Bad luck or yet another shaft death?

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Zot Zealot

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Post Thursday, 31st October 2019, 17:10

Bad luck or yet another shaft death?

My DsHu ^ Makh went well but was shafted to death in Lair. First he fell down from L:2 to L:4

 6342 | Lair:4   | //haha

and while climbing up he fell down from L:3 to L:6

  6621 | Lair:6   | Entered Level 6 of the Lair of Beasts
  6622 | Lair:6   | //fell right into dogs' vault in L:6

My char was surrounded by hell hounds. An emergency scroll teleported my char into another part of the same vault, again surrounded by several foes. I had no blink scroll and my char died before the next teleport could kick in.

  6628 | Lair:6   | //bad telep
  6628 | Lair:6   | HP: 2/94 [hell hound/blast of flame (16)]
  6628 | Lair:6   | Slain by a black mamba

Bad luck or yet another shaft death?

 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.24.0-2-g5b39cebb1c (webtiles) character file.

Game seed: 994635849760177966, levelgen mode: deterministic

15704 Turgon the Cleaver (level 12, -4/94 HPs)
             Began as a Demonspawn Hunter on Oct 31, 2019.
             Was an Elder of Makhleb.
             Slain by a black mamba (6 damage)
             ... on level 6 of the Lair of Beasts.
             The game lasted 01:27:55 (6628 turns).

Turgon the Cleaver (Demonspawn Hunter)              Turns: 6628, Time: 01:27:56

Health: -4/94      AC: 10    Str: 16    XL:     12   Next: 3%
Magic:  16/16      EV: 13    Int: 14    God:    Makhleb [****..]
Gold:   243        SH: 11    Dex: 14    Spells: 11/11 levels left

rFire    . . .     SeeInvis .   a - +2 war axe (freeze)
rCold    + . .     Gourm    .   k - +1 shield {rC+}
rNeg     . . .     Faith    .   C - +3 leather armour {rPois} {!d}
rPois    +         Spirit   .   (no helmet)
rElec    .         Reflect  .   q - +0 cloak
rCorr    .         Harm     .   (no gloves)
MR       .....                  (boots unavailable)
Stlth    ++........             (no amulet)
HPRegen  0.25/turn              r - +2 ring of slaying
MPRegen  0.15/turn              (no ring)

@: about to teleport
A: hooves 3, slimy green scales 2, powered by death 1, rot immunity
a: Minor Destruction, Lesser Servant of Makhleb, Major Destruction, Renounce

You don't feel nice when you lose a char due to an unavoidable death after 1 1/2 hours of playing. This is contrary to the game's philosophy, isn't it?

You might also want to look at the topic Avg number of shaft events?

Blades Runner

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Post Thursday, 31st October 2019, 17:26

Re: Bad luck or yet another shaft death?

USUALLY, by lair you have resources and could have had god abilities to save you. It's the early dungeon traps that can just end a run: ... 225358.txt

This ended my streak in the tournament. Since then, I have died to a 100% misplay on my part (positioning vs orc priest early), and a questionable/spoiler game mecahnic (abyss delaying TP still delays even if you immediately pass through the gate and are no longer in abyss...had I known this I'd have not pre-read TP and would have instead read after passing through, very likely surviving).
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Zot Zealot

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Post Thursday, 31st October 2019, 18:27


I overlooked this:

i - a potion of invisibility

Thanks to Nebukadnezar who looked at the morgue file.

But I'm not sure if this will generally change my mind about the new trap system. I don't like it.

Swamp Slogger

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Post Thursday, 31st October 2019, 21:30

Re: Bad luck or yet another shaft death?

Teleporting after a shaft is generally a mistake. I talked about that in another thread.

If you want an honest answer to your question, you need to include a full morgue. The context of your character is necessary in order to decide correct actions.

For this message the author stormdragon has received thanks:

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