around the player (minefield, power level 2) and then confuses everyone in the line of sight (including the player).


  1. Xom should sometimes add titles like General Xom, Xom the magnificent, Xom Conqueror of the beans… to his name, when someone opens the ^ screen
  2. Xom could use the names of previous characters that had him as god in his comments,like “Norman the Barbarian slayed rats more elegant than you”,”Bing would have never been this stupid”, “Amber was boring.Don't make the same error.”
    • ”[player name] is it? You all seem to be named [player name].” (only for names that have been used before)
  3. “You open the door. The door slams shut in your face. You hear Xom stifling a chuckle.”
  4. Trains you in some random skill (never the skill(s) you're highest in) “Xom thinks you need an education.” etc.
    • low tension, decent chunk of exp. in pool - would use some of your pooled exp and provide some additional (possibly depending on piety).
  5. Big temporary boost to random skill, Okawaru Hero style. Higher boosts in more useless skills (23 Traps & Doors, yeah! 20 Air magic when you have no air spells memorized. 27 invocations…)
  6. In some high-tension situations, he may rescue you from getting abyssed by monsters if he is sufficiently amused/interested in the current encounter.
    • Or he might abyss both of you, and turn the monster into an exit portal when you kill it. For extra meanness, he could give permanent fear status to the monster, for a wild chase through the abyss.
  7. Xom's penance timeout should be lower than it currently is. He will eventually get bored of punishing you and would rather go watch over some other follower instead.
  8. Doing the same action again and again and again rapidly. Ideally, only for the minor effects (trivially good or trivially bad), and only for ones with an instant and relatively non-spammy effect. Things like repeatedly granting pointless gifts, repeatedly recolouring the dungeon, repeated blinking, that sort of thing. (Definitely not repeated mutations, unless you want the players to lynch you.
    • >This sounds annoying on first blush, but I actually rather like it. 3-5 gifts all in a row, maybe 0-2 turns in between each gift, would be ridiculous and Xom would surely find it funny. Should obviously only happen with a limited number of effect types, and pretty rarely, but would be a fun one I think. — twinge 2010-01-25 23:18
  9. Explosions in unoccupied squares that don't hit anything. Just there for the visual effect, not with any real gameplay effect. (Perhaps Xom could make random useless items, on the level of clubs or skeletons explode when they get far enough from the player that the player won't get hit.)
    • A variation: casting Bone Shards on every skeleton in sight (possibly directed towards hostiles at high tension as a good effect, the player at low tension as a bad effect if it wouldn't be fatal). Someone has to, after all.
  10. Creating corners (as a jibe to the people in ##crawl who complain about a lack of them). This would be particularly hilarious in an open area, where it would presumably create a very short corridor with a corner in. This would likely be a good effect, and maybe even useful at high tension.
  11. Projected noise, at a random location.
  12. IDing a random item; this should be done when the player has many types of un-IDed items, and not specify which one he's IDing (no change to inventory). Typical messages would be things like “By the way, that potion is a potion of healing”, without specifying which potion and when the player has 5 un-IDed potions (and hasn't picked one up recently, to avoid fake ID info).
    • I don't understand this. How can you identify something without the player noticing, and if so, what's the point? — jpeg 2010-01-26 00:11
    • Thematically, it doesn't make sense: I would definitively not trust Xom to tell the truth about my potions. — vintermann 2011-02-08 11:59
  13. Xom involuntarily passwalls you through a wall you're standing next to.
    • That sounds cute. Debatable on whether it'd be a good or bad act, though. “Xom pushes you through a wall!” — jpeg 2010-01-26 00:11
  14. When using a downward escape hatch, Xom very rarely might turn it into a shaft.
  15. He might decide to clone you (player ghost copy); this would be friendly and temporary under high tension, neutral or hostile under no tension.
  16. Like the other gods, he should have greeting text for when you resume the game; it should be random, of course. Sometimes it might just be a random collection of words (Xom shouts “plaid poisonous sultanas”!), sometimes taken from a pre-written list of Xom greetings (Xom brightens at your return.), perhaps a small chance of being an alteration of an existing greeting (Xom whispers: I know many secrets…). — dtsund 2010-09-10 03:15
    • A good idea! Upload a bunch of speech and we will use it! (Check Crazy Yiuf speech for how to get those weird random sentences.) — dpeg 2010-09-10 13:46
  17. Rarely (possibly very rarely), Xom might demand, temporarily, a certain behavior or conduct from his followers, such as, as an example, sacrifice of corpses (“Xom demands sacrifice!”) or abstention from drinking potions. After Xom stops demanding this conduct a while later, he might reassign favor based on how well it was followed, with strict obedience rewarded with Teddy Bear status and insubordination punished with Very Special Plaything status. — dtsund 2010-09-10 03:15
  18. Players with breath weapons should occasionally 'sneeze' in tension, shooting a breath weapon in a random direction.
    • I like that, seems more flavourful than the random wand use suggested above. — jpeg 2011-09-24 12:24
  19. major scenery changes: Xom calls up a thunderstorm (lightning/rain clouds), a tornado, or starts a forest fire, modification of tides in the Shoals (all with very low chance)
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