ghost mode?

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ghost mode?

Is there any way to explore the dungeon after dying?

Quite often there are things I would have liked to have a look at, but then I died, and after that I couldn't figure out how to look at it. For example, I'd have liked to be able to look at the inside vaults which I skipped, and to examine properties of artifacts which I didn't identify (because I knew they were useless anyway). But after I die, I see my inventory, and then if I press any key I quit the game. Is there any way to get around that?

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Re: ghost mode?

In your morgue there's a .lst file that contains all the objects in the dungeon (on levels you visited) and their location (it's just plain text)
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Re: ghost mode?

Also before you die you can press "+" to enter "explore mode" that lets you not die, but prevents your game from being scored. It could be good to have the option upon dying though.
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