Religious Effects for Ghosts

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Summary Give religion-based abilities to ghosts.
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The idea

While the abilities and stats of player ghosts reflect the race, spells, and equipment of the player, the player's religion has comparatively little effect: only speech lines and titles, with no gameplay effects. This proposal would give ghosts minor abilities or passive effects based on the god they worshipped in life.

Flavour notes

The gods do not actively support their worshippers' ghosts—this is especially important for the good gods. Rather, the abilities are “residual effects” of the character's worship in life, or things the player “learned” from the god. In particular, this means that abilities should be more subtle than flashy, and in particular should not be themed as “divine intervention” (so no Xom effects for Xom worshippers). Also important for flavour is that player ghosts “of good gods” are still evil undead, not good or holy: the residual abilities of good gods should not be explicitly good-themed.

Awesome idea, I like it a lot!
As a rule of thumb, passive powers are easier to keep for the ghosts? For active powers, the signature (final) abilities are probably out of the question. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00


Each religion could have multiple tiers of abilities, based on the worshipper's piety and/or level. Probably a first implementation would have just one ability per god, though. Some possibilities are listed below; feel free to add to and comment on this list.


  • Ghost is immune to confusion.
  • Ghost always knows player's location (“Scrying”).


  • Ghost has a band of orcs (or undead orcs).
  • Ghost can walk on water. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00
    • Sadly, since ghosts all levitate anyway, I don't think this would do anything… — neil = |amethyst 2012-12-13 18:02


  • Ghost is slow but has a higher effective HD?
  • Ghost can “step from time” (vanish, or submerge, for N turns)


  • Ghost can cast minor healing (this might violate “no divine intervention”).
  • Ghost is neutral.
    • We still want the ghost to go after the player, I think. So perhaps like this: all interested monsters can swap positions with the ghost (as if the ghost had the same genus with all monsters). — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00
  • Ghost may get up after death (I don't need a god to stay undead!, I do it myself.) — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00


  • Ghost can displace plants.
  • Ghost has a band of mushrooms.


  • Ghost “eats” items.
  • Ghost has acidic attack. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00


  • Ghost resists dispel undead.
  • Ghost can torment.


  • Ghost gets Bend Space.
  • Ghost gets Blink Close.
  • Ghost is banishment-immune.


  • Ghost can throw minor/major destruction.
  • Ghost has a band of demons (quality depending on XL).

Nemelex Xobeh

  • Ghost has access to a few cards (probably violates “no divine intervention”).
    • This is not so bad: Nemelex does give decks, and sticking to a deck after death does not seem out of the question — the ghost can do this without Nemelex intervention. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00
  • Ghost can still affect items on the ground. Evil version: they're gone, but not to Nemelex, they go into the void instead (that's like a jelly on steroids — I like it. Drawback: overlap with Jiyva ghosts). Soft version: with no god to take the items, they just teleport on the level. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00


  • Ghost gets passive mini-finesse (80% attack energy usage).

Sif Muna

  • Ghost has 80% spell energy usage (faster casting).
  • Ghost has spell power bonus.
  • Ghost can make the player forget a spell. — dpeg 2012-11-22 02:00


  • Ghost has permanent might.
  • Ghost has faster regen.
  • Ghost has increased MR.


  • Ghost has extra range on damaging spells.
  • Ghost has an extra damaging spell of their max known spell level.


  • Ghost has chaos melee.


  • Ghost has band of undead.
  • Ghost has draining melee.
  • Ghost gets Drain Life.
  • Ghost has umbra.


  • Ghost is a fearmonger.
  • Ghost can recite from the Book of Blasphemies.

The Shining One

  • Ghost has halo (umbra?).
  • Ghost has extra SH.
  • Ghost has rHoly.
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