Post Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 05:48

How to Fedhas (2020)

I could use a new "How to Fedhas" discussion, if folks would care to share. I've read the rework description, started playing with the abilities. Ballistomycete felt really powerful, I got overconfident, and then YASD just from Lair being Lair. I worry that Fed makes me great at killing things I can already kill and still leaves me vulnerable to things that could kill me.

I'll offer a couple things I noticed:

Brambles are great both offensively and defensively, at least around the time they come online. Perfect for running away. Seems cheap to re-cast if they get mown down and you still need them. I assume they block smite-targeted enemy spells and things like Crystal Spear and thus may be worth an aut now and then through the whole game.

Things you cannot see will take retaliation damage from attacking your brambles. Strange to see so many out-of-LOS deaths early on.

My Spectral Weapon was not able to pass through my plants.

You can summon Ballistomycete at your own location. "Are you sure?", asks the game. Yes, yes I am. Your wall of Brambles then ensures that spores spawn 2 squares away from you.
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