Floating Rocks

Name dcss:brainstorm:branch: floating rocks
Summary An alternative branch to the Vaults.
Further information Utilises standing_air. (See also Levitation.)
Added by evktalo
Added on 2010-04-03 17:46

Floating Rocks has gigantic rock formations suspended in the air. Terrain is a mixture of floors, walls, and a lot of standing_air. The Rocks include floor, solid walls, floors with rooms, floors with lakes; all sorts of mixtures! It's a popular place to spend holidays. Could also use high_ground for even more varied terrain.

Generation could probably use heightmaps to see where emptiness, floor, high ground and solid walls get placed. Lots of vaults should be used.

There's no problem for the branch to include stairs to the Crypt, I think. The bottom of course has a rune and an ending comparable to Vaults:8 in difficulty.

The branch can use a rich mixture of monsters: flying monsters are very dangerous and numerous here. But in the Rocks, land-walkers are also dwelling. They like to use ranged weapons to pelt you with when you float by.

  • centaurs, yaktaurs, cyclops, stone giants, even orcs and elves with ranged weapons/attacks
  • flying 'H's: hippogriffs, griffons, harpies
  • dragons, drakes
  • bee and wasp vaults - hives/nests in Rocks is a cool concept. Standing air could be used in some Hive portal vaults as well!
  • some spiders, when they get the wall clinging ability

Some holy monsters could well dwell in the Rocks: phoenix, shedu, apis…

New monsters:

  • kenku
    • All fly and are aggressive and deal plenty of damage. All are also fragile.
      • Fighter
      • Aeromancer
        • Lightning bolts, Airstrike, Ball lightning, Levitate Other, Static Discharge, Deflect Missiles.
      • Crusader
        • Berserk Rage, Regeneration, Deflect Missiles, Invisibility, Silence
      • Summoner
        • Summon Drakes, Summon Dragon, Foxfire?, Haste Other, Abjuration, Summon Air Elemental
      • Archer
  • pegasos (possibly a holy monster)
    • A white Y
    • The legendary creature-muse of poetry will kick, bite and sing you to bits.
    • Has silenceable “bardic” effects.
  • pegataurs (all could be good aligned)
    • Flying yaktaurs! What's not to like? A shameless Shining Force homage.
    • Lancer (charges into melee)
    • Archer (crossbow)
    • Paladin (they SLAY all evil characters)
    • Healer (worshipper of Ely, will annoyingly heal the other pegataurs)
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