SpVM^Gozag need help [YASD]

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SpVM^Gozag need help [YASD]

Hello everyone,

I have some experience with melee brute and conj mage and after hitting the random character end up with this little guy which is weak in both of them so I have to find something else to grab the orb.
I've played a mix of VM and EN style combined with success up to orc. But beginning to feel weak when clearing last levels of D. I have bought a nice +1 pearl armor early and a +6 flame artifact rapier with +6 str to wear it so I can melee immune stuff.
Now, I need to finish (move into) D15 with lot of dangerous threads like an ice statue, Josephine&co (and probably a third unique, already killed jorgrund) and multiples Cyclops or head into Swamp or Snake.

I have amulet of vitality and +8 AC ring which bring me to an honorable 24AC + 18EV + 8SH.

Most of my spells will become useless in both snake and swamp and I feel weak to melee stuff. If I can kill the group of Cyclops there is a new book on the floor on D15 but I have to train for something new. I can remove my pearl armor and wear my +2 resistance robe and resume training conjuration but I'm not convinced.

Some idea : Tackle Snake first, maybe Tukima's Dance can help me clear Snake while Ensorcelled Hibernation and Confuse can help with various snakes while my speed can help me escape threads but I don't know what to expect of this.
For Swamp I have no idea, My poison magic is useless and lots of monster are really scary with high MR and scary melee.
There is a +2AC + 5str ring in a shop I can afford wich bring me to 26AC and 14 str without any resist. This can be good for melee swamp with the rapier of flame.
No enchanted bow or festibalus.
There is a book of tempest for way latter or not.

I have to switch from VM + confuse stab to something but I don't know what.

Can you help me to win this game ?

Thanks in advance.

Morgue file : https://underhound.eu/crawl/morgue/mgcat/mgcat.txt
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Re: SpVM^Gozag need help

I agree with your assessment, you should have an easier time in Snake. For now, I would recommend to stop training Poison magic. As you've already said in the post, it's not effective in either of the branches. This being said, you do not have switch away from confusion stabs, just learn and use Confusing touch.

If you are not sure what spells to look forward to, I'd still lean towards something with Hexes in it - Fulminant prism is a strong spell, and doesn't make hit rolls. Yara's unravelling is also a good spell for any rune branch because of so many possible enemy buff spells. You should take this with a heaping serving of salt, however. I'm not very experienced with spriggan chars.
There is always something new to learn.

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Re: SpVM^Gozag need help

Thanks, I've learn all hex spells and focus my skills on def + hex, heading to snake, I will update once I've finish the lair runes

Should I stop training stealth at some point or there are never enough stealth on a spriggan ?

Confusing touch was useful to finish Snake without any problems, died in Swamp 2 from Shambling mangrove, Instead of fleeing I tried to kill it with CT for the third time, constrict me from afar while I have to melee it for CT is very dangerous.

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