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     * Ideally, non-Lugonites could also sometimes get a flavour message (about Lugonu rejoicing, or whatever) when Jiyva is erased from existence. --- //[[user:jpeg]] 2011-09-24 16:22//     * Ideally, non-Lugonites could also sometimes get a flavour message (about Lugonu rejoicing, or whatever) when Jiyva is erased from existence. --- //[[user:jpeg]] 2011-09-24 16:22//
   * decays over time   * decays over time
 +==Corrupting altars==
 +Basic concept:
 +  * get some part of piety from desecrating altars to other gods (at first, only a small part, can increase later)
 +  * thereby incurring wrath of the other gods, and leading to choices about which altars to desecrate and in which order
 +This has been tried in a trunk branch by [[user:reaverb]] and a problem emerged:
 +  * going back time and again to the Temple and desecrating altars one by one (always when one wrath has been worked off) is tedious
 +  * there are too many altars around
 +However, I think the basic idea can be salvaged. Here are the lessons learned:
 +  * Wraths from desecration shouldn't start at very small levels but be noticeable right away.
 +  * For this, it is important that players cannot desecrate altars at low piety (this is to protect players from themselves).
 +  * Don't give one big chunk of piety for desecrating an altar but rather give a little piety for each wrath effect incurred (or perhaps continuous piety gain as long as wrath is effective --- the goal is to make desecreation piety gain gradual instead of spiky).
 +  - You can only desecrate altars after having proved yourself to be a worthy corrupter, i.e. by reaching %%****%% piety and corrupting the Ecumenical Temple. This would desecrate all Temple altars but does not incur wrath yet. (It is not a personal act.) \\ After this, whenever you follow Lugonu, you have the ability to desecrate altars you stand upon (i.e. no matter what your piety is, and even under wrath.)
 +  - Desecrating individual altars (per the new ability) gives you piety you //for the ensuing wrath effects//. Because desecration comes later, we can start with more serious wrath! Also, wrath power increases for subsequent desecrations of altars of the same god (so that it becomes more attractive to offend new gods.) \\ It is desirable if, say, the third desecration of a god altar produces very harsh wrath (but piety gain does not increase) --- desecration should be rare and occasionally postponed or even not done, depending on circumstances. Ideally, desecrating all altars to all gods should be a very hard challenge.
 +  - Reduce piety gain from killing after %%****%% to make players go out and desecrate altars. (Another option is to cap piety from killing before %%*****%%.) The idea is that you gain access to Lugonu's famous life-saving ability (self-banish) only by offending the gods.
 +Note that the proposal about enabling desecration via Temple corruption has several desirable consequences:
 +  * Flavour: you announce war on the gods by a single, thematic action. 
 +  * Interface: this mechanic takes all Temple altars out of the desecration system. As a by-product, generation of extra and overflow altars now has an effect on Lugonu piety access --- how many and which altars you have available for desecration. I like this kind of global randomisation.
 +There are some ensuing, minor design questions:
 +  * Division of piety gain between killing, banishment and desecration.
 +  * Should corrupted altars count as desecrated? (For a start, I'd say no. This makes it easier for players, avoiding accidental wrath.)
 +  * Should other gods be willing to take on a character who has desecrated one of their altars?
 ==Corruption clock== ==Corruption clock==
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