Spell learning confirmation

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Spell learning confirmation

Since literally every other important decision I can think of requires "Y" or "N" (shift-y, shift-n) for confirmation, the confirmation whether or not to learn a spell should, as well, for consistency/uix. I can't imagine why anyone would, but does anyone disagree?

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Re: Spell learning confirmation

All of these accept lowercase: shaft self, exiting the Stack Five menu, donating to Zin, getting a Necronomicon from Kiku, creating spores with Fedhas, bribing a branch, putting on an item that would reduce a stat below zero, passing through travel exclusions, using a hatch or shaft with the warn_hatches option, walking into most traps, berserking while wielding something weird, everything you do in shops, confirming an autotravel route through a level further away from your destination, ignoring an item pile that couldn't be picked up by autopickup because your inventory was full

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Re: Spell learning confirmation

Probably a new option like
confirm_use_uppercase += exit_stack_five
confirm_use_uppercase += get_necronomicon
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