CIP: DDFi of Mahkleb, 4 runes down - do I continue?

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CIP: DDFi of Mahkleb, 4 runes down - do I continue?

So ... played DCSS years ago, come back to it recently, and I'm doing ok on this run - 4 runes collected {Spider, Shoals, Vaults, Abyss}

I'm thinking about going on for more runes on the basis that I got pretty lucky (I think) with gear I've found - I've decent ranged and close up weapons.

  1. +10 Platemail
  2. +4 broad axe "Raqauny" {flame, +Blink Dex+5}
  3. +12 fustibalus "Poarag" {flame, rC+}

Char dump here:

So my questions are:

  1. What am I missing to continue on?
  2. Any advice on where next?
  3. Current set of mutations (gained in the Abyss) - keep em or spin the mutation roulette wheel? I've got about 7 or 8 potions of mut.
  4. What skills to train next? Just recently trained Spell Casting and Translocations/Hexes so that I could get portal projectile online ... but I guess I could get some other utility spells?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Re: CIP: DDFi of Mahkleb, 4 runes down - do I continue?

Your gear is great.

For now, either focus Fighting or turn off Armour.

Add Confuse, Lesser Beckoning, Passage of Golubria. They are already trained. Use them.

Maybe train later for Summon Butterflies, Summon Lightning Spire, Darkness, Invisibility, Silence (for Tomb), BVC, Deflect Missiles, Statue Form, etc.

Your mutations are good. I'd leave them and see what evolution does. Some malmutator will screw them up eventually, anyway. (Confuse, Butterflies, Lightning Spire, Makhleb's summons all help deal with malmutators.)

Crypt should be pretty easy now. Then either Slime or Zot:1–4. The Vestibule of Hell after those. (Portal Projectile or scroll of silence on Geryon.) Then Pan and Hells in whatever order you want. Then Tomb and Zot:5, both of which are nasty, and win!

Good luck!

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Re: CIP: DDFi of Mahkleb, 4 runes down - do I continue?

I don't recommend going to extended with a DD. The lack of natural healing is very annoying in torment-heavy areas. Especially in Tomb you will want to kill yourself to end the suffering.

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