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 +====== Desert ======
 +^ Name| dcss:brainstorm:branch: desert (mikee) |
 +^ Summary| This document outlines potential features of the Desert branch, proposed to replace Swamp. |
 +^ Further information|None at the minute.|
 +^ Added by| [[user:mikee]] |
 +^ Added on| 2018-06-17 02:14 |
 +Lair currently includes two branches that rely heavily on water as their principal mechanic (Shoals and Swamp).  Of the two, Swamp has traditionally been the most difficult to populate with appropriate monsters and playthroughs can feel easy yet slow and plodding.  Desert will potentially provide a new home for some of the more meaningful Swamp monsters while offering unique flavor and tactical depth that does not rely on watery terrain or trees.
 +=====Feature Ideas=====
 +The mechanics of the Desert branch are designed to push the player to progress in a timely fashion and take more risks, which can be meaningful in a branch that players may choose to complete early in order to access the Vaults.  Below are two potential mechanics, one simple and one more complex.
 +  * All down stairs in Desert are hatches, explained to the player as sand collapsing behind them.
 +  * The branch end will link back to lair, perhaps upon obtaining the rune or by accessing a tile directly under it.
 +  * Entering each level starts a timer, which is revealed to the player with some text about the rising desert heat/a presence growing angrier.
 +  * Each (real) turn decreases the timer, and upon completion the player becomes Marked.
 +  * Use of a down stair clears any Mark status and resets the timer.
 +  * One down stair may be guaranteed at the center of each level, while the other two locations might be randomized.
 +  * Obtaining the rune clears the status and removes the timer permanently.
 +  * Desert's layout will resemble a modified version of the Lair layout.
 +  * Levels will be essentially wide open with occasional 'ruins' for cover.
 +  * Ruins will be broken sections of wall or broken rooms suggestive of ancient cities.
 +  * Withered plants to break up monotony and provide cover.
 +  * Very important: DESERT MUST BE YELLOW. 
 +=====Monster Ideas======
 +  * thorn hunter
 +  * sun demon
 +  * smoke demon
 +  * swamp worm (renamed to desert worm?)
 +  * air elemental band
 +  * flaming corpse band
 +  * sphinx (too strong?)
 +  * bone dragon (too strong/boring?)
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