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Name dcss:brainstorm:dungeon:branch:cocytus
Summary A brainstorming page for Cocytus.
Further informationHells, Cocytus layouts
Added by infiniplex
Added on 2014-09-30 19:24

The ideas here were originally on the Hells and Hell Branch Ends pages. Some may be out of date (i.e. the game has changed but the page has not).

There are very few ideas for Cocytus. I (infiniplex) am not sure if this is because

  1. Cocytus is really good as-is
  2. No one has ideas for how to improve Cocytus
  3. Cocytus is so boring that everyone has subconsciously blanked it out of their minds

More ideas welcome!


  • Use a ice cave cavern -style layout generation algorithm.
    • Added, but could use improvement
  • Use water with freezing cloud generators to separate routes.
  • Use snow and/or standing_air (ice is proposed as an alternate name).

Branch End

There is a problem that coc_old and coc_mu aren't close to the brutalness of coc_dpeg (my favourite hell ending) so there is a bit of an imbalance there, but it's not a huge deal. — st 2012-02-01 08:02

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