High Level Necro Spells

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High Level Necro Spells

Which high level necro spell (infestation, revivification, death's door, necromutation) is the best?

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Re: High Level Necro Spells

deaths's door > Revivification > Infestation >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Necromuation

In my opinion, the strongest one is death's door. Invulnerability is good. You need to use it correctly though.

Revivification is also strong. At this stage of the game (these spells are mostly for extended or maybe the very end game) you need options for the time when you do something very stupid, and revivification is exactly useful for that.

Infestation is extremely strong as well. The death scarabs are very strong and seem to stay for a long time.

Necromuation is very rarely useful, only in areas with a lot of torment, but most of the time you have better use for the XP. Good for Ziggurats, though.

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Re: High Level Necro Spells

I will not stand for this Haunt erasure

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Re: High Level Necro Spells

animate skeleton

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