Positional Attack Magic Implementation [Now Playable]

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Re: Positional Attack Magic Implementation [Now Playable]

I played with foxfire a little and it felt like the damage scaling was a little weak (perhaps particularly so for early targets with nonzero AC, since it presumably applies twice now). I would suggest thinking of foxfire as a replacement for both flame tongue and throw flame, scaling both the damage and the range from the low end of flame tongue to the high end of throw flame with spellpower. It's fine for it to be cheap. Direct damage spells eat too much mp anyway.
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Re: Positional Attack Magic Implementation [Now Playable]

Feedback of CWZ community

Fox Fire: This is a good spell, but not being able to use it in the aisles makes us hard. We need another low-level fire spell.
Conjure Flame
1. If I get slow, I can't use it.
2. If I faith the Cheibriados, it is difficult to use it because it slows down.

Freese: Of course, this is a strong spell. But for too long, this alone has to attack the enemy. This is a little painful. We need a low level of spell between Freese and Hail Storm.

Airstrike: I wish I could see graphically the improved effects of airstrike.

This is my personal opinion. I tried playing the Gr FE. It was a fun game. I especially like the Inner Flame. In early games, this spell was the core of tactics.

Starbusrt: It's a good spell. I used this often. I used this spell when the enemy was in the right position, or moved toward the enemy and used this spell. In my case, there have been many times when I was in danger while moving to use it, even though I was Gr. Perhaps more fragile wizards won't be easy to move around to use it.
Damage and hit rate are already enough. I think it would be better to increase the range by one. I feel this measure is rather strong, but I think this magic trick is acceptable as a counterweight to it because it has a lot of penalty.

Ozocubu's Refrigeration: This spell is too strong even if penalty is taken into account. If you don't intend to rollback the damage, I think this spell suits level 7.

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