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Gluttony God (B)

Name dcss:brainstorm:god: A different Glutton God
Summary This is an idea I had for a Gluttony God, though it is different from the already existing idea (I'm not the same user).
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Added on 2010-10-12 20:42

This idea is for Nifargle the god of consumption and (to a lesser extent) greed. The legends show Nifargle as some sort of large carnivorous creature akin to a hyena or a coyote, but with a large mouth full of vicious and bloodied fangs above a bloated belly sitting atop a throne of bones. Worshippers of Nifargle are expected to eat the corpses they produce (even the dangerous ones), and are punsihed for putting them to other use or leaving them. Over time, a worshipper of Nifargle (called a Consumer), will begin to feel hungry a lot more often, but will be given the abilities to help consume everything he or she might encounter.

Piety gain: Once you find “a suspiciously clean porcelain altar of Nifargle”, you can begin to worship the Gluttonous One. Piety builds slowly whenever you eat a corpse while engorged. Eating a corpse for Nifargle requires no cutting tools, instead, you are able to pray over it to rapidly consume it whole, gaining it's nutrition value, plus the piety if you're engorged. You are able (and supposed to) eat while engorged, but gain no nutrition from doing so.

Piety loss: You lose some piety any time you leave LOS of any food, or when a corpse near you gets resurrected via necromancy, or distilled into a potion. You also lose piety slowly over time if you don't eat non perishable food in your backpack. You don't lose piety if a copse becomes rotten, but you do if it rots away (more on this in a moment). You also lose piety if you gain the inability to eat either meat or vegetables, though only on getting the mutation. Eating for Nifargle does not satiate Vampires. Spriggans and Vampires are the two species who would have the most trouble worshipping Nifargle (unless they can't), and Mummies, along with Demigods of course, can not.

Nifargle expects you to eat all corpses, including those which would poison, sicken, rot, or mutate you. Worshipping him gives you the ability to do so by praying. Praying consumes a corpse whole, bloodies the floor/wall near it, and doesn't leave a skeleton. Fortunately, Nifargle will provide, in reasonable time, protection from the ill effects. Early on (before the lair), he will provide poison protection. Of course, you will have likely eaten your fair share of kobold meat by then. This is actually a big reason to worship him. guaranteed poison protection. As you progress, he will provide chances to not suffer the effects of eating bad corpses. Later on, he will also give you a chance to resist mutations that affect your metabolism (speed or type of food). Finally, he will give you a wider range of digestion, letting you eat walls of the dungeon (in order to dig), and letting you consume all slimes and jellies rather than fighting them. This doesn't come cheaply though (as it would be way too powerful of an ability), and while you are able to consume a slime or jelly (any J, maybe.), doing so has a high chance of causing mutation. You can not consume the Royal Jelly though. If this would trivialize the slime pits, it wouldn't be awful for it to come later than the pits, or not always work, or have a high piety or mana cost. This should be useable on a small gruop of Jellies.

So, to summarize, and in case I missed something: On worship, gain the ability to 'pray' to consume any corpse whole, experiencing effects as though you had eaten a chunk of it, even if it is rotting. This works even if engorged. piety increases if doing so while engorged.

Early: protection from poison, reduced chance of suffering negative corpse effects, such as sickness, rotting, or mutation due to eating. Ability to eat rotting corpses.

Mid-early: resist metabolic mutations, more chance to not suffer negative corpse effects.

Mid-late: Detect Food - Passive - able to see invisible enemies, but only if they are adjacent to you.

Mid-late: Detect Food - Active - able to detect nearby corpses and food (without LOS, so no piety loss if you can't get it).

Late: ability to slurp Jellies, and eat walls. Possibly also able to eat Death Cobs. No penalty if you don't do those things (unlike with corpses). High chance to mutate as a result of jelly consumption though that effectively destroys the jelly.

Piety Drop: leaving LOS of any non skeleton ”%” (food or corpses). letting a corpse rot away entirely. allowing a corpse to come back to life. becoming unable to consume meat or vegetables. distilling a potion (via the spell), or bottling the blood from a corpse.

Penance: Using Necromancy to revive a corpse. Abandonment

When under Penance, a worshipper can no longer eat while engorged, and can become hungry again, which they continue to do at an astonishing rate. They don't have the protection from corpse effects anymore, though when not engorged, they can still attempt to eat bad corpses and/or rotting meat. Nifargle will be mollified after they eat a few corpses of any variety

The goals of this God are as follows: To provide a useful early effect (poison resistance) in a flavorful way. To make the player take punishment early for reward later (as in, they're going to have to eat the first few kobolds they kill despite the poison) Give the player a strong but not unreasonable code of conduct (no corpse-necromancy is possibly quite limiting). Make the final reward worth getting to (digging is useful, eating slimes to get rid of them would be very powerful). Don't make the God too similar to others. Don't make the God an obvious choice for a specific race/profession/playstyle Don't make the God completely dictate the playstyle

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