Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Development Builds

Builds of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, fresh off the development master branch. Builds and page kept up by Keskitalo, Due and Napkin, the page shamelessly nicked from Darshan, who can't remember where he nicked it from.

Archived builds can be found here.

Warning! These builds may be extremely unstable - they're snapshots of code that's in active development. Content may be missing, features may be incomplete. Prepare also for broken savegames. Bug reports (and other comments) are highly appreciated!

Don't forget to report the bugs you see! Please mention the revision hash of the build when you report bugs. You can see it in the title bar of the window when you launch the game - it should be "0.10.0-a0-number-hash" or so. Also, mention that you are playing a development build and if you're playing the tiles version or not.

(Unstable) DCSS Builds (non-debug, +wizmode)

RSS feed Windows Regular Build
(Last updated 2024-02-29, 0.32-a0-558-g233958a4c4)

RSS feed Windows Tiles Build
(Last updated 2024-02-29, 0.32-a0-558-g233958a4c4)

RSS feed Windows Installer
(Last updated 2024-02-29, 0.32-a0-558-g233958a4c4)

Packages for Debian-based operating systems are available for i386, amd64 & armel here:
deb http://crawl.develz.org/debian crawl trunk

Additionally you should download and install our signing key to prevent warnings and to verify the packages:
wget http://crawl.develz.org/debian/pubkey -O - | apt-key add -

Simply use apt-get or aptitude to install crawl or crawl-tiles.

LOTS of commits since first stable version. Old versions can be found here.


Dungeon Crawl Reference, the home of the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup project.

Go here to report a bug you've found.

Linley's Dungeon Crawl: The official Dungeon Crawl website.

There's a great public telnet server to play DCSS on: crawl.akrasiac.org.

And of course there's crawl.develz.org, where you can play the trunk via telnet.

Other stuff

Check out White Butterfly and Garden of Coloured Lights! They're by Linley Henzell, just like the original Crawl, and great games!