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Summary A brainstorming page for the Iron City of Dis.
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Added on 2014-09-30 21:03

The ideas here were originally on the Hell Branch Ends page. Some may be out of date (i.e. the game has changed but the page has not).

The layout ideas from the Hells page were superseded by layout_subdivisions (then called layout_dis), so are not reproduced here.

More ideas welcome!

Branch End

Along with Tartarus considered the “easy” hells and very often advised as the first hell one should tackle. The problem with Dis ends are a small amount of required fighting and a small amount of required traveling from entrance to rune due to the fact that you begin right outside of Dis' castle and opposition inside is minimal when going directly for the rune. I have created my own Dis map (dis_st) that aimed to change those issues and I am planning to alter dis_old and dis_mu to do the same.

Like with Gehenna, Dis has its own gargoyle which is completely ignorable, again I want a large buffing of them. elliptic mentioned to me that an issue with Dis is a large number of slow enemies, so metal gargoyles should be fast.

MONS_METAL_GARGOYLE, '9', CYAN, "metal gargoyle",
{ 15, 8, 3, 0 },

Should start holding a bardiche or glaive and may cast tukima's dance on it (inspired by Eronarn's proposal for a “blade demon” that does similar). Again missing or inappropriate flags probably there. They will provide a melee threat and also will be able to hopefully swarm the player due to reaching either while they are holding the weapon or by tukimaing it. For some reason they currently don't even resist fire/cold. I've taken those resists from iron golems, but iron monsters are all over the place with various resistances so I dunno. Another thing is, I don't know how monsters using weapons work and if weapon damage applies only to AT_HIT or AT_CLAW as well, if it applies to AT_CLAW damage then those should be dropped.

st 2012-02-01 08:02

I've made the changes to the other Dis maps and I think they are a lot better now, so the metal gargoyle idea isn't as necessary but I think tukima could still be good for them or a different gargoyle or another monster entirely. — st 2012-04-01 01:01

Silent City of Dis

Since Dis is kind of the most 'boring' Hell (as it is the easiest and has no element of its own), I'll propose something comparatively radical here: reflavoring it as the Silent City of Dis.

The entire branch would be covered in silence, outside of some glowing tiles which maintain small 'bubbles' of normal space around them. Stepping on one of those tiles gives the player a bubble of sound of his own, which follows him around… but shrinks over time, forcing spellcasting players to either return to the previous glowing tile or find a new one. The demons would not be affected, as they can just cast through silence anyway.

Mechanically, the 'bubble' following the player around is no different from giving the player a square of sound around him that eventually vanishes, but I think having a gradually-shrinking space would both be more flavorful and provide feedback as to how much time remains before casting and reading scrolls is impossible.

I could see this allowing a few different setups; very few natural bubbles with a relatively long time allowed between 'recharges' of the player-centered bubble, or perhaps very numerous natural sound bubbles with no player-centered bubble at all.

And to be fair to the brawlers, it might be good to make one of the other Hells particularly dangerous for melee specialists…

dtsund 2010-09-14 07:51

I really like this idea! I could envision a new (Hell) branch on the strength of this idea: The Void, which has actually airless areas (which are Silent and deal asphyxiation damage), and air bubbles like the above. But adding this effect to Dis would be cool too. — evktalo 2010-09-15 17:04
I like the idea of using this concept for a new hell branch, although I'd prefer “Oblivion” over “The Void” (or even “Lethe”, which is not only one of the five rivers of Hades but also the name of the Greek spirit of oblivion). — wensleydale 2010-10-06 22:33
“Oblivion” is indeed better than “The Void”. — evktalo 2010-10-08 12:25
I'm not fully convinced the following will be an improvement, but I'll throw it out there anyway; just in case it actually is a good idea, better to not let it die. If each of the Hells has special rules/hazards associated with them, like the above silence, might it be possible to have Hells with the current danger level without the current Hell effects? If so, perhaps they could be transferred (possibly in a slightly weaker or less-frequent form) to Pandemonium, to make that branch more hazardous and help discourage Pan farming, while keeping Hell and Pan distinct. I recall seeing some Pan suggestions that were similar to Hell effects, and this change might allow them more gracefully, if they're considered desirable… — dtsund 2010-09-17 21:16
I don't think I like the idea of hell-like effects (that is, random bad things) happening in pandemonium. Even if they were infrequent, it would make pandemonium feel too much like hell in my opinion. And, similarly, I think hell ought to keep these random effects, because they encourage the player to dive to the bottom rather than explore. Hell is all about getting in and out as quickly as possible - there is nowhere that you are totally safe, and you can never fully predict what is going to happen. Speical rules/hazards would be neat, but they would be a lot easier to adapt to. Actually, it might be interesting if such “special hazards” were added to various pan levels instead (even runeless ones)… it would add some much needed variation to a branch desperately in need of it. — evilmike 2010-09-18 00:21
Having branches harder for certain characters is fine, having them effectively undoable by a major class of builds (conjurers) is straight out bad. Permanent silence would be acceptable for a portal vault as you can just skip them, but not for a rune branch. — kilobyte 2010-10-06 23:48
The whole branch wouldn't be silent, but the conjurer's challenge would be to navigate from non-silent area to another. I'm pretty sure it can be made just harder, and not effectively undoable. — evktalo 2010-10-08 12:22
How would automove and autoexplore handle the silent areas? If they just ignore them, that could be dangerous. If they always ask before stepping in (or worse, just fail), that would be very annoying. You could reduce this somewhat by having them avoid silence if possible, but the problem would still happen.
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