Spectator in WebTiles

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Spectator in WebTiles

Does anyone know if it would be possible to allow spectators to view read-only displays of the inventory screens,status, spell list and training screens on demand of the spectator. I really think this would be make it easier to learn things while watching since that would help you understand why folks are doing/making the decisions they are making and good players often go through these screens so fast that you can't really understand them.

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Re: Spectator in WebTiles

This is certainly not impossible, and it's something I have kind of planned, but there's much to do before it will be viable.

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Re: Spectator in WebTiles

Would it be easier to do an automatic char dump every time someone goes up/down stairs, call it spectators.txt, put a link to it at the top of the chat window?

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Re: Spectator in WebTiles

I second the OP's suggestion. I think this would be a fantastic addition to spectator mode, and would make it much easier to follow along while shadowing more experienced players.
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Re: Spectator in WebTiles

Mattchew: it will be too cumbersome. And do not forget about caching.

I vote for it, too. It always bothers me that the player I'm watching may get irritated of my requests to show his spell list.
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