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Gluttony God (A)


The god of food, eating and gluttony rewards piety for eating food at or above Full, eating corpses at or above Full, chugging potions at or above Full, sacrificng rations, increasing your metabolic rate, killing mummies and becoming engorged.


  • Mutations. The glutton god will randomly gift you the following mutations: gourmand effect, saprovore effect, increased nutrtition from meat, increased nutrition from vegetation, increased nutrition from potions, sharp teeth, digest poison (“green” corpses safe to eat), digest deteriorate (“red” corpses safe to eat), digest mutagen (“purple” corpses safe to eat), fast metabolism, robust (renamed “rotund” for Varg, possibly also incorporates “deformed body.”)
  • Gifts. Food (as scoll of acquirement), and (rarely) weapons with the vampiric brand.


  • Reap Vegetation. Damages fungus and plants (even oklob), killing blow transforms in to small stack of edible vegetation.
  • Make Edible. Combine a tiles items in to a single food item or potion, number of items determines type of food created (single scroll would only create a grape or potion of water, etc.)
  • Summon Eater. Summons Jellies, Soul Eaters, etc., possibly hostile.
  • Devour. Only usable at or starving, use on corpse (not chunks) for the possibility of gaining a natural +1 to a random stat and becoming engorged.


  • Wear rings of sustenance.
  • Pray while at or below “Hungry,”
  • Harm hoover creatures (jellies, etc).
  • Refuse to eat something.
  • Drop food.
  • If you starve to death.

Spriggan, undead and demigods may not worship Varg.


  • Reduced to starving.
  • Steals food.
  • Eliminates mutations from the god list except fast metabolism.
  • Massively increases metabolism.
  • Summons Jellies, Soul Eaters, etc.

Comments by dpeg: The proposal has some interesting points: theme is unique, flavour is plenty. Let me check the gameplay consequences a bit:

  1. Branches with living monsters provide piety, branches with undead/demonic population cost piety (except Tomb). This is similar, but not identical to kills+corpses gods, so is okay.
  2. There is no tradeoff involved (yet?!) — you will simply eat anything you come across. Well, this god does not go well with zombie raising.
  3. Okay, occasionally you might be engorged and postpone further exploration until you can eat some more. This is a bad trait, since it encourages idling and unsound play.
  4. I think the gifts, both food and vampiric weapons, are counterproductive. See below.
  5. The invocations are not good enough, I think. There is little tactical and no strategical appeal in them: you turn oklobs harmless. And the

permanent stat boost is way too abusable. Players going for hours until all stats are at 72? You bet!

I think there must be some tradeoff attached to the god, else it wouldn't work. So I suggest that piety decreases at constant rate but the god is angry if you are hungry. And possibly piety does not decay if engorged. In other words, this would be a food clock deluxe, because this is not about not starving, but about being engorged as often/long as possible, This would have a profound choice on the audience: serious casters would be out (or they'd need to progress more conservatively with their spells).

By the way, rings of sustenance should be evil items for this god. Not sure what to do about the slow metabolism mutation.

I think I should mention Eronarn's idea of an insatiable god. Instead of feeding yourself (with nutrition being your piety), you feed the god. This is technically similar, but might be easier to make sense of.

Some random ideas for abilities:

  • prayer: absorb damage into nutrition loss
  • Voracious contempt: this ability makes monsters (of the same genus only?) attack and eat each other.
  • Passive: you eat stuff (no turns needed) when walking over it, including corpses.
  • Passive: with satiation or piety, your AC or SH rating (visibly) increase. (“protected by flesh”)

Comments by Fed: The flavor of this god is nice. Some of the ideas could be used by Jiyva. Their servants are already devouring everything that is found in the dungeon and it could be remade into the eternally hungry slime god.

Minor suggestions. Give bite mutation at low piety. There is a rising chance with piety that bite attacks do massive damage and satiation against foes that leave corpses you can eat safely. “You rip a chunk off of the yaktaur and swallow it.” Eating at full satiation can heal rot and can give mutations. These include a new “You are covered in rubbery fat.”/“You are covered in rubbery blubber.”/“You are engulfed in thick folds of blubber.” +HP&AC, -EV.

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