Stat upgrades on hybrids

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Stat upgrades on hybrids

How do you pick stat upgrades on a hybrid, by which I mean, a lightly-armoured melee fighter with support spells?

I've been playing a lot of that kind of character lately (specifically warpers, but I don't want to restrict the question to just that background).

At first, I was putting most of my upgrades into DEX thinking it would increase EV, but it didn't seem to have any effect, so in more recent games, I changed to a combination of INT for spell success/power and STR for increased damage. I'm not sure if that makes sense though.

My latest game is an OgWr. I've put my early stat upgrades into DEX only because he started with 8 DEX, which seemed really low compared to STR/INT, which were in the low-mid teens. Also, I'm using polearms and I find I need to switch down from a halberd/glaive to a trident to have any chance of hitting evasive monsters like spriggans, which I put down to my low DEX.
Does it make sense to prioritise DEX (or any other stat) on a hybrid if it's particularly low?

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Re: Stat upgrades on hybrids

There are at least 2 more important things to consider.

1. Your species
If you are an ogre, you have high starting Str and gain additional Str on level-ups. You will likely have all the Str you'll need. On the other hand, if you are a deep elf, it is quite likely your Str needs some help even in mid-tier armour.
2. You key spell
Does it care about spell power? If yes, then raising Int is more attractive. For example, Vile clutch does care about spell power wile lightning spire not really.

In the case of your ogre, I would choose between Dex and Int. Str only comes into the picture if you want gold dragon scales.

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Re: Stat upgrades on hybrids

Magipi wrote:You will likely have all the Str you'll need

How do you determine how much of a stat is "all you'll need".

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