Belligerence / Divine Opposition

Name dcss:brainstorm:god: belligerence
Summary A new system where nerfed wrath is thrown at followers of diametrically opposed gods.
Further informationGod Wrath
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Added on 2011-04-27 09:45

I don't really know if this is a good idea or not, but I thought it was at least amusing so I figured I'd post it to see what people thought. To make things simple, I will refer to the god the player is following as GodA, and the belligerent god sending the wrath will be called GodB.

The basic notion is to have gods throw a nerfed or even full version of their wrath at followers of gods who oppose them. This should only happen to characters who are both high-level and have a high level of piety with GodA. Weak followers or those who are not very devout are not worthy of the attention of GodB. The intensity of the belligerence can also increase if the player is also facing regular wrath from GodB as a result of abandonment. Namely, switching from TSO to Yred will -really- piss off TSO much more than going from TSO to Okawaru, for example.

The When

This is meant to happen regularly, though it could mainly be triggered by events that earn the player piety with GodA. If GodA is pleased by a certain significant event, then there's no doubt that GodB is going to get pretty peeved by it.

The Who

One of the major things to decide here is which gods oppose which. Not all these relationships need to run both ways. Here's a a proposed list (by no means complete or conclusive). (GodB—>GodA, and ←–> if it is a two-way relationship) Not all gods have foes.

  • Fedhas —> Kikubaaqudgha
  • Fedhas ←–> Yredelemnul
  • Jiyva ←–> Zin
  • Sif Muna ←–> Trog
  • Trog —> Kikubaaqudgha
  • Trog —> Vehumet
  • TSO ←–> Makhleb
  • TSO ←–> Yredelemnul
  • etc

If there are multiple gods that oppose yours, only one will act at any given instance of belligerence, much like the wrath mechanic. First it is determined whether an act of divine belligerence occurs, then the acting god is picked. Exception: see below.

Lugonu and Xom

Xom always carries a possibility for belligerence with any devout follower of another god. He is easily (but randomly!) jealous of other deities' favourite playthings. His chance of acting is much lower than other gods' however, since his attention is so random and wide. Lugonu likewise will antagonize the followers of all temple gods.

Gameplay Implications

This will make the choice of god more significant later on. I think people might dislike the idea of random events consistently possible beyond a certain point, but will certainly make the endgame feel more exciting. The belligerence event probably won't pose much threat due to it only occurring to higher-level characters with solid piety to back them up. This probably will not cause people to deliberately keep their piety low, but it may in some cases (Sif for example).

Balance Implications

This will change the balance of the gods. Gods with lots of dangerous foes will be less appealing. Gods who don't have foes (such as Chei, perhaps) would look more appealing, since belligerence from Xom and Lugonu alone would be very rare. This also makes godless runs somewhat plausible by nerfing gods in general, and is also a buff to Demigod characters.

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