YAVP - 1st win and now 2nd win with Wanderer with 4 runes

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Lair Larrikin

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YAVP - 1st win and now 2nd win with Wanderer with 4 runes

Hello everyone. Starting playing this game again around Thanksgiving time after having dabbled with it in the past with around 30-40 runs earlier in the year. However, I have beaten over a dozen difficult old school roguelikes like ADOM, TOME and Nethack, so I am experienced with this type of game.

I think I was a bit biased that I needed to use a magic user on earlier attempts due to my experience and first victories on other old school roguelikes, such as ADOM with casters. I am also used to casters being overpowered in this genre.

I ended up winning with the opposite with what I normally play in these kinds of games with no magic whatsoever and just seven attempts with this build as a Minotaur Berserker. Victory summary attached.

I am really digging the design of this game since even though I won, I feel that I have a lot to learn and a lot to explore. I think more games just have modular victory conditions like this.

I think this run was a bit lucky and unlucky at the same time, and I don't know why I ended up killing around a dozen or so orbs of fires. I ended up getting a lot of bad mutations and I even had more, but I used potions of mutation. I should really run.

Is it just me being lucky or is the escape ascension a bit anticlimatic? I didn't run into anything I couldn't kill easily or run away from. The only scary end game part was the orbs of fire. This was my first time to Zotz, and I made it to the orb and won with a basic 3 rune victory.

Would the next step be trying to win with 4-5 runes with slime pits, abyss or crypts? There's also hell and much more, but I think baby steps first.

For those curious, I was trying to win as an ice elementalist or wizard draconian earlier before I swapped to this setup. I had little success and only managed a single rune.
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Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: YAVP -- First Victory Ever - Newish Player

Congrats! The first win's the best.

The ascension (so called Orb run) is often anticlimatic, yes, but sometimes someone gets killed during it anyway. Usually Pan lords with Glaciate are involved (been there, done that, on D:1 no less).
But like most deaths in Crawl, a player mistake (or seven) is usually required. Every once in a while there's discussion about what if anything should be done to the Orb run.

5 runes is a good next step imo, doing Slime and Abyss is not too difficult if you can do V:5 (Slime and/or Abyss can be actually easier than V:5 for many characters). You can do Crypt for exp and loot but stay out of the Tomb.
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Lair Larrikin

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Re: YAVP -- First Victory Ever - Newish Player

Second win. This time with a wanderer and with 4 runes. Pretty much went a fighter route with Oka. Okawaru seems a bit weaker early on, but seem safer and offers higher value with both armor weapon gifts.

Wanderer started with very high fighting (5-6), some armor, some sword, and some evocations skills. Best starting item was a +2 falcion, but nothing else besides a few lingification potions was notable. Kept the falcion +2 for a bit and then swapped to spears when I found a +5 trident.

The orb run was substantially tricker this with several pan lord blocking my way.

Used a super heavy armor this time with crystal plate. Alchemist hat is pretty OP and worth the small high ac hit by a long shot. Will try five to six runes or a caster win next. Abyss wasn't too tough, but it was odd seeing that rune in a holy vault with angels and cherubs.

Tried a caster several times and didn't make it far, but only took a few attempts with melee to win after some false starts on other races. I was trying centaur, but deformed body and low armor and dodging aptitudes for a melee is a bit rough. They are great with bows, but I learned the hard way that that Trog's powers do not work with ranged attacks.
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Re: YAVP - 1st win and now 2nd win with Wanderer with 4 rune

Nice quick second win! Great defensive gear overall, although your weapon is kinda bad. (A +9 demon trident of almost anything is better than that.)

Alchemist's hat is also generally regarded as poor; on a high Armour character, you're sacrificing 6+ AC for those resistances, and you usually don't need much beyond a single pip in each, which you can cheaply swap in and out with rings.

If you're interested in a newbie friendly caster to pick up, try a GrEE. Fairly straightforward, and don't have to worry about resistances.
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