Sense Invisible


  • Monster sense invisible may be a little too strong.
  • Players already have a sort of “sense invisible” that could be elaborated on and unified with monster sense invisible.

Current state

Effects of monster sense_invisible

  • For anything that just checks you.visible_to(monster), it's as strong as “see invisible”.
  • From reading the code, it appears that monsters with “sense invisible” have a better chance of noticing stealthy players than those with “see invisible” – not sure if that's true or intended.
  • “sense invisible” has some effect on a monster guessing an invisible foe's position: Without, it guesses within radius 2 around itself, with within radius 3. This makes it easier to escape from non-sensing monsters, but apparently makes sensing monsters less likely to guess your position when you're close (within radius 2) of them.
  • Slightly decreased stabbing chance.
  • An effect on beam targetting fuzz (Todo: figure out what exactly).
  • last time I checked, friendly summons with Sense Invisible were helpless against Unseen Horror. This makes Call Canine Familiar (formerly Large Mammals) more bland. — b0rsuk

Current player "sense invisible"

Player can tell the locations of revealed invisible monsters that stand in water or that are in certain clouds.

Possible effects

  • Fuzz in detected location: this is done for monsters, but a little at odds with the player thing above. Sensed monsters could still get a location fuzz, except there's no fuzz when standing in water/cloud.
  • Can't tell what's there, just that something is there: This doesn't make a big difference for monsters, though they should be less intelligent in choosing their actions (provided they currently put player knowledge in there). For players, this means just displaying a ~ as currently: no monster class, no damage level, just “it”.
  • Reduced melee and targetting accuracy.

Player sense invisible: who and how strong?

  • Replace some of the intrinsic see invisible species with “sense invisible”? (Naga, Spriggan, ?)
  • Scale accuracy and/or range with XL?
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