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Jorghriss, Demonic Serpent

At it's base, the idea is to create a god with a abilities that can apply to different playstyles and especially favor some that players might fancy but are generally not too effective (dedicated venom mages past early game or spell-less dex based characters for example). the versatility however would come with appropiate compromise (through a degree of self-endangering).


“Jorgrhiss is the demonic God of venom, legends say it once swallowed a true God thereby acquiring divine status, its followers hope to someday be rewarded with mastery over it's poison but must endure it themselves to prove worthy” (this is an evil aligned god)


Piety is mainly gained through killing - i feel that “fancy” stuff like “kill with poison” would lead to tedious behaviours, any kill will do (with the usual HD gimmicks) Alternatively you can pray over any potion to convert it into a potion of poison to gain piety. The exact amount of potions converted and piety gained would scale with the potion quality, blood potions would be impossible to convert (to prevent vampires from abusing this)

You incur in a piety loss every time you cure yourself of poison (how you do that does not matter), the amount of piety lost scaling with how bad your poisoning was (something like: ((current “yellow bar”/10)+1)d2 loss) so 1d2 loss for 0-9 “yellow bar” or for example 3d2 if you had 25 “yellow bar”) You also lose piety over time at an average rate.



You rPois is suppressed, it doesn't cause vulnerability to it but you can never be resistant either regardless of gear, mutations or whatever other source

You can pray over potions to convert them to poison (1d3 per potion) and gain piety

Quaffing a potion of poison grants you might and magic, duration of might and amount of MP scale with piety (but should scale badly so they start out relevant enough but don't turn into full mp refill and perma might at full piety, something like 10 turns of might/10Mp recovered at 0 piety up to 20/+20 when maxed)


While poisoned, you gain one rank of regeneration (should probably not apply to DD)

You can pray over a weapon to brand it with poison (costs 5 piety) (would need a confirm prompt)


New ability: summon snakes (3 piety) - this would work somewhat like a sack of spiders but scaling with invocation and summoning snakes List of venomous snakes would include: adder, water mocassin, black mamba, sea snake, higher invo would get better/more snakes.


jorgrhiss strenghtens your poison: all natural/holy/demonic entity in LOS (enemy or otherwise) is stripped of its rPois just like you are

New ability: numbing poison (5 piety, costs 1 less for every 10 points of poison damage on you, min 2 piety) - every poisonous or poisoned entity in LOS is slowed (2d3+1d(inv/2) turns?), duration on everything except you is increased with invocations (2d3 turns on you)


While poisoned, you gain two ranks of regeneration

New ability: empower poison (7 piety, costs 1 less for every 10 points of poison damage on you, min 2 piety) - poisoned entities see their hp decrease twice as fast, poisonous entities are immediately poisoned if they were not (if difficult to code, might just double the amount of poison currently on each enemy)


jorgrhiss grants you its divine toxin: no enemy (even undead and nonliving) can now resist poison

New ability: madness poison (12 piety, costs 1 less for every 10 points of poison damage on you, min 3 piety) - poisoned or poisonous entities are frenzied, this can be resisted at low invocation, you are confused instead if you were poisoned (the self confusion is irresistible), effect durations would be approx the same as the slowing version.


While poisoned, you gain three ranks of regeneration

Rage (only possible for abandoning him)

you can gain rPois normally but it will fail to protect you 3 times more often than normal

every potion has a 50% chanche to turn into poison upon coming into your LOS the first time

enemy corpses have a chanche to turn into a number of poisonous snakes (durably summoned)

every spell you cast has a 33% chanche to produce a moderate or serious poison miscast (it still completes if it would have)

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