Arcane Marksmen

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Summary Bring back the Arcane Marksmen background
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Added on 2011-06-30 10:36


Discussed on IRC by marvinPA and elliptic

  • corona
  • slow
  • inner flame
  • enslavement
  • cause fear
  • mass confusion

The inner flame / enslavement combo sounds very fun, but maybe a bit too powerful to be in a starting book.
due proposed a magnetisation spell which could fit in this book too. It works a bit like corona by increase to hit for ranged attacks, but also gives a slight damage boost. Works better on monsters made of metal or wearing metal armour.

I like the idea of a magnetism spell but I don't think it makes sense as a corona replacement. It would be almost identical in effects and school… — Eronarn 2011-06-30 18:50
My thought was to give them Blink Other (Level 1-3 Hex/Tloc); it'd help them get stuff out of melee so they can shoot it and/or not blow themselves to bits with Inner Flame. — ontoclasm 2011-09-06 22:34
Consider portal projectile as well, especially if some dispersal effect lets AM dip into Tloc. Mass confusion is a ways off and Orc priests are nasty when they hide behind orcs. Portal projectile would also be more useful later on, even once hexes loose their power. — smock 2011-09-08 05:00


Ammo was a problem with this background. Since you start with +0 ammo, you have to be very conservative with your ranged attack because mulching rate is too high. Starting with +1 ammo is not acceptable, we want hunter to have some advantages. We can tone done the base mulching rate. Current chance of breakage is 1/4 for stones, arrows and bolts. Let's raise it to 1/5. — galehar 2011-06-30 10:36

Cause Fear

Propose that this work like monster cause fear, where it makes things unable to approach you if they fail MR. Optionally, it could have a “warding” effect too, where things might flinch instead of being able to attack you (this would make monsters with cause fear get that effect, too). — Eronarn 2011-06-30 18:50

Hexes needs a aptitude buff for AM

I've been playing a bunch of Arcane marksmen in trunk and while I love the new book I feel like the suggested races for AM simply don't have the magic apts too effectively use their starting spellbook that well. So while we were discussing it in IRC we came up with the idea of buffing hexes apts for a good number of races. I made a list of races that in my view have an 'offensive focused play style' and should receive a good hex apt at the expense of their charms apt. (tying this in with the proposed hexes/conjuration spellbook for reavers.) Heres what I came up with.

proposed Defensive vs offensive focused crawl races: *Defensive* races (get a stronger charms apt and a weaker hexes apt) High Elves, Merfolk, Halflings, deep dwarf?, naga?, octopodes? Offensive races (get stronger hexes apt and weaker charms apt) Sludge elves, Hill Orc, Kobolds, Kenku, centaur, demonspawn, Mountain dwarf?, ghoul? Races with a ? are just additional proposals and not a part of the core grouping Any other race not listed will keep their current apts.

Thoughts? — Lawman 0 2011-09-04 21:28

Here's a more detailed version of what you're proposing:

Defensive races, should have high charms/low hex [Current charms apt][Current hexes apt]:
* HE [+2][ 0]
* Mf [+1][ 0]
* Ha [+1][-1]
* DD? [-1][-2]
* Na? [ 0][ 0]
* Op? [ 0][ 0]

Offensive races, should have low charms/high hex:
* SE [-2][ 0]
* HO [-1][ 0]
* Ko [-2][ 0]
* Ke [-2][-3]
* Ce [-1][-1]
* DS [-1][ 0]
* MD? [-2][-2]
* Gh? [-1][-2]

Relative to themselves, considering only your “core” races, only Ke and Ce don't already exhibit the patterns you propose. With regard to hexes aptitudes themselves, however, only four races have positive apts: DE, Dr[purple], Sp, and Vp. This could perhaps be increased. I could get behind increasing Centaur hexes apt to 0 or 1, and Ke hexes apt to -1. I think it would also be fine to swap the Ghoul apts, such that their hexes is -1 and their charms is -2, because the current state just seems weird. Perhaps octopode apts could also use some tweaking, since their apts are super dull… I feel like even just randomly assigning apts in the range [-1,+1] would be more interesting than straight zeroes (though of course this is contentious). Naga apts are fine as-is, let's not nerf NaEn. — Wensleydale 2011-09-04 22:04


The background seems very strong. I'm worried nearly everyone will choose it over Hunter. Aside from that, I'm not sure Enslavement fits in the starting book - it combines very well with Inner Flame and is strong on its own, but I don't see how it meshes with ranged combat, especially considering that there is already Cause Fear for making monsters keep their distance. If it does lose Enslavement, Enchanter should get Inner Flame. — minmay 2011-09-08 18:27

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