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 +====== Vestibule ======
 +^ Name| dcss:brainstorm:dungeon:branch:vestibule |
 +^ Summary| A brainstorming page for the Vestibule of Hell.|
 +^ Further information|[[dcss:brainstorm:dungeon:branch:hells]], [[dcss:brainstorm:dungeon:layouts#vestibule_of_hell|Vestibule layouts]]|
 +^ Added by| [[user:infiniplex]] |
 +^ Added on| 2014-09-30 21:17 |
 +The ideas here were originally on the Hells and Hell Branch Ends pages. Some may be out of date (i.e. the game has changed but the page has not).
 +More ideas welcome! 
 +===== Monster List =====
 +Vestibule should have it's own monster list, instead of using D's.
 +A good start to trimming the monster list for the Vestibule would be to eliminate all the normal low-level dungeon popcorn that is there due to being a copy of the main dungeon list.  Since there are no respawns, perhaps you could even go so far as to ditch the monster list and place all the creatures via vault placement.  It seems like the Vestibule should be a (relatively) small place anyway. --- //[[user:jeffqyzt]] 2011-02-22 19:14//
 +As far as what would be "native" to the Vestibule, other than Geryon and his Beasts, here are some possible theme directions:
 +  * He's the Guardian of the portals to/from Hell(s).  Other suitable monsters could be themed around guardianship.  Dragons, Efreet, Nagas, Mimics all have thematic potential, as of course do demons.
 +  * He's got three heads.  Perhaps he likes Ettins, Hydras, and other multi-headed critters (would need locale-appropriate variants.)
 +  * Hellephants and Beasts promote a trampling theme.  Could add more tramplers.
 +  * Ranged attacker backup would be a good complement to the existing trampling heavies, especially if they spawned together with them.
 +  * Geryon himself could have an honor-guard comprised of representatives from each of the Hells (they're each keeping an eye on him, and the other Hells to make sure no-one gets the upper hand.)
 +> Rather than extra tramplers, what about chargers?  We could add mounted hell knights, with an ability to quickly connect with you.  This way, people afraid of melee would be hit, while shooters can take care of meleers. --- //[[user:kilobyte]] 2011-02-22 23:08//
 +===== Map Design =====
 +I'm not a huge fan of the way this is if I'm honest. The monster set was changed recently but vestibule is quite heavy on stair dancing in my experience. Often especially in the subvaulted one a lot of things spawn next to the stairs which you generally kill/stairdance until you have geryon mostly alone against whom I sometimes need to duck up/down stairs too. What I would do for Vestibule is remove all random spawns (and spawns in the branch entry vaults), change the portals out to be around the edges of the map and drop the player where he usually appears. Then it is a straight fight with Geryon and no stair nonsense. I'm not sure how other people feel about this level.
 +--- //[[user:st]] 2012-02-01 08:02//
 +> One bad thing about the Geryon fight is that it can be cheesed by luring him to water. He used to fly, but the Horn dropping in lava or deep water was too problematic. If he automatically blew his horn on death/banishment (unleashing the armies of hell against you), or the horn unlocked the portals when it falls into lava, he could get back flying. --- //[[user:Galefury]] 2012-02-01 11:32//
 +>> Untrue as of http://s-z.org/neil/git/?p=crawl.git;a=commitdiff;h=e0a02a117171.
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