Dwarven Factory

Name dcss:brainstorm:dungeon:branch: factory
Summary An alternate take on a Dwarf branch - a factory or forge where golems are made and work, and all the weapons and armour in the dungeon are constructed.
Further information Initial draft; needs more specifics
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Deep in the dungeon there's a factory where dwarves are busy manufacturing all the weapons and armour for the denizens of the dungeon, and also building golems; mainly iron golems, but you'll find a few other types around the place which they employ for heavy lifting and machinery operation.

Possible Names

  • The Factory / Dwarven Factory
  • The Forge / Dwarven Forge
  • A Manufactory



One of:

Entry Vault

Entrance: a large metal shutter, leading to a factory.

For the initial portal version, a clock next to it marks the time the workers will go home and shut down the factory for the night. Who knows if they'll ever come back?

(When it closes, a few dwarf workers and golems spawn around it)

Branch Ends

  • Santa's Grotto
  • Gaffer's Office


The Factory will prominently feature environmental features and challenges alongside the more standard monster-based threats.


Layouts will be very square-based.

  • A large, open plan factory floor; square rooms interconnected with conveyors, containing machines, golem generators, workers, etc.
  • Enclosed office complexes, corridors with rooms coming off them


Static features to add some flavour and decoration; some could contain golems and items, they can either be broken open or perhaps golems will smash their way out if they hear you.


  • These floor features transport items, golems and crates around the factory floor (and you, if you step on them).
  • Possibly varying speed between conveyors
  • At least some need to be faster than normal walking speed, so it's impossible to go against the flow without one of: speed potion, swiftness, haste, flight. This forces some players to continue along conveyors through increasingly difficult rooms and machines.


  • Reverse direction of conveyors
  • Stop/start conveyors
  • Open/close doors or grates
  • Stop/start other machinery (see below)


  • Pounders (timed crusher squares)
  • Pushers (push things off conveyors, or onto different conveyor tracks)
  • Burners (fire clouds at strategic points on conveyors)
  • Coolers (ice clouds)
  • Shutters (one-way grates)


The dwarves channel natural lava flows into guttering and pools within the factory complex, used for melting down metals and reforming them into items and golem parts. Lava will create barriers to exploration around the factory, and be used occasionally as a danger (e.g. a “quality control” conveyor with a pusher that could push you into lava)


Perhaps dwarves have discovered how to harness the power of electricity to power their machines, and create alarm / security systems (e.g. electric turrets)


The above elements combine to create machines. The machines may have a source of junk which gets spawned at one end of a conveyor, passing through a series of burners / pounders / shutters to create parts and items; eventually spawning golems in some machines.



  • Dwarves; many types of dwarf; and/or dwarven workers, engineers, foremen
  • Golems; iron golems, lava golems, prototype golems
  • Other; fire (and other) giants, other golems, anything that can perform heavy lifting or operate heavy machinery

Prototype Golems

Dwarven engineers sometimes attempt to design new and improved golem versions. These experimental creations are frequently discovered to have faults which prevent their ordinary employment for manual labour or military purposes. Some versions, however, have possessed interesting enough properties to be kept around (securely under lock and key of course!) for reasons of education, research, entertainment, or just sentimental attachment.

These are rare and dangerous encounters; some of them should be factory-only uniques.

  • Steam Golem: possibly a more common type, it's steam powered and packs a decent punch.
  • Singing Golem
  • Sad Golem

Nano Golems

This particular experiment nearly brought an end to the entire industry, and they were consequently recalled and their production banned. Nano golems are capable of creating more golems (and more nano swarms) out of almost any materials available.

  • Fast moving, high EV
  • Could corrode equipped gear by eating it
  • Leverage swarm code (once implemented)
  • Mulch any junk weapons / armour on the floor (except artifacts). When they've eaten enough, a new swarm can be generated; or with extra raw materials possibly a larger golem (could depend on the types of materials eaten).
  • Can eat thru metal walls and grates (takes a few turns). Care would have to be taken not to make this abusable - no vaults on the same level that rely on impassable metal walls, no travelling on stairs. I envisage them appearing in a vault where a few sets of other tough golems are imprisoned in metal boxes; if you don't kill the nano's fast enough they'll start setting the other golems loose (whilst producing more nano's)

Gold Golem

Gold is the softest of all the metals, and golems made from this material have a tendency to fold up on themselves. On the other hands, their components are extremely valuable!

  • Low AC, high HP
  • Reflect / Deflect
  • Generates 3d60 gold upon death

Brass Golem

Has a large, spinning brass disc on its back, allowing it to hover above the ground. It fires sharp-edged brass discs from its mouth.

Overclocked Golem

An enterprising engineer, fed up with the ponderous pace of golems, thought he could double production by tuning them up to run significantly faster. Unfortunately, this operation left them with a tendency to overheat and explode, especially when excited or damaged; showering red-hot bolts and shards of metal in all directions.

  • Moves very fast
  • Both melee and taking damage are liable to explode the golem, spraying shrapnel in a radius (similar to spores; fire-based damage)

Lava Golem

A type of golem found commonly in factory; it has to remain near a source of lava, otherwise it cools down and solidifies. They are very good at working with molten metal.

  • rF+++
  • Fire branded unarmed melee
  • Ranged attack, throws globs of lava (perhaps just Lava Bolt spell)
  • Bonus in lava (can submerge) - speed/EV increase and stronger ranged attack
  • Normal when adjacent to lava
  • Away from lava; speed/EV penalty with AC boost (partial petrification)


Q: should there be entirely Deep Dwarves, or a mix of Deep/Mountain?

Dwarven Worker

Bread & butter enemy.

  • Tough but no special abilities; just standard dwarf types

Dwarven Engineer

Engineers design and build new golems, and tinker with machines. Nothing annoys them more than pesky dungeon adventurers turning up and breaking all their hard work.

  • Carries a wrench. Inflicts a nasty melee attack (can cause concussion for 1-3 turns without Clarity), or thrown acts as a weapon of returning. Doesn't drop when they die (would be a silly player weapon).
  • Can repair damaged golems.
  • Wears hard hat and overalls

Dwarven Foreman

  • Has a loud whistle which will attract other dwarves and golems

Uniques and branch-end Bosses

  • Some prototype golems will be uniques (some can be more common and have powerful unique versions)
  • The Gaffer
  • Mr. Claws (with a retinue of elf worker slaves)

Other Ideas

Hall of Blades

It was suggested on ##crawl that Hall of Blades could be moved to be a sub-branch of Factory - where they test the weapons they make.


Interesting, I like the tone of it. As you know, it'll be a lot of work to get there.
There is a reason why we never add genuinely new branches but rather make new branches compete with old ones: otherwise, we add a lot more xp and loot to the game and have to worry about compensation. With branch roulette, this issue becomes much smaller. Therefore, I see your branch as a natural shuffle candidate with Vaults. Both share the difficulty level, the rectangular/regular layout, the intelligent denizens. — dpeg 2011-09-06 13:57
Yes; certainly a huge amount of work. Some ideas still need developing more anyway. My initial plan is to just make some portal maps and get conveyors, switches etc. working in LUA, and populate it with existing dwarf and golem monsters to start seeing how things play out. Before that, I'm getting to grips with LUA and map design on some smaller vaults!
I did think about a Vaults/Factory roulette - the main reason I didn't propose it was because Vaults seems like such a huge and significant part of the game to completely replace (e.g. there's currently no Lair/[x] roulette). Also, I thought the set of monsters would be too narrow for an entire Vaults replacement … but how about replacing just a single floor, or small range of floors? The final floor of Factory could have a lock preventing immediate access to the rest of Vaults (perhaps until the key is acquired from the Foreman, or a particular switch is thrown). — mumra 2011-09-06 14:22
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