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Name dcss:brainstorm:god: history
Summary An outline of the development of gods in Crawl.

Gods: the history

There should be a better namespace for this than brainstorm, but for now this will do. — dpeg 2014-10-13 21:07 This information has been painstakingly collected by sgrunt.

DCSS 0.2.x

  • 0.2
    • New god: Lugonu.
      • Abilities: * Exit the Abyss, ** Bend Space, *** Summon Abyssal Servants, ***** Enter the Abyss, ****** corrupt weapon at an altar (one-time)
      • Piety gain by corpse sacrifice, killing living/undead/holy beings, kills by servants.
    • Sif Muna followers no longer need to pray to gain piety, and will get gifts automatically on piety gain.

DCSS 0.1.x

  • 0.1.7
    • TSO and Zin are no longer angered by their minions dying in combat.
  • 0.1.1
    • Okawaru no longer has lifesaving.
    • Sif Muna gets Channel Energy instead of Vehumet.
  • 0.1
    • As a 6* gift, TSO will bless long blades with holy wrath; Zin will bless maces or great maces with disruption.
    • Okawaru gifts ammunition.
    • Sif Muna piety gain is now through training magic skills.
    • TSO is no longer annoyed by the deaths of friendly daevas, and now offers Cleansing Flame instead of Thunderbolt (**** ability).

Pre-DCSS Crawl

All of the following apply to Crawl 2.82 unless otherwise noted; this list might not be completely accurate given the impenetrable nature of a lot of the old code

  • (2.82) Zin — * Repel Undead, ** Minor Healing, *** Pestilence (Summon Swarm), **** Holy Word, ***** Summon Guardian (Angel)
  • (2.82) The Shining One — * Repel Undead, ** Smiting, *** Annihilate Undead, **** Thunderbolt, ***** Summon Daeva
  • (2.82) Kikubaaqudgha — * Recall Undead Slaves, *** Enslave Undead, ***** Invoke Death (Summon Reaper)
  • (2.82) Okawaru — * Might, ** Healing, ***** Haste
  • (2.82) Makhleb — ** Minor Destruction, *** Lesser Servant of Makhleb, **** Major Destruction, **** Greater Servant of Makhleb
  • (2.82) Sif Muna — ** Forget Spell
  • (2.82) Trog (Originally named Lugafu, though Wrath of Trog existed in 1.1) — * Go Berserk, ** Might, **** Haste
  • (2.82) Elyvilon — * Lesser Healing, ** Cure Poison, *** Healing, **** Purification, ***** Greater Healing
  • (3.00) Vehumet — **** Channel Energy
  • (3.20) Yredelmnul — * Animate Corpse, ** Recall Undead, *** Animate Dead, **** Drain Life, ***** Control Undead
Makhleb abilities
  1. Minor Destruction: throw flame, pain, stone arrow, shock, acid
  2. Lesser Servant: neqoxec, orange demon, hellwing, smoke demon, ynoxinul
  3. Major Destruction: bolt of fire, fireball, lightning bolt, bolt of draining, sticky flame, iron bolt, orb of electricity, divine lightning (like Xom's)
  4. Greater Servant: executioner, green death, blue death, balrug, cacodemon
  • Zin, TSO accept undead/demon kills
  • Kikubaaqudgha, Yredelemnul (3.20) accept living kills, undead slave kills
  • Vehumet (3.00) accepts any kills / collateral kills
  • Okawaru, Trog accept living kills
  • Makhleb accepts any kill
  • Elyvilon hates killing living things
  • TSO, Xom, Vehumet (3.00), Yredelemnul (3.20) do not accept altar sacrifices
  • Zin, Okawaru, Makhleb, Nemelex (3.10) accept any altar offering, gets piety from corpses or valuable items
  • Sif Muna accepts anything, gets piety from valuable items
  • Kikubaaqudgha, Trog accept only corpses, gain piety from anything
  • Elyvilon accepts only weapons and ammunition
  • Okawaru Makhleb, Trog accept pray-butchered corpses
Passive abilities and gifts
  • Zin, TSO, Elyvilon, Okawaru, Xom (randomly), and Kikubaaqudgha have lifesaving (“ protects you from harm!”)
  • Zin, TSO, and Elyvilon protect from exp drain
  • Kikubaaqudgha: Death's Door health bonus, necromancy miscast protection, book gifts (Necromancy, Death, Unlife, Necronomicon in order)
  • Xom is… Xom; acts randomly on player taking damage and at low HP; killing enemies; level ups; abandonment; spell miscasts
  • Okawaru and Trog grant weapon gifts
  • Makhleb gives HP and MP on kills
  • Sif muna grants book gifts, miscast protection; gains piety from spellcasting (more powerful spells are better)
  • Vehumet (3.00) gives conjuration and summoning books (Conjurations, Annihilations; Summonings, Invocations, Demonology); MP on kills; wizardry bonus for conj and summoning
  • Nemelex (3.10) gives portable altar, decks (tricks [escape mostly], power [war mostly], summonings, wonders)
  • Yredelmnul (3.20) gives undead servants (wraith, mummy, vampire, flayed ghost, ghoul, rotting hulk, skeletal warrior, spectral warrior, wight)
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