Post Monday, 14th January 2019, 04:48

Twitch Plays DCSS

Hey guys. Notorious MRG here. I built Twitch Plays DCSS. Now you can remotely drone strike D:1 kobolds from the safety of your own living room!

It's still barebones, but it is definitely possible to win with the current build. I'm currently running it on my personal twitch channel - I will either run this on some kind of schedule, or keep it on 24 hours a day until we win:

If there's much interest, I will move it to its own channel. I've already registered TwitchPlaysDCSS in case that happens.

There are many issues I need to fix with it. The 7-10 second Twitch lag is pretty annoying. There are also some design issues I need to come to decisions on. Right now it's set up to execute a command every ten seconds based on which command is most highly voted in the previous ten seconds.

If you have any suggestions for changes, feel free to PM me here, post something in the thread, or head to my Discord. I have set up a channel there devoted to this project.

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS: If it's offline, I'm probably updating the code or fixing bugs or something. Feel free to hit up my Discord for updates and streaming alerts.
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