Branding Ideas (Bulk)

Page for general, short ideas for Branding. To suggest new brands, use Brand Proposals.

Draining Brand

If possible make HD reduction temporary but greater reduction, this gives the damage multiplier advantage to high damage slow weapons while also lightening up the HD of monsters, and the HD monster weakening more effective on low damage fast weapons without it being totally pointless to reduce HD.

The ability to kill outright a monster with 0 HD is powerful, but the XP loss makes it impractical and a painful sacrifice, considering your XP goes down whether draining is used ON the player or BY the player, that lost XP seems to being disappearing from the world, why not instead give this temporary XP and HD drains to the monster or player in the form of:

-MP as a function of 1d(damage dealt/HD drained) this would be the counterpart of vampiric brand, and be a good brand for necromantic players fitting with it's theme as an evil ego.

Or this means the temporary HD reduction could affect XP the same way, but I think the fact that it takes time for the monster HD to return, but less time than it takes for monsters to heal (as more time would essentially work like now so it isn't an option), it gets rid of dance draining, but gives squishy characters a reason to take the XP hit on powerful monsters, Because the HD reduction is actually effective and to convert it to mana! Vampiric brand is STILL better in terms of hp conversion WITHOUT XP loss. This can work with or without hp rot but without it discourages dancing and in my opinion doesn't fit with the theme of draining energy per se.

DuxOrbis 2012-02-27 16:55

Antimagic Brand

Antimagic items should reduce glow – somewhat on wearing, but mostly, say, doubling the decay speed. Possibly they could protect somewhat against explosions as well. — mental_mouse 2011-09-03 14:33

Speed Brand

1) Nerf speed the same way haste was nerfed, to 2/3 delay instead of 1/2. It's plain better than similar brands in almost all situations and this kind of chokes variety in weapons that have it. — tgw 2011-02-25 00:20

1.5) Use div_rand_round() for attack delay. To my knowledge, only every other level of weapon skill matters for weapon delay. This is already weird. Handling rounding in a reasonable way will be more important if speed reduces delay to 2/3. — tgw 2011-02-25 00:20

Freezing / Flaming Brand

2) Freezing and flaming should be applied before AC. This would make them at least almost as effective as speed against high defenses. — tgw 2011-02-25 00:20

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