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 >> Please yes. Lots of necro spells are basically unusable without recall.  --- //[[user:st]] 2010-09-27 18:55// >> Please yes. Lots of necro spells are basically unusable without recall.  --- //[[user:st]] 2010-09-27 18:55//
 +>>> "So how did I end up going solo against 5 skeletal dragons and an ancient lich?  Funny story... starts with how I USED to have a *cough* MIGHTY UNDEAD ARMY! *cough* until I realized their speed limit was 3 miles.  Per DAY.  And speaking of those dragons, you might be wondering why I now have no legs..."  Really, though, I second the motion for Kiku to have some more powers, including a book containing the Recall spell.
 +>>> Why a book rather than the ability like Yred?  First, I don't think some of the minions you get from Kiku are necessarily "Undead", strictly speaking.  Zombies and skeletons obviously are, but are Abominations and Simulacrae (summon corpses, butcher, wield chunks, cast Simulacrum) also counted as Undead?  I seem to remember that there was some argument in the Fedhas deity implementation about the difference between "unnatural", "evil", and "undead" statuses, and that something may be "unnatural" but not "undead".  It just seems better to be able to Recall everything at once.  Plus the fact that Yred and Beogh are rather annoying if I want to diversify my Summoning abilities into non-undead/non-Orcish when I'm playing through with them.  And finally, getting the Recall spell from a book helps differentiate between Yred and Kiku, rather than a simple "copy-paste" of abilities. --- //[[user:Andy]] 2013-01-29 18:52//
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