The Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Devteam

Devteam member Aliases Location Joined in Info Current projects
Peter Bergerpeterb12Pittsburgh, PA, USA2006Involved in founding but rarely seen now; registered (with Nat Lanza) crawl-ref project on Sourceforge, began the use of text databases with the BDB database for quotes.
Edgar A. Bering IVeberingMathematical Academe2018New new Nemelex, Trap overhaul, Throwing overhaul, Positional Magic, Unrand Revisions New new new Nemelex, More Magic
Adam Borowskicastamir, kilobytePolandSeptember 2009Rewrote the save handling code to use single-file container saves. Also responsible for felids, Kirke, Khufu, the Windows installer and other such perversions of nature.
Samuel BronsonSamB Autumn 2011Build system, code clean-up, ZotDef.Crash dumps for Windows.
Jude Brownbookofjude, due September 2009Portal vaults and Lua miracle worker. Leans toward design but less so than dpeg. Is the miscreant responsible for such diverse felonies and misdemeanours as wizlabs, tons of new uniques, elephants, holy monsters and many other crimes too hideous to mention here.
Corin Buchanan-HowardLastyUSASeptember 2014Ru the Awakened, Uskayaw the god of ecstatic dance, wanderer tweaks, removing fun, caustic shrikes and other late-game threats, amulet reform.Perpetual plans to implement ranged reform.
James BulginDracoOmegaCanadaMarch 2013Conjurer revamp, new monsters for Vaults and Abyss, interlevel recall and ally improvements, Crypt revamp, and various other assorted projects. Tends to favor monster and spell design (though this statement may be redundant)
Robert BurnhamCryp71c TN, USA 2010Melee combat rewrite, Coded a lot of the new Demonspawn mutations Ranged combat re-write, more demonspawn mutations
Kate Campbell UKFebruary 2011Various balance-related changes, and occasionally other stuff too.
CanOfWormsCanadaSeptember 2016Various tiles
Matthew Clinezelgadis, Matthew_Cline 2007The other member of the refactoring department; tiles expert newbie, and C++ expert; the man behind CrawlHashTable, Lua triggerables, greatly expanded monster speech lookup with @variables@, and lots of other work on .des file support.
Florian Dieboldedlothiol, fdiebold Autumn 2011 WebTiles
Nicholas FeinbergPleasingFungus May 2014 Rewrote descriptions and other things. Desolation of Salt. Hepliaklqana the Forgotten.
Michael GagnoevilmikeCanadaNovember 2011 Makes a lot of vaults, maintains old ones, and usually adds new ones submitted to the tracker. Prefers level design. Inactive in Crawl development for the foreseeable future.
gammafunkUSAFebruary 2014Did not implement jump-attack, did implement Asterion, Lehudib wizlab, other vaults.More vaults, balance changes, community patch merging, secret projects
Shayne Halvorson78291USAMay 2014Jiyva, corrosion
Brendan Hickey bh USA December 2012 The third worst player on the team.
Aidan Holmaidanholm, aidanhTaiwan2018UI overhaul and misc bug fixes
Pete HurstmumraUKMarch 2013 Vaults and other new layouts, Mantis purge, implemented such hated features as gas traps, webs and rolling boulder beetles. Merged kilobyte's no-nausea branch to make up for it. Layout overhaul, rolling boulder form.
Implojin March 2023 Rampage, Victory, and more.
Eino Keskitaloevktalo, KeskitaloFinlandSummer 2009 Came up with Sewer and Ice Cave portal vaults (with maps from others); former Windows trunk builds clerk; usability project member, helps with infrastructure (Mantis and Wiki). A fantasy hipster.Indefinite hiatus apart from dreaming about music in Crawl.
Vsevolod KozlovZaba 2009Inducted for various code cleanups; actor layer expert. Also does elaborate vaults and is extremely fond of billy goats and GNU screen.
Janne LahdenperäfelirxFinland2010Drafted from the usability project, interface and tutorial code
Pekka LampilaMedarFinlandJune 2013WebTiles improvements, bug fixing
Raphaël LangellagaleharFranceOctober 2010Responsible for the skill system overhaul of 0.9. Has rewritten most of the mimic code. Ashenzari transfer knowledge. (details)AI, sustained casting
Nat Lanzanlanza 2006Involved in founding (registered crawl-ref on SF with Peter Berger) but rarely seen now. Used to work on the Mac build system and created the Xcode project.
Nikolai Lavskynlavsky December 2022Prolific fix contributor
Jesse Luehrsdoy November 2009Mostly involved in design, with a few bugfixes here and there, familiar with Lua. Responsible for the new ruined Lair builder and dynamic colours for features among other work. Maintainer of the Ashenzari bot for ##crawl-dev
Alan MalloyamalloyUSANovember 2015Try to clean things up whenever I notice something that doesn't make sense, or I see someone else notice something that doesn't make sense. Notable features: Wizmode freeze-time feature; start the orb-run when you apport the orb; also one vault!
Shmuale Mark whealsUSAFebruary 2014Code cleanup, bugfixes, questionable interface improvements.
John McCartneyroctavian October 2014Made tiles for orcish chainmail in 2011 sometime, now look where we are.
Félix Medranorobertxgray March 2023Prolific Android contributor.
Steve Melenchuksgrunt/GruntCanadaJuly 2012Responsible for: the existence of the Depths; the implementation of Dithmenos (based on a design by mikee), Gozag (designed by dpeg), Qazlal, and Pakellas (both self-designed); Fannar, Jorgrun, the initial version of Sojobo, and Vashnia; the improved explosive / bouncy spell targetter; monsters wearing jewellery; additional vault-related Lua capabilities; lots of bugfixes; lots of vaults.Two-level Orc; changes to Elf monster set; bidirectional Abyss?
MuUKMarch 2010Vault designer of great notoriety, responsible for a Sprint map filled with damnation, a lot of maps in Hell, and more fleshy orifices than the author of this entry cares to contemplateVaultsvaultsvaultsdamnationvaults
Neil MooreamethystLexington, Kentucky, USDecember 2011Bugfixes and cleanup, UI tweaks, the occasional feature (orb spiders, Nemelex Deal Four, “new” twisted res). Former maintainer of and the Cheibriados and Sizzell bots, and former co-maintainer of CAO. Uni professor who will take every opportunity e gets to make Crawl into a class project. Not a very good player. Getting students to make good commits.
Steven Noonanmozillagodzilla, neunon September 2009Build system and version control guru. Employed at Amazon EC2, limited availability.
Charles Ottocaotto, pointless September 2009Fedhas, articulated kraken, and other exploits of a decidedly tentacular nature. Iä!
Stefan O'Rearsorear, stefanorUSAOctober 2009Formerly very active on IRC; C++ knowledge; stays as far away from design as he can. The author of the disintegration effect that causes chunks and blood to spatter everywhere, but probably a very nice person otherwise. On indefinite hiatus from Crawl.
Aaron PixtonellipticUSAMay 2011Plays a lot; codes easy stuff; in charge of the tournament scripts.
David PloogdpegGermany2007Gods and simple but effective rule changes. Will never tire of dreaming about randomly generated gods.Gold god. Equipment god. Altar desecreation for Lugonu.
Kyle RadvilUSA2017noise meter, lava orc code removal, bugfixingBug fixes, cleanups, more noise stuff, UI improvements
reaverbUSAApril 2014Internal code improvements, removing things
Sage, Basil, Thyme February 2014Implemented Vine Stalkers
Isaac SloatBrannockWisconsin, USASeptember 2016Dream sheep, monster revamps, scarves, new mutation, removal of giants, bikeshed maintenanceHell-Pan Roulette, yet more monster revamps, draconions, fear & terror
J. Vanregret-indexCanadaJanuary 2014Makes vaults, edits and modernizes nearly every vault and uses of vaults, constantly stabs at floor spawn populations. Motivated Forest Dispersal, futzes with Extended. Unstable.Hell-Pan Roulette, Gauntlet, all vaults review
Chris WestfrogbothererUKSeptember 2012Android tiles port
Samuel WilsonontoclasmUSASeptember 2012Various tiles and other bad decisions
nicolae June 2021 Maker of forbidden vaults
hellmonk June 2021 Press p to dab
Sastreii October 2021 Pixel artist for dinosaurs and other things
Noteworthy Non-Devteam People Aliases Info Links to current projects
Rachel Elizabeth DillonraxCAO sysop; tournament rules structure; currently mostly inactive but still maintaining hardware
Marc H. ThobenNapkin CDO sysop; an all-around herolping hand
Lemuel PitkinLemuel Vault designer of such infamy that his name has become legend in Crawl circles. Responsible for such masterpieces as River_Lethe and acid_trip_lemuel.
Markus Maier Anym
Jarmo Kielostojarmok A Crawl player circa 2006; wrote a script to autogenerate monster spoilers for Crawl, wrote the vampire patch.
Denzi Japanese tiles designer, created a huge part of Crawl's tile set from scratch
Eronarn Lava orcs, octopodes, new Zin Recite
Henry Cipollahenryciupdated the Ctrl-O behavior in .6simplified version of nettiles
Chapayev Distinguished variant author; developed Sprint (and authored two maps), original author of ZotDef
Mark MackeyatomjackLong time Crawler, DC 4.0 devteam member; brought ZotDef into 0.7 with much tweaking, clean-up and rebalancing. Also the author of the awesome XQuest!!
djnrempel, danr The DCSS forums maintainer.
Aaron BeckergreatzebuOS X nightly build maintainer and occasional patch submitter
Jan Anders Bremer TZer0 CUE (former CLAN) sysop
John Boyle johnstein Maintainer of (CBRO). Junior Vault Maker (swamp/spider/snake/vaults ends) Messing around with Crypt layouts and hosting experimental versions
Former Developers Aliases Info
Paul Du Boispauldubois
Linley Henzell Initial author of Crawl
Haran Pilpelharanp2006; created autoinscriptions, notes, new Nemelex. Indefinite hiatus.
Erik PipererisdiscordiaAnother founding developer. Designer.
Johanna Ploogjpeg2007. Wrote the original tutorial (now hints mode), Tiles expert.
David Lawrence Ramseydolorous2007; Source code cleanup department. Also, lots of the overhauled gods are coded by him.
Brent Ross Another Crawl developer from before the Stone Soup project
Darshan Shaligramgreensnark, dshaligramCreated autotravel; automation expert, bots, !fight, tournaments; less active now. [A founding developer.]
Robert Vollmertrvollmert, by
Enne WalkerEnne, ennewalker 2007; Tiles expert: author of the DCSS tiles port. Added subvault support for .des files. Indefinite hiatus.
Aleksi Miikkael Luukkonen Aleksi Former CUE (formely CLAN) sysop; owner/non-crawl stuff maintainer
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