Survey result: What do you think of the depth of hell now?

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Survey result: What do you think of the depth of hell now?

In an approximately two-week survey, 73 people responded(Continuing the survey is no longer meaningful, as the number of respondents dropped significantly this week). Perhaps, in my opinion, there were many opinions that didn't belong to any of the five categories, so there were fewer responses. If I do another survey next time, I'll have to pay more attention to this part.

Since there are not many respondents, the survey is hard to trust. I'll post it because it's too bad to throw away what I've researched. It'll be fun.
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I personally chose number four, and I thought it would be the most favored, but my guess was wrong.

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Re: Survey result: What do you think of the depth of hell no

There are sorta two elements to this.

First, most people agree that it's too long. Much like Lair and Vaults were shortened, Hell could be shortened without losing anything of value.

Second, Hell has the Slime problem: There aren't just numerous floors, there are numerous floors that contain little novelty, and that the player is actively discouraged from exploring.

Solution? Start by reducing the depth of Hell. 3-4 floors looks like a reasonable starting point. In addition, increase the number of vaults on the Hell floors, to make it more interesting, and more worth exploring. Maybe even move most of the treasure from the bottom Hell floor to the earlier floors, and just scatter a few more artifacts on the final floor.

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