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-Fill in the main body here+===== Tomb curse! ===== 
 +Every few hundred turns spent in Tomb, the player gets cursed! The curses take the form of bad mutations, but they're themed differently, and they only affect you while you're in Tomb. The curses vanish when you get the golden rune. 
 +Currently some players find Tomb dry and boring; this would spice it up by encouraging players to complete it more quickly. 
 +doy had the idea that instead of triggering on a turn timer, the curses should happen when mummies die, replacing current mummy death curses. This makes the tomb curse more distinct from hell effects, which are also extended endgame punishments unleashed on players who dawdle. 
 +The curses would be a mix of existing and new effects. 
 +==== New Tomb curse brainstorming ==== 
 +  * Pain curse! Every time you take damage, you take a small amount of additional damage, making popcorn monsters more threatening. At a higher level, could make all attacks trigger this effect, even if your AC blocks the hit. 
 +  * Miscast curse. Your miscasts become more severe. Encourages spellcasters to stick to lesser spells unless they're in real danger. 
 +  * Buff curse. Your buff effects last for a shorter period of time. 
 +  * Just for fun, theme Tomb's -cTele effect as a curse that hits you as soon as you enter.
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