Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

Ask fellow adventurers how to stay alive in the deep, dark, dangerous dungeon below, or share your own accumulated wisdom.

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Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

Ladies and gentlemen! Will you dare to test yourself against formidable creatures of Slime? Do you have the skills and powers to grab the rune as 16xl GnTm?
Below is character overview:
Spoiler: show
 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.22.0 (tiles) character file.

Gn_Slime the Martial Artist (Gnoll Transmuter)        Turns: 97, Time: 00:28:33

Health: 125/125    AC: 16    Str: 29    XL:     16   Next: 1%
Magic:  31/31      EV: 20    Int: 36    God:    Cheibriados 200 (0)
Gold:   1456       SH:  0    Dex: 31    Spells: 2/38 levels left

rFire    + . .     SeeInvis .     - Unarmed
rCold    . . .     Gourm    .   (shield currently unavailable)
rNeg     . . .     Faith    .   h - +4 scale mail {rPois}
rPois    +         Spirit   .   f - +1 helmet
rElec    .         Reflect  .   e - +0 cloak
rCorr    +         Harm     .   (gloves currently unavailable)
MR       +....     Clarity  +   (no boots)
Stlth    ++++......             r - amulet of regeneration
HPRegen  0.70/turn              w - ring of wizardry
MPRegen  0.22/turn              g - ring of resist corrosion

@: blade hands, deflect missiles, very slow
A: distributed training, fangs 1, talons 1, clarity, fire resistance 1, mutation
resistance 1, strong nose
a: End Transformation, Bend Time, Temporal Distortion, Slouch, Step From Time,
Renounce Religion

You are on level 4 of the Pits of Slime.
You worship Cheibriados.
Cheibriados is exalted by your worship.
You are completely stuffed.

You have blades for hands.

You have visited 2 branches of the dungeon, and seen 2 of its levels.
You have also visited: Ossuary.


 a - 84 arrows
 l - 4 javelins (quivered)
 e - a +0 cloak (worn)
 f - a +1 helmet (worn)
 h - a +4 scale mail of poison resistance (worn)
 n - a +0 buckler (melded)
 y - a +2 pair of gloves (melded)
Magical Staves
 i - an uncursed staff of air
 m - an uncursed staff of power (melded)
 c - an uncursed ring of ice
 g - a ring of resist corrosion (right scythe-like blade)
 j - an uncursed ring of magical power
 r - an amulet of regeneration (around neck)
 w - a ring of wizardry (left scythe-like blade)
 q - a wand of disintegration (22)
 A - a wand of acid (24)
 F - a wand of flame (48)
 I - a wand of iceblast (10)
 O - a wand of clouds (6)
 P - a wand of paralysis (24)
 k - a scroll of magic mapping
 o - 3 scrolls of amnesia
 t - a scroll of fear
 u - 2 scrolls of fog
 v - a scroll of immolation
 x - a scroll of noise
 z - a scroll of summoning
 B - a scroll of blinking
 C - 2 scrolls of vulnerability
 N - 3 scrolls of remove curse
 T - 4 scrolls of teleportation
 p - 4 potions of agility
 D - 6 potions of ambrosia
 E - 2 potions of brilliance
 G - 7 potions of heal wounds
 H - 3 potions of lignification
 J - 2 potions of might
 K - 2 potions of resistance
 Q - 5 potions of curing
 b - 3 sacks of spiders
 d - 13 rations

 + Level 11,0 Fighting
 + Level 10,6 Short Blades
 + Level 9,0 Long Blades
 + Level 9,0 Axes
 + Level 9,0 Maces & Flails
 + Level 9,0 Polearms
 + Level 10,6 Staves
 + Level 9,0 Slings
 + Level 9,0 Bows
 + Level 9,0 Crossbows
 + Level 10,6 Throwing
 + Level 9,0 Armour
 + Level 9,0 Dodging
 + Level 9,0 Stealth
 + Level 9,0 Shields
 + Level 12,2 Unarmed Combat
 + Level 11,6 Spellcasting
 + Level 9,0 Conjurations
 + Level 9,0 Hexes
 + Level 9,0 Charms
 + Level 9,0 Summonings
 + Level 9,0 Necromancy
 + Level 9,0 Translocations
 + Level 9,8 Transmutations
 + Level 9,0 Fire Magic
 + Level 9,0 Ice Magic
 + Level 9,0 Air Magic
 + Level 9,0 Earth Magic
 + Level 9,0 Poison Magic
 + Level 11,5 Invocations
 + Level 10,6 Evocations

You have 2 spell levels left.
You know the following spells:

 Your Spells              Type           Power        Failure   Level  Hunger
b - Animate Skeleton      Necr           N/A          2%          1    0
d - Blink                 Tloc           N/A          3%          2    0
f - Deflect Missiles      Chrm/Air       72 (200)     26%         6    133
g - Apportation           Tloc           50 (50)      2%          1    0
j - Conjure Flame         Conj/Fire      72 (100)     4%          3    0
m - Mephitic Cloud        Conj/Pois/Air  72 (100)     4%          3    0
s - Sticks to Snakes      Tmut           75 (100)     2%          2    0
u - Blade Hands           Tmut           75 (200)     9%          5    0
E - Animate Dead          Necr           N/A          6%          4    0
L - Summon Lightning Spi  Summ/Air       72 (100)     6%          4    0
R - Regeneration          Chrm/Necr      72 (200)     4%          3    0
Z - Sublimation of Blood  Necr           72 (200)     3%          2    0

Your spell library contains the following spells:

 Spells                   Type           Power        Failure   Level  Hunger
 Summon Small Mammal      Summ           25 (25)      2%          1    0
 Pain                     Necr           25 (25)      2%          1    0
 Vampiric Draining        Necr           72 (200)     4%          3    0
 Summon Ice Beast         Ice/Summ       72 (100)     6%          4    0
 Call Imp                 Summ           72 (100)     3%          2    0
 Spider Form              Tmut/Pois      73 (200)     4%          3    0
 Ice Form                 Ice/Tmut       73 (100)     6%          4    0
 Ignite Poison            Fire/Tmut/Pois 73 (100)     4%          3    0
 Call Canine Familiar     Summ           72 (100)     4%          3    0
 Silence                  Hex/Air        72 (200)     10%         5    0
 Alistair's Intoxication  Tmut/Pois      73 (100)     9%          5    0
 Conjure Ball Lightning   Conj/Air       72 (200)     26%         6    133
 Petrify                  Tmut/Erth      73 (100)     6%          4    0
 Tornado                  Air            72 (200)     100%        9    583
 Shroud of Golubria       Chrm/Tloc      72 (200)     3%          2    0
 Beastly Appendage        Tmut           50 (50)      2%          1    0
 Infusion                 Chrm           25 (25)      2%          1    0
 Song of Slaying          Chrm           72 (100)     3%          2    0
 Spectral Weapon          Hex/Chrm       72 (100)     4%          3    0
 Summon Guardian Golem    Hex/Summ       72 (100)     4%          3    0
 Irradiate                Conj/Tmut      73 (200)     9%          5    0

Make several attempts and report here what your success rate was. If you manage to score more than 66% please describe your tactics! :roll:
This is almost exact replica of my current speedrun attempt.
(110.1 KiB) Downloaded 22 times
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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

What are the parameters? Is it against the rules to abandon Chei? Leave Slime? Convert to Jiyva?

Presumably leaving and coming back is against the rules, but "Abandon Chei, run at and worship at the Jiyva altar" might give you a high chance of getting the rune, though your survival chances in general would likely suffer.

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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

Rules are anything that would be reasonable in a speedrun (well, under assumption that this must be the rune you're getting next.) So I'd say anything except going back and scumming for xp. Worshipping Jyiva won't work, because you'll have to get piety.
See, the point of this thread isn't a competition in who gets the best winrate, but is to see if someone comes up with an interesting tactics that actually works.
Something like "forget Animate Dead, learn CBL, wield that staff of air, lure TRJ on the open and then alternate between CBL and Temporal Distortion until Jelly is dead"?

Edit. Just tried CBL idea out. Temporal Distortion simply makes balls to disappear without doing any damage. Too bad.
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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

Interesting problem, thanks. I did try it a few times. I can't think of any good strategy besides the ones we all already know, but I'll still recap.
There are 2 usual scenarios:
1 - TRJ awakes and wonders outside. Usually bad, that Lightning spire did too much noise. Here I find that using a blink+s2s combo works relatively well, perhaps 1st with agility+brill. I get an adequately large group of snakes out, sometimes blinking to keep TRJ at bay, then once a decent amount of snakes is out, cblink in order to have a large group of them between me and TRJ, preferably surrounding it. I use immolation, then ice blast + slouch to mop up (or sft if it looks bad). It's very random and has a medium rate of success, like 50%ish, imo. Immol did a lot of noise, better not stick around.
2 - TRJ is still inside. For this I learned ignite poison, to make sure my wand of clouds will always be useful. It'll also combine well with meph and/or conjure flame in order to keep that fire going everywhere, but the wand is preferable. Summon snakes, buff up and walk inside. I make sure my allies help me tank only 1 jelly at once, and keep the inside always with clouds. Whenever TRJ is in range of ice blast, I'll use it. Alternatively/in addition, resist pot + immolate can help with the purge. I'll try not to be near the center when TRJ is almost dead. Slightly better survival rate, probably above 60%.
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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

I think the best bet is to hope TRJ doesn't wake up, position yourself in the middle of one of the tunnels in his enclosure, use might, agil, and resistance, let him get next to you, read a scroll of summoning and/or use sacks of spiders to trap him, bend time, and hit until dead or almost dead. Then use immolation + slouch to clean up whatever mess is left.
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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

My favorite tactic, for pretty much any race/combo and even level:

Get inside the center building and find TRJ just outside (may require teleport scrolls to reset the attempt)
Use summon scroll or two to plug up the space in the corridor behind me and tank in front some (thus assuring TRJ's summons are all outside and in a block)
Use anything that will hit TRJ so it spawns more allies (bolt, smite, penetration, lamp of fire, etc.)
Use immolate scroll
Light the fuse by getting something killed, then watch the fireworks as TRJ and all allies are decimated

The easier way to kill TRJ is similar to the above strategy, but requires a wizardry staff, a brilliance potion and ignition spell to an at least barely castable level. Then you don't need an immolate scroll (although one still doesn't hurt). You can also substitute the summon scroll(s) with quaffing a few potions to buff up and just be a bit tougher for a short duration at the opening to the center.

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Re: Test yourself: xl16 GnTm of Chei vs the Royal Jelly

I successfully got slimy rune, thanks to all! Special thanks to pedritolo for Ignite Poison hint, reliable zap of wand of clouds was what I needed to venture Slime (even though I ended up not using it there). Adventures continue in viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25758
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