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Summary Ideas for water and water-related effects
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Shallow water

It's good already.

  • Shallow water ideally should be treated as deep water by small, little and tiny entities.
  • There must be EV penalty for standing in shallow water. Ask any boxer, dodging is hard when you can't move your legs fast.

Deep water

Now being in deep water tile causes instadeath, unless the entity is flying, waterborne or amphibious. All the loot is lost in the process. That's strange for several reasons. First, the indigenous people of Dungeon, expecially orks, live next to water and probably some of them should be able to swim. Cats and horses can swim naturally. The undead and statues don't asphyxate and can at least try to crawl the waterbed until they reach land.

These issues can be answered by implementing several additional effects.

  • Flounder: that's what untrained swimmers do. Floundering entities can't do anything but move and use their abilities. Movement is slower, AC and EV is halved, but both receive rough +5 bonus. Movement causes noise. Floundering is dangerous state, so deep water is excluded from autotravel.
  • Engulf: applied when confused + floundering. It's barely better than instadeath. One can get some water in their lungs and still get ashore alive.
  • Drowned: that's for nonbreathing types. This simulates walking/crawling on bottom. Action delay is doubled. EV and AC are increased because water is thick. Stacks with slow.

As such, loot diving for underwater loot and using chunks of drowned monsters becomes possible.


Currently, a character can go into shallow water, leave it and continue fighting like nothing happened.

Water is heavy. Wearing soaked clothes means hauling extra weight, with all the resulting consequences. Gesturing, fighting and dodging is definitely harder in weighty clothes.

The idea is to make soaked armor seriously reduce perfomance of player or monster.

The solution to reflect this is to make “wet” effect, having numerical value increased step by step until the maximum defined by:

  • Half the maximum encumbrance rating of item (hats can't be soaked?)
  • Half the maximum enchantment level of item class
  • For scales and fur: their AC value, or 2 per level.
  • For monsters: 1/4 of their HD

This number is added to total armor encumbrance rating and used in further calculations.

Additionally, being above some amount of wetness should have a chance to cause “Sick”. This may be implemented with regular checks with chance calculated as follows:

Wet/WetMax - XL/81

That means that higher soakedness has higher chance to make one sick, and characters new to dungeon can get sick with any amount of wetness, while high-leveled ones have strong immunity. Merfolk, undead, white draconians, gargoyles, liches and Fedhas followers are always immune.

Flying is out of question for wet winged creatures. If player's wet>XL/81 or monster's wet>HD/108, they stop flying.

Wetness is increased by turns spent in rain (1d8 per aut), some clouds, shallow water (fast, 1d3/3 per aut) and deep water (very fast, 1d2 per aut).

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