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Wild Magic God

Name dcss:brainstorm:god: wildmagic
Summary Ideas for a caster god revolving around randomly generated spells.
Further information This relies on something like DrPraetor's randspells proposal.
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Added on 2011-08-02 23:37

This god would give caster characters a vastly different experience, through needing to cope with strange spell selections. The goal is to be mostly randspell-Sif Muna, but playing up the randomness a little. Generally worshipping this god should be higher risk/reward than Sif, with a few extra perks for putting up with conducts.


Piety is gained for training spell abilities and casting randspells in combat. Piety is lost for using normal spells.


Book Gifts

This god will give you a full randart spellbook of pure randspells in the level 1-3 range on conversion. In addition, more randart books of all randspells are granted as the player gains piety, similar to Sif Muna's books. Unlike Sif, preferred schools are ignored. Generally any high-level spell will be accompanied by a 2-3 level lower spell of the same school, so you have some hope of training. Spell level should probably be capped by piety (3+stars perhaps).


At 1-star you gain a wizardry bonus which is stronger the lower a spell's level is. This is to help cope with random book selection, and encourage the player to try spells from new schools.

Spell Mutation

At 3-stars the god starts to mess with your memorized randspells. Using the randspell system it shuffles modifiers around for a spell, so a simple blast spell might change to have smite targeting and a short range, or start leaving clouds but do less damage. This always preserves the spell's level.

Even though it only happens to spells the player currently has memorized, mutated spells are global and permanent. If an enemy is using a randspell that gets modified, that enemy's spells are modified.


At 5-stars you start getting a (piety-based) chance of a randspell becoming amplified. As you cast it, a modifier is added that should increase the level by 1. That is, you get bonus damage, or clouds, or better summons, for free.


It casts randspell conjurations at you and randspell charms at your opponents, of course.

Other Potential Abilities

The above set is probably enough, but here are some others in case there needs to be more material.

Magic Clouds

Clouds of magic start to appear near the player (2-4 squares away) during tense situations / after casting spells. If the player walks into one of these they absorb it and regain some MP.

Counter Proposal

Oddly, I've been designing a Wild Magic god as well and this seems like a good time to post it. You idea is interesting but since it would require getting randspells into the game first, it might be a bit to early to base a god on them. My idea for a wild magic god was more focused on the idea of destroying things to release wild magical energies and being forced to spend time with magical contamination. — rosetintedglasses 2011-08-03 01:59


Piety would be gained by breaking magical items (similar to Nemelex sacrifices) and spending time magically contaminated and lost slowly for being uncontaminated. Knowingly reading a scroll of Vulnerability would be a transgression as would be wearing an amulet of resist mutation (no blocking those yummy chaotic energies).


Spellbreaker: (1 Star) An ability that lets you destroy a magic item (potion, scrolls, book, wand, enchanted weapon or armor, etc) and gain MP from the item. Gained MP would be based on invocation, piety, and item value. Along with the MP would be an equivalent amount of magic contamination.

Harness the Chaos: (2 Star) Either you gain an increase to max MP while contaminated or a bonus to spell power, I am not sure which. The amount would be based on a combination of character level and contamination level.

Wild Spells: (3 Star) There is a chance when significantly contaminated that any spells cast would might be made randomly more powerful. Enchanced spells would be swapped with other spells of the same school but a higher level (your Throw Flame might become a Fireball). This is similar to the spell mutation ability given above but could be implemented with the existing spells. If contamination is really high, the new spell would only need to belong to one of the schools (so your Condensation Shield might become Freezing Cloud!).

Discharge: (5 Star) Costs Piety and MP. You discharge stored magical contamination as a bolt of pure magical energy. The higher the contamination, the higher the damage. Piety cost is there to prevent abuse as it would be possible to use Spellbreaker to charge yourself up and then fire off with Discharge. If it is too unbalanced, then you could also include a chance of being mutated.


Contamination and lots of it. All spells cause contamination when cast. Periodic burst of magical energy would hit you causing contamination and damage.


I am tempted to say none. She's all about destroying magic items, not making them.

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